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Parshas Toldos: Transmuting Esau Into Good (11/30/19, Part 2)

1) This is Part 2 of today's Bible study thread on Parshas Toldos. The theme of Part 1 was "paid in children," and the dual meaning this can have. In the Bible offspring are a blessing. However from ancient times, they've also been used for evil - bred, pimped, sacrificed. 
2) My mother tells me to try and be more positive. OK look at this beautiful video.

3) Let's look narrowly at Esau and how the evil he represents will be transmuted into good in the future. 
5) Long story short, the text is trying to convey that she was innocent of all the lousiness of the home she came from. (She couldn't have been three and getting water etc.) She was not yet of an age to beguile and seduce. And Isaac was past the age of marrying b/c of seduction. 
6) I always think it's important to point this kind of thing out...just because sometimes people read things incorrectly and it would be dumb to even have this discussion if Rebecca was God forbid a trafficked 3 yo. 
7) But it's also important to point out because of a very, very core theme running through the Torah (Written and Oral), which is that the genders use their respective weapons. Men use their armies, women use their seductiveness to beguile. 
8) Well, actually women are portrayed as manipulative generally.

If you read a little bit back about the escape of Rebecca from her brother Laban, he was a sorcerer, and he had a divining stick, and he used it like a GPS tracker.

He found Rebecca, who had stolen it... 
9) ...she claimed she had her period and couldn't get up.

She was sitting on top of the divining stick and he was too embarrassed to push the matter. 
10) I guess you could say that Rebecca was the Biblical model of a spy. 

Beautiful, good, and deceitful when she had to be, in order to get the mission accomplished. 
11) Whoops! Correction. 

This encounter with the menstruation takes place between Laban and Rachel (daughter), not Laban and Rebecca (his sister). (Gen. 31:35)…
12) But you get the idea. 

The virtuous women are the source of blessing, even if they must be deceitful to be good.

The bad, seductive, manipulative women are the source of curses - women have a special kind of power here. 
13) We see this when Abraham specifically says he does not want a Canaanite woman to marry his son Isaac. Per the Abarbanel (commentary), explained here:… 
14) "Abraham did not want to take a wife for his son from among the daughters of Canaan because the Canaanites practiced adultery as well as idolatry, whereas in Aram Naharaim they sinned only by idolatry." 
15) "On the difference between these two, the Ran in his sermons commented that while it is possible to uproot false opinions it is much more difficult to fight the addiction to carnal appetites." 
16) All this run-up is important to understanding Esau as a force in the world. 

First read the prophecy given to Rebecca at Genesis 25:23 "Two nations are in your womb...and one kingdom will become mightier than the other kingdom, and the elder will serve the younger." 
17) Esau of course was the elder and Jacob was the younger - Rebecca is reassured that in the end, good will subdue evil.

However, it also means (Rashi - commentator) "They will not be equal in greatness; when one rises, the other will fall."

Good/evil can't coexist in power. 
18) The Scripture tells us that Esau was a hunter, while Jacob loved to study. 
That doesn't necessarily imply anything about their respective natures, for Esau was the one to whom Isaac turned for care. 

To literally care 4 your own parents is goodness. It is action, not words. 
19) Regarding Esau, we learn: "He had the greatest respect for this father, Isaac, (when he had to serve him food, etc., he dressed in his best clothes, thus fulfilling the commandment of honoring one's father)"… 
20) Esau was fully immersed in the material, physical world. "Esau, the son of Isaac, is called "a man of the field," (ibid. 25:27) for his interest lay only in mundane and worldly affairs; his whole desire was only for physical pleasures"… 
21) But Esau's lust for things led him astray: "a man of the field, in order to rob people and kill them."… 
22) Deeper. "Now...if the writing says about Esau that he was a skillful hunter, and we learn from Nimrod what hunting means, that he hunted the minds of people and misled them to rebel against the Creator, this is a flaw in the mind, meaning in faith.… 
23) "From this we know how to interpret "a man of the field." It means that as he flawed the mind, he also flawed the heart. This is why we interpret "a man of the field" to mean self-love, meaning that his field was about robbing people and killing them." 
24) "He was supposed to choose the good for the field, so there would be blessing there. Yet, he did the opposite, extending death and killing into that field." 
25) So Esau's cardinal weakness was his love of bling 
26) He would do anything to get it. 
27) As a physical man, a man who wanted things, Esau was not the most long-term thinker and he did not value spirituality. So when he was famished from the field, he sold his birthright to Jacob for...some beans. 

Gen. 25:30-33. 
28) Jacob here is deceptive for a good end, and he waits until he has the opportunity, and working together with Rebecca he pretends to be Esau and receives the valuable blessing that Esau had scorned. 
**Family calls. Have to take a break. Hope to continue later.** 
29) Back from a break, time is short. 

Esau = Rome. 
30) Rome means the voracious, sacreligious warriors who gave rise to the notion of a "Reich." 
31) Rome exists to persecute and eliminate Jews. Until Messiah. 
32) "Naturally, the rabbis consider Jacob to be the ancestor of the Jews. 

"But instead of saying that Esau is the ancestor of Christianity, they describe him as the ancestor of Rome."

This is critical.

33) "After Hadrian, king of Edom conquered the world, he returned to Rome and said to his officers: 'I want you to make me a god, since I have conquered the world.'" 
34) "They said to him: 'But you have not yet established your rule over his (God's) city and his house.'

"He went, succeeded, destroyed the Temple, exiled Israel, and returned to Rome." 
35) "He said to them: "I have now destroyed his house and burned his Temple and exiled his people. Make me a god." 
36) "Tanchuma here conflates the Great Rebellion against Rome, which led to the destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E., with the Bar Kokhba Rebellion sixty years later, and thus makes Hadrian—not Vespasian or Titus—the destroyer of the Temple."

Esau —> Edom —> Rome 
37) "Putting history aside, however, we can see how this midrash makes the most powerful nation in the world into one that fears, or at least respects, the God of Israel." 
38) "Moreover, Hadrian's subordinates in this story see the 'real' battle in this world as one between Rome and Judah, i.e., between Esau and Jacob." 
39) "A midrash, found in Genesis Rabbah (mid-first millennium C.E.), also connects Emperor Hadrian with Esau (Gen. Rab. 63:7, Theodor-Albeck ed.)" 
40) "砖谞讬 讙讜讬诐 讘讘讟谞讱 砖谞讬 讙讗讬 讙讜讬诐 讘讘讟谞讱 讝讛 诪转讙讗讛 讘注讜诇诪讜 [讜讝讛 诪转讙讗讛 讘注讜诇诪讜, 讝讛 诪转讙讗讛 讘诪诇讻讜转讜][6] 讜讝讛 诪转讙讗讛 讘诪诇讻讜转讜" (The word "goyim" means "nations" as in "nations of the world" 
41) Stay with me. 
42) Translation: "Two nations (goyim) are in your womb" – Two proud nations are in your womb, this one is proud of his world [kingdom] and that one is proud of his." 
43) Jacob's kingdom - spiritual. 

Esau's kingdom - physical, material. 
44) "砖谞讬 讙讬讗讬 讙讜讬诐 讘讘讟谞讱 讗讚专讬讬谞讜住 讘讗讜诪讜转 讜砖诇诪讛 讘讬砖专讗诇"

"Two prides of their nations are in your womb – Hadrian amongst the gentiles and Solomon amongst the Israelites." 
45) "This midrash identifies the two nations in Rebekah's womb with Solomon (10th cent. B.C.E.) and Hadrian (2nd cent. C.E.), two great rulers of Rome and Israel respectively." 
46) This is about idol (self/ego) worship (Esau) versus God worship (Jacob) - both cannot be ascendant at the same time.

Do you see this?

What is President Trump, a builder, doing?

He is ELEVATING (correcting) Esau. 
47) @POTUS is elevating and correcting the physical to serve God and creating the conditions for world peace, again to serve God as ONE HUMANITY with all our individual paths/faiths. 
48) It's mystical. 
49) "These two rulers were not contemporaries, of course, but each represents his respective kingdom at its most expanded, powerful moment." 
50) "God hates Esau, says the prophet Malachi...Esau is not a code for Paul's opponents but for the Roman Empire." 
51) I don't have time here to go into the various manifestations of Rome through millennia.

Rome is the Deep State. 
52) "Even those Roman officials who were beloved by the rabbis are still spoken of as descendants of Esau in rabbinic literature."
53) Remember I, Pet Goat, II? 


54) "Antoninus and the Place of Edomites in the World to Come" 
55) What about salvation for the good Edomites? (Rome/Esau) 
56) "According to one Talmudic legend, for instance, Antoninus, probably a loose reference to Hadrian's successor, Antoninus Pius, worries that as a descendant of Esau, he will not be saved (b. Avodah Zarah 10b, trans. Sefaria with adjustments):" 
57) "讗诪专 诇讬讛: 讗转讬谞讗 诇注诇诪讗 讚讗转讬?
[Antoninus] said to [Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi]: 'Will I enter the World-to-Come?'" 
58) "讗诪专 诇讬讛: 讗讬谉.
[Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi] said to him: 'Yes.'" 
59) "讗诪专 诇讬讛: 讜讛讻转讬讘: 诇讗 讬讛讬讛 砖专讬讚 诇讘讬转 注砖讜!

[Antoninus] said to him: But isn't it written: "And there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau" (Obadiah 1:18)?" 
60) "讘注讜砖讛 诪注砖讛 注砖讜. 
[Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi answered]: 

[This refers to] those who behave like Esau." 
61) Who turns Esau's head this way and that?

His wife/wives. 
62) Genesis 36:2 "Esau took his wives from the women of Canaan" - idol worshipers who were also sexually immoral. 
63) "Follow the wives" - for the good and, God forbid, to understand the opposite. 

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.

Parshas Toldos: "Paid In Children" (Part I)

1) It's that time of the week again...
2) We are studying this week's Torah (Bible) reading aka the Chumash (pronounced "choo-mash" like "challah" and "chumus").

"Parshas" (the portion of) "Toldos" ("sayings," "stories")

Genesis 25:19 - 28:9
Malachi 1:1 - 2:7
4) This is actually an important correction - the "FBI Insider" wrote on July 2, 2016 -- and the blog post about it was July 10, 2016. 
5) Now in 2016, during the election, many people criticized the so-called "pizzagate" theorists, not because child trafficking doesn't exist (it does) but because they felt that supporters of one candidate exploited it to attack a certain political party unfairly. 
6) But there was also this idea, this kind of deep-rooted disbelief, about how bad child sex trafficking actually is. "Fact checkers" would say that the numbers couldn't be proven, and were probably not so bad; so-called "cool" writers would talk about "satanic panic." 
7) If you step back from partisanship and elections for a minute, you quickly see that such disbelief has no basis in fact. I don't want to spend a lot of time running links down, but we know that in ancient times, children (infants) were sacrificed en masse to "Moloch" -- 
8) -- and that this was a ritual meant to increase one's potency in war. The Bible refers to Moloch worship over and over again. 
9) Fast forward to modern times, & a number of documentaries, movies and TV shows have covered how @DHSgov@ICEgov@CBP@FBI are disrupting child sex trafficking networks and sex tourism, for example in Thailand.

12) "The missing children in Chhattisgarh represent a small percentage of the estimated 135,000 children believed to be trafficked in India every year. Yet the rate at which they are going missing from remote villages in the south of the state is causing alarm." 
13) "Between 2011 and 2013, more than 10,500 children were registered as missing from...Chhattisgarh, one of India’s poorest states. The majority are believed to have been trafficked out of the state and into domestic work or other forms of child labour in cities." 
14) June 20, 2019 "The US State Department designated Saudi Arabia as one of the world's worst countries in the struggle against human to "fully meet the minimum standards...& not making significant efforts to do so".

16) "It is where one accuser claimed in court papers that Epstein and Prince Andrew had an orgy with nine girls — which the royal strenuously denies — while another accuser said she tried to swim shark-infested waters to escape being repeatedly raped by Epstein." 
17) November 30, 2019 - "Jeffrey Epstein, Blackmail and a Lucrative ‘Hot List’"

"A shadowy hacker claimed to have the financier’s sex tapes. Two top lawyers wondered: What would the men in those videos pay to keep them secret?"

18) Now, looking at all this, it becomes pretty obvious that "paid in children" is not farfetched at all.

The client may actually be a pedophile, or the client may want to sell the children to pedophiles and obtain income. 
20) Children are sold to be raised by others, children are sold to pedophiles, children are sold for their body fluids and children are sold for their organs. 
23) "China’s ambassador to the U.K., Liu Xiaoming, has denied a BBC investigation’s findings, which concluded that Muslim children in the Uighur-majority region of western Xinjiang are being systematically separated from their parents." 
24) "The extensive investigation, commissioned by the BBC and led by leading German researcher Adrian Zenz, has found that more than 400 Uighur children in a single township have lost both their parents to prison or China’s vast network of internment camps." 
25) Original story: "China Muslims: Xinjiang schools used to separate children from families," By John Sudworth, BBC News, Xinjiang

July 4, 2019

26) "Formal assessments are carried out to determine whether the children are in need of 'centralised care'."

"Alongside the efforts to transform the identity of Xinjiang's adults, the evidence points to a parallel campaign to systematically remove children from their roots". 
27) China is "paid in children" -- taking the Muslim children away from their parents so that the children can be used for whatever the state determines. 
28) You know, they keep saying that if the truth came out, the world would go to war.

But isn't this stuff bad enough?

How much do we have to read before we stop this? 
29) August 16, 2016 -- "The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Greenhouse for Human Trafficking" -- who is getting paid in children?

31) "Paid in children" - how about all the little ones forced to hold a gun and kill?…
32) "Paid in children" - what happens when technology makes it possible to mass-produce children in laboratories, and they are farmed out by the thousands to the highest bidder, for any purpose that is wanted?

33) The answer is that world war happens, either between corrupt factions each wanting to control the market in children, or between the "white hats" (who will rescue the children) and the "black hats" (who will sell them).

This is the subject of this week's Torah reading. 
35) The narrative focuses on Rebecca having to trick her husband Isaac into giving the blessing to the good one.

36) A mother always loves her children.

Rebecca was no different.

A mother who comes from a bad background (as Rebecca did - idol worshipers) - can naturally have sympathy for the child who went bad ("not their fault"). 
37) Rebecca has to push everything aside, all her natural emotions, and she has to trick her own husband into doing the right thing.

38) Taking a short break.
39) Okay. So let's get back to the portion itself.

To sum up where we're at.

"Paid in children" is a reality.

It can be negative (trafficking) (bad children), mixed, or good. 
40) The narrow connection with this Torah portion:

Generally, in the Bible, being "paid in children" is a blessing.

And the name of the portion "Toldos" literally means "offspring."

41) So the question arises - the most horrific thing in the world is child sex trafficking ("paid in children,") and yet the Bible is the holiest thing in the world, so how can you possibly suggest that being granted offspring has any remote connection to evil? 
42) Without even referring to the text, the general answer is that "as above, so below" and vice versa...everything good can be disgraced, and everything disgraced can be made good...God works through sinners very often.

This is a whole long thing...maybe let's discuss it. 
43) Have patience please. 
44) The entire point of the world is the revelation of God.
As such all evil only exists to reveal the good.
I drew this up on the front and back of an index card yesterday.
You can see that there is good, and then evil springs up against it.
45) It is a common misconception that evil exists separate from good, but the reality is that evil is owned (fully owned) by good and only exists for the purpose of testing us. 
46) This explains how Rebecca, a holy woman, could house the depths of evil in her womb along with the depths of greatness. 
47) It also provides the hint that in the end, Esau (the bad son) will turn his seemingly evil self, energies, powers and armies to good - and will assist in the redemption of the world.

Let's explore this. 
48) We've reached 48 tweets.

Let's call this Part I, and focus Part II on Tikkun Olam (the rectification of the world) and how it may manifest itself through Esau.
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