Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Hypocrisy of "Stier vs. Kavanaugh"

1) Stier vs. Kavanaugh: What are the merits?
2) This nothingburger is already fizzling out, but there are some important points to be made here about hypocrisy.

Note that even though media outlets are giving lip service of disappointment in the NYT failed smear attempt on Kavanaugh, they are running with the next phase of the operation -- story after story suggesting impeachment is in any way legitimate. The corruption is industry-wide.
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5) Extremely important Tweet.
Did You Know:

Max Stier donated $1000 to Barack Obama

His wife was then nominated by Obama to be a federal judge for the Washington DC US District Court
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6) This entire issue has nothing to do with what actually happened at Yale.
7) It has nothing to do with Max Stier's agenda, or lack thereof.
8) It has nothing to do with truth.
9) The only issue here is that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump was never supposed to win the election.

As opposed to Hillary Clinton, who was.

As opposed to Barack Obama, who was, and who, in the eyes of the media, could do nothing wrong.
10) Whenever I have the chance, on a Sunday, I like to go back and watch my favorite '80s movies.

Typical teenage movies, the "Brat Pack" movies, etc.
11) Kavanaugh went to Yale after graduating high school in 1983.

Popular culture reflected the type of parties that were characteristic of high school and college.
16) The truth is that Max Stier and Brett Kavanaugh went to the same party, because they went to the same types of parties, because THOSE types of parties were part and parcel of high school, college, and graduate school life back then.
17) The truth is that nobody wants to talk about what happened that night, if anything, because if you indict Kavanaugh for it, then the big book of bad college memories opens up and EVERY member of Congress will be in that book.

18) If you open up that book, that big memory book, you'll find Max Stier there, too.
19) Looking back on high school, and I went to a very religious school, it was routine for people to either host parties or go to the city and order drinks and get drunk.

I remember holding my friend's head as she vomited into a toilet after one too many beers.
20) If my memory serves correctly, though, in those years the party culture was tamer.
21) There is an extreme quality to the partying culture today that really scares me, personally.

If I were a parent of a high school kid, I would not allow my kid to go to high school parties, because the pressure is on to sleep around very young - in fact leftists promote this
22) I guess I find it odd that they are on the one hand promoting this

23) While at the same time claiming to be so fearful that women are under siege.

They're the ones putting women in danger, by promoting child sex in the guise of empowerment.
24) The issue here, again, is not Max Stier.

The issue here is that Max Stier's words, true or not true, have been politically weaponized so as to ruin the life of a qualified jurist.

Not just him, but his family as well.

That is disgusting and McCarthyist.
25) Remember, the DC area is a very small area. People who disagree on the issues run into each other everywhere, and they have to work with each other everywhere.

If you take away all semblance of collegiality, you are promoting war.
26) But then again, maybe war was the objective of this campaign and all the others in the first place.

Anything EXCEPT let an election be fair.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.