No, Border Security Isn’t “Mean”

The reality is that immigration is vital to the health of our country and our world. But it is a mistake to conflate regulated (legal) immigration and illegal immigration. While the latter is sometimes necessary, and we all know that the Holocaust is an example of this, it is not necessary to throw the baby out with the bath water and in fact it harms everyone.

Legal immigrants are the first to suffer when illegal immigration is allowed. They are not only inducted to criminal gangs, but also subject to sexual crime and trafficking. In a lawless system the mafia rules.

Homeland Security facilities are clean and orderly. They were not meant for a massive inflow of people crashing the border.

In a world driven by illegal immigration, children are victims of exploitive adults. Adults who pretend to care, but who are really smugglers paid to procure more bodies for raping, or illegal labor. 

Illegal immigration is an industry. It produces slave labor. Sex labor. Fraudulent votes that are purchased with favors. Grants that are really part of a kickback scheme. As in, illegal immigration creates people who need help, and politicians appropriate funds for that help, but nothing ever really gets solved because having the cycle benefits smugglers.

The loopholes that were closed include the automatic declaration of trafficking status by all unaccompanied minors. This was abused to get people in. 

The second loophole was the one where families were released even if their status had not yet been determined.

There is a tremendous push for illegal immigration and “open borders”. But the bottom line is that having a mass of people unaccountable for their actions (no ID, no arrests) means they will 100% develop a criminal population that holds the vast majority of peaceful people hostage.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Opinions my own. Public domain.

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