Monday, September 16, 2019

Investigate the "Nonprofit, Nonpartisan" Partnership for Public Service

1) Not so fast, CNN.

2) That is the "CNN Breaking News" online right now - a fake news story engineered for political purposes.

We need an investigation into collusion between CNN and the New York Times, among others, for this purpose.

3) See yesterday's thread and blog. The charges against Kavanaugh are once again totally false.

Background: … …

4) Once again we have fake news coming from the New York Times for political purposes.

Define "fake news?" …

5) Fake news, for our purposes, includes not only completely fake stories, but stories that are TECHNICALLY true but MISLEADING.

6) The authors of the New York Times article are linked to the Clintons in multiple ways (see yesterday's work - daughter of avid feminist and Hillary campaigner and journalist once hired for Podesta's Center for American Progress). Their book: …

7) The book's release is timed.

8) We aren't sure if it's about competing with conservative books on the ordeal of Justice Kavanaugh, oe the 2020 election. Could be both.

The publisher is Penguin. …

9) *or

10) The Times featured the book in a book review and called it a "hard look" at what happened even thought the authors are biased and yesterday -

11) The Times had to issue a correction for its article by these authors which was widely perceived as defamatory - even the President tweeted about it. …

12) Plus they had to delete their disgusting Tweet about the story. …

13) The Times also made a misleading characterization of Stier's affiliation, calling it a "nonprofit organization in Washington" when in fact it is a nonprofit WELL ENTRENCHED ACROSS THE ENTIRE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - the Partnership for Public Service. …

14) Stier is routinely on TV and quoted re: gov. The Partnership is well known for its "Best Places to Work" rankings. It runs leadership programs catering to gov. And it hosts meetings of the independent Federal Communicators Network, which is comprised of civil servants.

15) The Partnership for Public Service is a NONPROFIT which is supposed to be NONPARTISAN.
16) "Stier worked closely with David Kendall, who went on to defend Hillary Clinton against allegations of illegally handling classified information."

What is she in trouble for right now?????????? …

17) We discussed yesterday that the Washington Post had the Stier story during the @senjudiciary proceedings but did not run with it because Stier himself didn't come to them and because the woman would not comment.

18) The Times ran with the story and had to run a correction mentioning the latter.

19) The Times story mentions that Stier went to senators and the FBI, but Sen. @ChuckGrassley notes he did not go to the proper place - the Senate Judiciary Committee - which means he went to Democratic senators yelling for their biased friends to investigate.

20) In addition to the question of who in the FBI and/or the Senate leaked this story to the authors of the article, and why the NYT ran it, there is the question of whether Stier deliberately told the truth but only to partisans.

Since he runs a supposedly "nonpartisan" shop.

21) I call on the @senjudiciary to examine Stier's actions, and the @IRS to investigate the nonprofit status of the Partnership for Public Service accordingly.

22) The Partnership for Public Service should be genuinely nonpartisan and not operating in "waiting for the election" mode.



By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.