Monday, September 9, 2019

Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part XI: It All Began With A Lava Cake

1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part XI: It All Began With A Lava Cake 
2) "Thread of threads" here:…
3) It was Friday afternoon, just before Sabbath, and I was on the train 
4) My husband called me up. 
5) "You know that cake you made for Shabbos (Sabbath) lunch?"

"Yes, what about it."

"You have to get another cake." 
6) "Why do I have to get ANOTHER cake? I already baked a perfectly good cake. In fact I just had some of the cake last 1 a.m."
7) "Because you can't bring homemade cake to a Shabbos lunch at a religious home. It's considered impolite, since they don't know if we are as kosher as they are. X explained this to me."
8) "Well I know you can't do that with meat, but CAKE?"

9) Where am I going to get kosher cake with a kosher symbol that everybody recognizes as kosher 

one hour before Sabbath 
10) So I ran here




all over the one store I could get to 
11) Until finally, three phone calls later to make sure it was the right thing, I found Graciela Runny Chip individual lava cakes, 6 to a box.

(Which you can buy online here. Because they're really, really good.)
12) But the cakes come in a very skinny box, so I got 2 (how many guests will be at this thing?) and it was a LOT of money. 

I called my mother: 

"It's almost SHABBOS! Get home right now!" 

she said.
13) So I get home, holding the shopping bags, tired from work, fed up from the whole thing, worried that the cakes won't be good, not sure how to bring them (in a box? really?) and so I am totally overwrought. 
14) I open the door and there' more stuff to do.

Which prompts me to basically put my hands over my ears and say: 

15) What happened, in that moment, was that 



16) In that moment when you forget yourself, 

When you forget who you are,

When you forget where you are,

When you are so FLOODED with IMMEDIATE emotion,
17) You forget that a Shabbos lunch isn't the biggest deal in the world. 

You forget that you've been a guest many times before.

And you forget that everything will in the end be okay...well, probably.
18) As it turned out the lava cakes were a big hit.
19) The purpose of history -- and why history cannot be told slowly or superficially -- is that history is the process of 

20) So if I have to tell (learn) this story in 100 parts, 

21) Because the future isn't going to make any sense unless we understand the past.
22) The next topic we will study, with God's help, is the history of Rome where Rome conquers Israel.

We are going to look at what happened when the Romans stole the Jewish sacred objects.

We are going to look at what happened when the Romans became Christians.
23) We are going to understand the development of the Roman Catholic Church.

We are going to focus on the Romans, not like a dissertation, but to understand what happened with the Catholics, and how the Jesuits were founded.

We need to get to the 19th-20th-21st centuries
24) And I will do my best to stay grounded, focused, and centered on the question of how corrupt elements of the Church intersect with corrupt elements of the Jewish people and where the defilement of children and use of sacred objects fits in.
25) More later - have a great day(End.) 


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.