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Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part X

1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part X: They sound a lot like #NXIVM.

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2) A personal story from one Frankist that bridges between their decline and their absorption into Catholicism.
3) The hypothesis here is that these excommunicated, apostate Jews never truly died out, but rather that their proclivity to live off of rich and powerful patrons means their traditions secretly lived on and merged with other sickos.
4) We would know them as Luciferian cultists and we would see their influence anywhere there is a wealthy, powerful, secretive cult affiliated with religion and/or “influencers” and/or the state.
5) This is not an imagined group; they have defined rituals and culture and the cultural law is to practice in secret until an age of initiation, which for this man was 14.
6) Their influence may be felt in a completely different cult without being called “Frankist.”
7) They have infiltrated Christianity (Roman Catholic Church / Jesuits) and Islam (the Donmeh which started Wahhabism with the British Intelligence Services).
8) The following story is quoted from the blog here:…
9) “At the end of the 18th century, during the same time Napoleon was struggling to seize the whole of Europe, the young Bohemian Jew Moses Porges-Spiro was struggling to rescue his soul from one of the most disreputable sects of Jewish history.”
10) Moses was born on December 22, 1781, in Prague, to an observant family.
11) “My father, Morenu Rabbi Gabriel Porges, was very learned in Judaism, a virtuous and righteous man… He was a pleasant, good man and he never used corporal punishment on his children.”
12) “My mother was a kindhearted woman. She managed the business that supported the family.” (They sold liqueur and brandy.)
13) “As was customary in those days, I was taught Hebrew and to translate the Bible. 

“In my seventh year I was enrolled in the Israeli-German School. 

“I left it when I was only in my 11th year.”
14) Moses’ father initiated him into the cult at age 14.
15) “Just after my 14th year, my father called me into his room and asked me in a solemn way if I believed that the Torah’s revelations contained all that was necessary for our salvation and eternal happiness here and the life beyond.” 
16) “Until this hour I had been quite a believing Jew.”

OK so listen to what this man is saying. NOBODY was allowed to know about this cult EXCEPT its initiates.

And some of its cultists actually had remained PART OF THE PRACTICING JEWISH COMMUNITY.
17) This is a personal history written by Mr. Porges-Spiro himself and translated by his great-great grandson.

“He recorded the story in a Gothic German manuscript, later translated into English by his great-great-grandson, Arnold Von der Porten.”
18) The great-great-grandson wrote a book about surviving the Nazis. He retired to Gainesville, Florida.…
19) His book about life in America.…
20) Here is the English translation of the manuscript we are quoting. 

The writer says it is held at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. I have not verified this.…
21) To continue. (Again this is relevant against the wall of sheer denial that exists about this, which is essentially a Synagogue/Church/Mosque of Satan.)
22) We will see elsewhere how this cult infiltrated entities we know of today, with more recognizable brand names.
23) Of his initiation, Moses recalls: “Until this hour I had been quite a believing Jew.”

But his father spoke to him.
24) “He told me....’There exists, besides the Torah, a holy book, the Zohar, which reveals to us the secrets which are merely hinted at in the Torah & which challenges us and directs us towards spiritual completeness. It directs us as to how to achieve that goal.”
25) “There are many noble people who have devoted themselves to this new teaching. 

“The salvation from mental and political pressure is their aim, it is their goal… 

“To you, my son, everything shall be revealed. 

“Mr. Noe Kassowitz, 1 of our own, shall instruct you.”
(More soon.)
26) We continue our study of Moses Porges-Spiro, the Frankist who escaped.
27) Basically we’re just reading a bit from his memoirs as he is a bridge between the secret excommunicated cult and...well you know.
29) When we left this story earlier today, Moses’ father had just begun to initiate him into the cult at age 14.
30) “It turned out that the Porges- Spiro family secretly belonged to a Messianic sect founded decades earlier in 1751 by Jacob Frank, who, unlike his predecessor, Shabsai Tzvi, was an almost total ignoramus.”

ST = Sabbatai Zevi
31) “Surviving records of his [Frank’s] teachings consist largely of a hodgepodge of simple parables and facile, ridiculous misinterpretations of Biblical verses.” 

(Note - this Tweet and the prior one are a blogger [David] talking, not Moses.)…
32) “His [Frank’s] followers were called Zoharists as they not only abandoned normative halachah in favor of the esoteric kabala teachings, but also interpreted kabala in a way that sanctioned the most disgusting behavior.”
33) (me talking) ST was learned but likely mentally ill - and vast, vast numbers of Jews believed he was the Messiah. Even when he converted to Islam. 

But he broke Jewish law. 

And Frank followed his lead in the evillest way possible - zero Torah there.
34) “After the excommunication of the sect in 1756, Frank and many of his followers baptized [THIS BECOMES EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RE CATHOLICS, HOLOCAUST, & NWO POPE SELLOUT] and moved their base to the German town of Offenbach.”
35) “By Moses’ time, Frank had died and the lucrative business of running the sect [JUST LIKE #NXIVM, A FEMALE BASED BUSINESS WITH A NOMINALLY MALE LEADER] was taken over by his daughter Eve, assisted by two brothers, Roch and Josef.”
36) “Although Moses yearned to make the trip to their Machaneh Kadosh (holy camp), as Frankists called it, due to his father’s strained circumstances he could not afford the 258 mile trip from Prague to Offenbach.”
37) Let’s fast forward - eventually Moses gets to the Frankist compound.
38) (Me talking) Noteworthy is that Moses only went because Napoleon was almost drafted to fight back against Napoleon Bonaparte.

He hid out at the home of Salomon Brandeis. (Relation to Justice? IDK.)
39) “At last, Moses arrived in Offenbach, headquarters of the Frankist ‘Machaneh.’” [compound]
40) “With tears of fervor, he entered the holy [OR SO HE THOUGHT] house, climbed a few steps, and pulled the bell cord.”
41) “Several Maaminim (believers) surrounded him, and, as is common with such sects until our time, he was smothered with affection and attention.” [LOVE-BOMBING]
42) “Finally, the great moment arrived when he was permitted to have an audience with the head lady, and privileged to kiss her foot.”
43) Moses was given the “privilege” to serve the food and eat the leftovers. Everyone else ate much worse so it really was a privilege, but still, uch.
44) “Meanwhile, the business of the sect went on; the 3 sect leaders reported their daily spiritual visions and having them carefully committed to paper,”
45) “and followers reverently entering the ‘holy room’ that contained the clothes and bed of the ‘Holy Father,’ Jacob Frank, to pour out their hearts in prayer.”
46) “In a token continuation of the Frankists’ ambition of taking part in the Messianic wars at the end of days, the young members were drilled every day by a Polish drill-master and trained in the use of firearms and sabers.”
47) But then something happened - and Moses knew immediately that these people were fake. 
(We will pick this up a bit later.)
48) We continue the story of Moses Porges-Spiro, and his escape from the Jewish cult known as the Frankists.
49) This cult — whose members became Catholics under Jesuit guidance — was distinguished by its mangled perversion of Judaism—swimming in Zoharistic gibberish, reveling in sexual orgies that defiled sacred objects.
50) Moses’ father had initiated him at the age of 14, and as fate (escaping the draft to fight Napoleon) would have it, he ended up at their compound - followed by his father.
51) Picture the scene.
52) Father of Moses shows up, after a very long journey, bearing gifts for these “visionaries” whose entire means of existence was to live off the patronage of others.
53) Imagine Moses’ surprise and excitement to see his beloved father. 

Here’s what happened.
54) “In autumn that same year, my good father arrived in the company of Mr. Jonas and Mr. Aron Bur Wehli. 

I was overcome with joy to see my dear, beloved father again.”…
55) The writer of the blog about this incident recounts that “the 3 highly respected & learned men were received solemnly and ceremoniously by every one of the Maaminim and the next morning they were received by the high Masters.”

(#NXIVM had these kind of BS names too)
56) “They laid sacrificial gifts at the feet of the Chewise [Eve], the Wehli’s in gold, which was received most joyfully.”

* sacrificial *
57) “Both were rich people.” (But) “My good father, who was not a man of means, brought a bolt of batiste [fine cloth].” 

... Moses heard these supposedly holy people making fun of his father’s seemingly trivial gift. 
58) Moses was devastated. 
59) “This gift brought about the beginning of the diminishment of my fanaticism,” Moses wrote.

“In the end I became convinced that everything about this place was a fraud and that several hundred well-meaning people were taken advantage of by faked religion”
60) “having been drawn here from hundreds of miles around, to become impoverished & unhappy.”
61) Moses woke up to the fact that the Frankists were basically running an op.
62) And they would literally say or do anything if it meant another buck - they would shake down followers for every last cent.
63) “That same year, Mr. Salom Zerkowitz arrived in Offenbach. He had once been quite wealthy. He brought with him quite a fortune; however, he had to offer it up on command.”
64) “It consisted mostly of Austrian State Papers, which I carried to Frankfurt where I had the old Rothschild convert them to silver.”
65) Note: We see here a historical and geographical link potential between the Frankists and the Rothschilds.

“Money does not ask any questions,” one might say.

This can’t have been the first time the Rothschilds were “of service” to the cult.

65) “Mr. Zerkowitz was a good, honest man,” Moses writes.

“He cried when he had to give up his last possessions.”
66) Moses was shut up in an armed compound with well-trained men. 

He now faced the physical threats associated with escaping. 
67) Fortunately Moses had a companion in the planning.

“Among the residents of my room there was a young the name of Johan Hoffinger....and after some preparations and sounding, he allowed me to suspect that he did not agree with all of what...had gone on.”
68) “When he was satisfied that I would not betray him, he finally confided in me that he had reached the conclusion, after long probing & reasoning, that a fraud of unbelievable proportions was being perpetrated here”
69) “and that the believers, who had brought such great offerings, could not conceive of the idea that they were the victims of a massive swindle.”

“Also, that they had been robbed of all means by which to return to their far away homes.”
70) “Through such conversations, which we had quite often, we finally reached the decision to escape.”
71) It was 4 a.m. 
72) Moses and Johan were supposed to be on guard duty. 
73) But instead they ran.

“We leaned our muskets into a corner and entered the courtyard with our hearts pounding with the most profound excitement.”
74) “We were exposed to the danger that the teamster or the stable help might catch us.”
75) “From there into the garden, we climbed over a board wall and were free....We ran towards the nearby forest.” 
76) And then what happened?
77) Things turned quite...amazing.…
78) The Frankists didn’t do too well - 

“Within a few years of his escape, the Frankist enclave in Offenbach went bankrupt and most Frankists were absorbed among the local Catholics and disappeared.”

-we will explore what happened to their beliefs-…
79) But Moses and his brothers distinguished themselves.
80) He even has his own Wikipedia entry.

“Moses Porges, Edler von Portheim, or Moses Porges von Portheim...was a Bohemian-Austrian industrialist...& vice-burgomaster of Prague-Smichow; knight of the Order of Franz Joseph.”…
81) Lived from 1781-1870.
82) “was one of the earliest and most prominent of the large manufacturers of Austria”
83) (the entry mentions his escape from the Frankists)
84) “in 1841 the emperor Ferdinand I of Austria conferred upon the brothers the patent of hereditary nobility with the title ‘von Portheim,’ in recognition of the fact that they were the first cotton-manufacturers to employ steam in their works.” 
85) “The most noteworthy among the numerous benefactions of Moses Porges is the still existing crèche, which, without distinction of creed or nationality, for eight months of the year, receives and cares for 150 children daily while their parents are at work.”
86) “Moses and Leopold, the sons of the highly respected but poor Gabriel Porges of the Spira family, experienced adventures in the camp of the sectarian Joseph Frank at Offenburg—“
87) “which have been described by Heinrich Graetz in his ‘Frank und die Frankisten’ (Breslau, 1868) and his ‘Gesch.’ x., and in greater detail by Dr. S. Back in ‘Monatsschrift’ (1877, pp. 190 et seq.).”
88) There is more to this story. Basically, I am related to Moses.

Details of the genealogy (see screenshot) in a separate thread. 

I did not know this 16 hours ago when his story appeared in a search result, leading me to tell it.