Monday, September 9, 2019

Concerned 9/9/19

1) I am going to be a bit critical of @POTUS now.
2) Things are out of hand.
3) It isn’t just the outright threats like the gas-filled van in Baltimore.
4) It isn’t just the nonstop drumbeat of fake news with no response from the Administration other than the President’s say so.
5) It isn’t just the outright attacks from Iran.
6) It is that the President seems incapable of using the resources at his disposal to fight back.
7) The President has the power to marshal 1000 federal communicators into a single building to counter all the fake news. All the time. Top priority.
8) He has the power to declassify everything.
9) He has the power to make arrests openly of deep state figures who should have been in jail long ago.
10) There is a saying that when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. 

Well, everything with the President’s communication looks like a nail being hit by the same type of hammer.
11) Do you know how bad it looks that the head of the Commerce Department was going to fire NOAA employees for contradicting the President?
12) The President seems to think that he has an endless amount of time to do the same thing he has always done - but he doesn’t.
13) I suspect that this is not his doing.
14) I suspect that he is listening to people who are telling him to be very cautious right now, because there are all sorts of threats.
15) The problem is, #QAnon ginned up the absolute fury of America.
16) Not just America, but arguably the world.
17) You cannot blow the entire lid off the Deep State, dangling truths we all suspected all along, and then let that just dangle.
18) This is not just another Administration. It is not just another election. The President can’t act like it is.
19) The last House elections were supposedly deliberately allowed to be conducted fraudulently so that the fraudsters could get caught.

Why the silence?
20) By now we should be seeing Brennan in handcuffs. Instead I am reading about cannibalism and forced vaccinations in California.
21) There is an old saying that comes down to this: Don’t threaten anybody else, ever; threats are weak; only act.

The President’s threats are close to sounding very very empty.
22) I support him. Support means being honest. It doesn’t mean helping the President fail.
23) Believe me, there is a part of me that wants to continue staying up all night, every night, digging, but we are well past that point now.
24) Sorry to be crude. But it’s time to (you know what) or get off the pot.


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