A Lesson In Empathy - The Migrant Crisis

Criminals deliberately create refugee populations who then serve as a “cash crop.”

The answer is not “open borders,” but strong nations with strong borders.

My eyes were really opened by this exhibit at the Phillips Collection, Washington DC (Dupont Circle).

Among the photos of the migrant transit point of Calais, France was this photo of a makeshift church. It was very poignant.

The exhibit showed children just trying to be normal. 

But they are always just a step away from chaos. 

It's terrifying to think about being literally stranded and all around you is garbage.

Or, a wall of water.

The unfortunate part of this exhibit is that it was a deliberately one-sided portrayal of the refugee crisis. It did not show for example (it hid) the role of politicians in unleashing migrants for political and financial gain (think organ harvesting, human trafficking, the NGO business).

The world was portrayed as an arbitrary patchwork of nation-labels, i.e. if only we had open borders we wouldn't have a problem.

The map of the world omits the state of Israel (destroys) but the exhibit gratuitously throws in "Gittel's journey," i.e. "we let the Jews in, what's your problem with everyone else?"

The exhibit omitted the problem of organized crime recruitment (bringing people here to commit acts of crime) as well as the problem of gratuitous crime (because the undocumented immigrant is not invested here, and faces no justice).

It is with this partial offering of information that the largely White, wealthy visitors to this museum are asked to "rest, reflect, and respond."

Which I did.

Because I looked at this picture (few women percentage-wise were represented).

And this.

And this.

I thanked God for giving me a chance to really feel empathy for these suffering people, an empathy I had been holding back out of a desire to protect our country.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain. Photos, by Dr. Blumenthal, are also public domain.And my heart broke.

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