1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part XI[V]: From the Sabbateans to Alastair Crowley*

1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part XI[V]: From the Sabbateans to Alastair Crowley

2) There is pre-Zoharitic occultism - before the Zohar was written down - it where "magick" existed independently.

Focus now is post-Zoharitic, post-Sabbatean, Frankist occultism.

We're going to figure out intersection w/ Jesuits/DS.

Thread of threads--
3) We are quoting from "The Frankist Ecstatics of the Eighteenth Century"
this essay was first published in a journal of Alastair Crowley, yes the Satanist
4)"Copyright © 1998 by T Allen Greenfield
First published in Agape V1N2 February, 1998 EV
Agape copyright ©1998 by Ordo Templi Orientis

"Uno avulso non deficit alter. " - Virgil"
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11) Then ~
12) Then the word hellfire
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16) Welcome to modern censorship.
17) This essay was written in 1998 by a neo-Gnostic bishop.
18) Greenfield was into esoteric studies, UFOs, etc. - he is interesting and worth looking up.
19) We will skip the part you already know and get to the part you don't.
20) From about 100-150 CE through medieval times (about 1500 years), Kabbalism was studied by Jewish people locally and quietly.
21) "The influence of the Qabalism of the late medieval period reached a final flowering in the works of Isaac Luria and other mystics of the 1600s."

It was in this context, plus the Khlmelnytsky massacres, that the Sabbatean movement developed and crashed.
22) What you do not know is that Sabbatai Zevi's right hand man (his "prophet"), so to speak, whose name was Nathan of Gaza, was a kabbalist who became a Roman Catholic himself.
23) Later on, Jacob Frank justified conversion to Roman Catholicism as follows:

"In order to fulfill their mission as New Jacobs they must go on the 'way to Esau' (also known as the way to Emmaus) which was conversion to the Roman Catholic Church."

24) When Sabbateanism collapsed the yearning for mystical meaning was satisfied within legitimate Judaism through Hasidism.
25) This next part becomes more urgent. Again quoting T. Allen Greenfield.
26) "At approximately the same time that Chassidic Judaism was developing, another trend which for many years was almost lost to history was bubbling up in the Ghettoes of Eastern Europe in the wake of the Tzvi messianic expectations."
27) "Indeed, most older English-language sources relegate this rather substantial movement to a footnote, usually couched in the most unflattering terms." -- THEY COVER IT UP
28) "This was a sect known as the Zoharists or Frankists, after Jacob Frank (1726-91), originally named Jacob Leibowicz." - THIS IS WHO WE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT
29) "Like the Chassidim [Hasidim], the Zoharists [Frankists - they rejected Talmud/Rabbis] were deeply steeped in Qabala [Kabbalah] and magick and ecstatic religious expression." -- REMEMBER THE FRANKISTS WERE EXCOMMUNICATED FOR WHAT THEY DID BY THE RABBIS
30) "Like the followers of Tzvi, they were also messianic."
31) "Unique to the Frankists was a doctrine of salvation through sexual ecstasy that had not characterized these other tendencies." -- EXCOMMUNICATED/REPRESSED
32) "Indeed, the Zoharists anticipated the sexual magick that emerged a century and more later under the influence of such luminaries [PLEASE PUT THIS WORD IN QUOTES, THEY ARE NOT LUMINARIES EXCEPT TO SATANISTS) as P.B. Randolph, Max Theon and, ultimately, ALEISTER CROWLEY."
33) So here you have a STRAIGHT LINE

Roman Catholic

34) That's it for now. Will pick this up later.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.
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