Thursday, August 8, 2019

We Need Better Answers About Jesus’ Interaction With The Rabbis Of His Time

From what I can tell, Jesus was a Jew who followed Judaism. 

He protested the Sadduccees, corrupt elite priests (Levites) who ran the Holy Temple.

These people rejected the precepts of Judaism, including the Oral Law and belief in resurrection of the dead. /1

It seems like the Talmudic rabbis should have turned their wrath on the Sadduccees for being corrupt. Instead they turned on Jesus. /2

It seems like the Pharisees should have welcomed his opposition to the corrupt Sadduccees. Why didn’t they? /3

This writer posits that the Pharisees felt that Jesus was a political threat to the Romans — he believed in Jewish sovereignty over Israel — and as such could get everybody (all the Jews) killed. /4 

When Jesus was turned over, it was his own disciple, Judas, who did it. He had his reasons but regretted it instantly. /5 

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