Monday, August 5, 2019

Unconscious Intent, Conscious Division

1) I realized something today. We tend to ascribe conscious intent where it is really unconscious.

@POTUS ripped the guts out of the privileged civil service. Of course many hate and resist him, and what is worse, they can’t even admit it to themselves.
2) The gravy train began to end not under Trump, but Obama. It was Obama who argued that government data should be transparent, and democracy participatory to include the private sector.
3) The seeds of the redemption are often contained in the rotten fruit of the oppressor.
4) Nobody thought that Trump could win because the entire basis of the civil service culture is entitlement.
5) What they are angry about: They sincerely believe that @POTUS is a reckless racist because they are in complete denial of the failure of the culture that nourished them.
6) This is the real reason why war is coming. It has nothing to do with truth or reason at all.
7) What can we do to stop it? Nothing.
8) What can we do to make it less bad? Refuse to hate.
9) This is an Administration like no other. It is reclaiming government for the people, from the people who were supposed to be administering government for the people.
11) How do we fix it? Get a job working for the government!
12) You can also get involved in public service in about a million other ways, including running for local office, or even serving as an election judge.
13) President Trump can’t fix this mess. We have to fix it; he is only trying to clear the way.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.