Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Holy Land, Where Frum Pedophiles Run For Cover

Israel is currently a safe haven for child predators.

That is a fact.

It is a safe haven for sick perverts who rape and molest little children.

We are talking about people who appear in all other respects to be religious.

The first example: a religious school principal, a woman, accused of molesting her own students. 

She runs to Israel on a day's notice, the community covers for her, and she goes on to molest children there. They refuse to extradite her for 20 years.

See timeline.

A young woman, Dassi Ehrlich, has her life stolen by this predator who is then supported by the community including a top member of the government.

The people ask:

"Till When? עד מתי"

The predator has not been extradited back to Australia to face charges.

She is allegedly a serial predator, but she hasn't ever faced trial.

Ultra-religious figures in the government (whose version of religion goes well beyond halachic/Jewish legal requirements) back the Israeli health minister who covered for her.

Finally he faces police charges - "fraud and breach of trust"

Child sex offenders repeat the crime.

If you do not stop them, you guarantee more victims.

Our ability to measure this precisely is limited. However, per the Department of Justice: "researchers widely agree that observed recidivism rates are underestimates of the true reoffense rates of sex offenders."

Here is another story out of Israel: the pedophile who sues the child advocate for "defamation."

 "The bizarre and convoluted story of a convicted child abuser suing a public campaigner against pedophilia for defamation opened before the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Thursday."

"In one corner is the convicted child abuser, and the plaintiff for the purposes of this case, Yona Weinberg, seeking NIS 200,000 in damages."

"In the other corner is Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, the defendant, who has campaigned publicly against Weinberg on social media, saying that he presents an ongoing danger to children in his Ashdod neighborhood and urging parents to keep watch."

"There is no dispute that Weinberg was convicted of sexual abuse in the second degree in New York in 2009 and that he is registered as a level thee sex offender in the US. Even Weinberg’s lawyer, Eytan Lehman, admitted to The Jerusalem Post that his client, 'is no saint.'"

"Horowitz maintains that Weinberg has continued to sexually abuse children and is not only a past convict, but a present threat."

"On Thursday, Horowitz presented a letter in court from the New York Police Department confirming that Weinberg is wanted for new and open sexual abuse charges and would be arrested if he returns to the US."

"The letter also says that Weinberg fled the US to Israel in order to escape arrest for the new allegations."

Another example: "Defying a Conspiracy of Silence About Pedophilia"

"'Conventional Sins' tells the story of a religious man who was the victim of sexual abuse throughout his childhood growing up in an extreme Hasidic sect in Bnei Brak"

"The sect shunned Bar after he testified testified to police against a network of Haredi pedophiles. The whole case was hushed up."

"Throughout the film, broadcast this week on Yes Docu, Bar copes with a series of sexual assaults by a number of men, some of whom abused him for years while others attacked him at random."

The director "spent a decade collecting testimonies about the sexual abuse of boys and teenagers from different Haredi [religious] streams."

 "Instead of a demonic portrayal of the pedophile that characterizes most films dealing with this subject, Zuria and Winther preferred to focus on the conspiracy of silence in the Haredi community, made possible in part by the absence of Haredi women from the space in which their children are being raised."

Jewish people ask: Was the Holocaust a punishment for our wickedness? Could God really be so cruel?

The answer is that punishment is only one part of why bad things happen. The underlying reason for punishment is "rectification" - a process that human beings cannot understand.

But even the simplest person knows that there is a relationship between the energy you put out into the world, and what comes back to you. And the higher your station in life (including your religious station) the more responsibility you have - the harsher you are judged.

I do believe, and I am trying to warn my fellow Jews, that it is our wickedness toward the children that is the cause of all our troubles. 

Wickedness toward the children comes in many forms, it is much bigger than child abuse. It is fundamentally about turning against God and advancing your own ego in opposition to Him. But certainly on a literal level, there is no plane, train, tank or gun that will defend us in the court of Heavenly law as long as children are trafficked under the mantle of the Holy Torah.

This is not me "wishing" a bad fate on anyone, this is me WARNING of a certainty of natural and Godly law.

I would have liked for the religious to "handle their own business" but unfortunately that has not happened.

May they listen and may it stop.



By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.