Monday, August 5, 2019

The Coming War (Unedited Thread 8/4/19)

1) Starting a pessimistic thread so here is a flower photo. 
2) You will need a double dose. Here’s one more. 
3) People are tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am too.
4) On top of that, the pace and intensity of the drops continues to quicken.
5) This was posted 18 hours ago, which explains a lot. 
6) If President Trump discloses it’s game over for the cabal, but it’s also guaranteed war.
7) If he doesn’t disclose, we will continue to see provocative foreign and domestic terror attacks, fake news, and panicky censorship.
8) I think he needed to disclose a while back. But he didn’t and while people are prepared to believe something funny is going on, they are also not prepared for more mass shootings.
9) I didn’t share this, but Friday night/Saturday morning I had a very bad dream. I have been having these vivid dreams lately.
10) I have had dreams that showed me a forthcoming war, like an “ice war” (hard to explain). Baby Messiah. A dream about human trafficking.

Fri nite/Sat am I dreamed there was a mass shooter.
11) (Seeing lots of aircraft out tonight in the DMV.)
12) I dreamed that the shooter turned toward me and held the gun to his waist and started shooting. I grabbed my child and started running.

Something happens when things go too far, and they’ve gone there.
13) The kinds of conversations I have had these past few months are insane. 

I actually said to someone, “I have to help President Trump. You don’t understand.”

This was after writing a thread till 2 am, going on no sleep. Listen to how that sounds.
14) I tried to explain to a family member my thoughts on the history of Zionism. They were literally shell shocked that the Jewish star is not actually a Jewish symbol.
15) I watched an episode of “Conspiracy Theory” about directed energy weapons with my husband. It was terrifying - the insider dies within a day or two of speaking out.
16) I said to my husband, “So what do you think of that?”

He said “oh my God. If there are directed energy weapons can I make my in-laws disappear?” 😂😂😂
17) It’s like, we all know what’s going on. We all know people who are awake (I know PLENTY of those). But it’s not enough to move the mainstream needle, because people don’t see this on TV.
18) You know what was on TV tonight? 60 minutes, a couple who lost their daughter in Aurora and they comfort victims at mass shootings. (Anderson Cooper)
19) Also MIT Media Lab - segment on the tech of the future - featuring a machine that interferes with your dreams and directs them “at your request” - the Siri of dreams. 

20) Folks, the problem is - the stuff we know - it is crazy land. 

We aren’t crazy, but this stuff truly is.
21) I will end with an example which illustrates the problem. I have to make it very hypothetical.
22) Basically, there was a news story about something involving the abuse of women.
23) The news story generated many comments. Which generated conversations.
24) Bottom like is that what seemed simple at first turned out to be much more complex, to involve many more layers and connections, and everyone backed off. It got too scary.
25) Right now, people are scared. They are not stupid - they are reacting rationally to the constant terror attacks being foisted upon us.
26) I am pessimistic because I know that President Trump is averse to taking truly aggressive measures with respect to anything. He doesn’t want chaos.
27) I believe that the time for aggressive measures has come, it’s time to disclose, through the proper agencies and channels.
28) I am pessimistic because I have to be honest with myself, and with you. I don’t see President Trump doing this, unless he absolutely has to, for public safety, and because he probably fears it will jeopardize the election.
29) What am I optimistic about? I know that every second of this Presidency is a miracle.
30) I have faith in the community we have built here.
31) I know that most people are not radical looks.
32) And I trust God. Like the rabbi said this Sabbath: 

“You may be troubled now, but God sees the end of the story. 

Have faith.”
*typo in #31, “loons”