Saturday, August 17, 2019

"The 16 year plan to destroy America" explained


In the 20th century, a plan was hatched to destroy and overthrow the United States. The plan involved the complete destruction of the State of Israel - the annihilation of most of the world's Jewish population.

The U.S. military is allowed to conduct secret operations where they post anonymously on social media. In 2017, the military began an operation with an anonymous entity known as "Q," who posted on an anonymous Internet message board called 8chan.

On January 21, 2018, Q alerted readers to the "16 year plan to destroy America." The plan contained the following elements, which were written in shorthand code.

For Jewish Readers

This post is for Jewish readers who have some literacy with religious observance. A separate one will address non-Jewish readers (it will not have the preface).

In every generation, Amalek tries to kill us.

Every year on Purim, we celebrate that HaShem saved us from Haman's evil secret plot to kill all the Jews in Persia.

Please wake up and recognize what is really going on, before it is too late.

Phase I: President Barack Obama (2008-2016)

* Install traitors, remove the "good guys," and remove command from the generals

* Leak classified intelligence about military assets

* Sell classified information to foreign powers

* Compromise U.S. surveillance methods

* Cut funding to the military

* Target conservative patriots using the IRS and the mainstream media

* Stigmatize border enforcement

* Use open border support to flood the country with illegal crossers, who will vote Democrat

* Bring ISIS terrorists and MS-13 gang members in through the porous border to terrorize the people and do "wet work" (assassinations)

* Turn a blind eye to nuclear buildup by North Korea

* Fund and supply Iran nuclear weaponry

* Sell American uranium to Iran and North Korea for this purpose

* Set the stage for a takeover of the Supreme Court; assassinate Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia

* "Kill NASA," meaning: allow bad actors to destroy military satellites, worldwide secure communications, and install weapons of mass destruction undetected

Phase 2: President Hillary Clinton (2016-2024)

* Launch World War III, a fake war with real deaths

* This war (which will involve the nuclear destruction of Israel) will achieve population growth control and massively enrich the military-industrial complex

* Eliminate anyone left in the government and military who is fighting the coup

* Destroy the economy - leaving the people enslaved by starvation and need

* Keep the borders open

* Revise the U.S. Constitution - ban the sale of firearms (2nd Amendment removed)

* Install Supreme Court justices that will vote "on team," ensuring legal challenges are not a problem

* Remove the electoral college, because the popular vote is easier to manipulate; illegal votes will be counted; and Soros-owned machines will manipulate the results any way if needed

* Limit, if not remove, military funding altogether

* Close U.S. military installations worldwide, starting with Germany

* Destroy opposing media

* Implement censorship

* Control what people believe about the news by continuing to distribute talking points to be adhered to - daily, early in the morning (the "4 a.m. talking points")

Original Q Code

The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America
21 Jan 2018 - 2:06:20 PM
Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?
1 of 22.
#Memo shifts narrative.
#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.
#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.
#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].
#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).
[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]
Hussein [8] 
Install rogue_ops
Leak C-intel/Mil assets
Cut funding to Mil
Command away from generals
Launch 'good guy' takedown (internal remove) - Valerie Jarrett (sniffer)
SAP sell-off
Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)
Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)
Open border (flood illegals: D win) ISIS/MS13 fund/install (fear, targeting/removal, domestic-assets etc.)
Blind-eye NK [nuke build]
[Clas-1, 2, 3]
Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]
Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]
Stage SC [AS [187]] 
U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]
KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)
[CLAS 1-99]
HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]
Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov't/MIL
KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]
Open borders
Revise Constitution
Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)
Install 'on team' SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)
Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]
Limit/remove funding of MIL
Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]
Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59
Pure EVIL.
Narrative intercept [4am].
Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.
Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.[POTUS free pass].
Shutdown Primary Reasons.
Weaken military assets.
Inc illegal votes.
Black voters abandoning.
"Keep them starved"
"Keep them blind"
"Keep them stupid"
HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].
The Great Awakening.
Fight, Fight, Fight.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain. Photo via Wikipedia.