Thursday, August 8, 2019

Seeing The Demons In This War Of The End Times

This thought made me cry. What if Yeshu (Jesus), who never claimed to be a Messiah and who observed the Torah, was a model Jew who threatened the demonic realm?

As such, the demons would push the cabal to take him out.

We do not understand God’s ways. The murder of Yeshu (Jesus) led to the creation of a new religion that would at first oppose/persecute, then later support/fight for, the Jews, as well as God’s dominion over the Holy Land.

Everything the demonic realm tries to do, to “steal” God’s power and “fight” to “overthrow” Him, turns back against them. Boomerang.

Satan’s minions (the “Erev Rav” within Judaism) have a hand in every faction of the war. They hide among those you are taught to trust. See them.

Evil transmuted into good is how redemption happens. I do not “become” someone else, but the most spiritual version of the person I can be in the material realm.

The demonic is not truly “against” God, it has no power, but rather God has deputized them to make our redemption meaningful.

This is why, if you repent and turn to God as YOU understand Him, the demonic realm has NO POWER OVER YOU.

The only “power” they have is the power to highlight YOUR MISDEEDS and GIGANTIC EGO, masquerading as (insert the ways you deny and rationalize the bad in yourself).

Why do you think they went after Islam? The Jihad is A SPIRITUAL WAR against ourselves that they distorted and weaponized into a physical mercenary force.

We are all in this war now, which is the final war. 

Now is the time.

Shields up - your prayer is your machine gun.

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