Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Reporting Possible Foreign Infiltration and Sedition (Updated For Formatting)

I believe I have information pertinent to the threats made against Senate Majority Leader McConnell as well as the accusations made against CBP Border Patrol agents in July 2019.

If you're not familiar with the threats made against McConnell, please see this New York Post article showing protesters making death threats outside his home in Kentucky.


The Senate Majority Leader also fractured his shoulder in a "fall" at his home in Kentucky just 2 days ago.


There is also an active campaign to label Senator McConnell "Moscow Mitch."


With regard to CBP Border Patrol, there is an active campaign to label them as "terrorists" "radicalized" "criminals" who guard "concentration camps" where illegal immigrants are held (meaning detention centers).

This is not a partisan debate or discussion.

The issue is the targeting of the U.S. government, in whole or in part. These activities are seditious. Read more about sedition and related crimes here.


Independent of anyone's opinions about the issues, I would like to ask people to take a look at the evidence here and determine whether our government agencies and politicians are being used for sedition.

See the ProPublica article published July 1, 2019. Scroll down to the picture of the drowned migrants. Look at the lower left side of the picture. It reads "Occupy Democrats." This appears to be a statement of authorship.


I am wondering whether a foreign government may be behind this campaign.

I had my suspicions but an item in the news today confirmed a possible pattern.

The first story (the ProPublica story) had:
  • The use of a particular member of Congress to portray victimization in a sexual attack by the government (President Trump)
  • An accompanying photo portraying brutal callousness by the government
  •  Racism
  • Anonymous social media
Now there is another story, in the New York Post, with the same elements:
  • Use of a particular member of Congress (Senator McConnell) to portray victimization in a sexual attack by the government
  •  An accompanying photo portraying this attitude
  • Racism
  • Anonymous social media
Here is the story.


The story refers to this anonymous tweet.


Anyone could have posted this.

There are no images on the internet of a T-shirt like this, with a logo like this. This indicates to me that the T-shirt was created specifically for this propaganda opportunity, and is not part of a campaign.

These young men do not look American. They look Eastern European, possibly Russian. There are also no identical photos of them anywhere. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. Indicates possible foreign agents.






I did find one possibly similar photo, using Yandex (I used both Google Image Search and Yandex). It is from Russia. But it was NOT identified as a match, only a similar face.

In both cases, the supposedly targeted member of Congress responded swiftly over social media, attacking the victimization, which does make sense except if it's a hoax (I don't know).



We do know that there is a pattern of hoax activity aimed at creating a narrative that simply does not mirror reality.


I am sharing this in the hope that the government will undertake a nonpartisan investigation into what's going on here.

All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.