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Remembering The Pizzagate Warriors For Truth (Unedited Thread 8/11/2019)

1) Let us remember how this all began.
3) They said we were responsible for vigilantism.
4) "On Sunday afternoon, an armed man walked into pizzeria Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D.C., firing his weapon at least once and causing a whole lot of havoc."
5) "The reason for his actions? He was there to "self-investigate" an online conspiracy theory now handily known to those online as "Pizzagate," one of the weirdest, most grotesque Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories ever circulated (which is saying something)."
6) I remember the day that the Comet Ping Pong shooting happened. I was visiting with family, and keeping up with the news.

@reallygraceful pointed out that the story appeared in Google search results on the same day, but several hours before it actually happened.

7) I remember that the person who did the shooting was an actor (he was quickly located on IMDB)
12) This much was reportedly pointed out by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis on CNN.…
13) Why would you enter a pizza place to shoot up the hard drive of its owner?
14) @ImperatorTruth tried to submit evidence to the police that the hard drive contained child pornography.

15) FOIA requests to get the truth about the situation went nowhere.

16) This is the original of that photograph. It was taken at a protest covered by @FordFischer (video) and Alejandro Alvarez (photos/article)

March 18, 2017

17) Rest In Peace Alex Gray.

20) My internet connection is messed up again. Please bear with me.
21) Why are there two standards of justice in this country such that elites accused of doing suspicious things are immediately given a pass? We can’t assume guilt or innocence, but why the immediate “impossible, it can’t be?”
22) We are told to only report news from verified news sites, but the news sites are censored both in terms of what they report, and in terms of what and who they can report on.
23) I want to continue reviewing how Pizzagate began, and the coordinated attacks on anyone who talked about it in a serious way.
24) This is appropriate for today, Tisha B’Av, a day of mourning for the desecration and destruction human beings create.
25) Twitter is now helpfully breaking my threads. Nice work
26) I want to be clear that the Pizzagate community (that is how we started, so let me use that term here) is about getting to the truth. We always have been.
27) Yet there is a very desperate portrayal to paint us as vigilantes. There is a desperate need to marry that impression with the stereotype of Veterans as crazed, out of control, etc.
28) If you don't believe me, watch a couple of episodes of The Punisher on Netflix (initially it seemed like a good show) where Veterans are portrayed as White angry men who are a threat.
29) Now compare that with Obama's 2009 memo about how Veterans are a threat.…
30) "Passage of new restrictions on firearms & the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks."
31) Who has played a prominent role in stopping Pizzagate?

32) Full disclosure: I work for VA. I am not representing VA here.
33) "Former US Special Forces soldier runs through gunfire in Mosul to save a child from ISIS"

34) Who is being targeted by the radical left? Not just Veterans, but Christians - explicitly.
35) The radical left (communists) created the worst human crises of our time: child refugees, child soldiers, child sex trafficking victims.

It is not a coincidence that the radical left also seeks to normalize pedophilia.

Christians and Veterans are fighting them.
36) @CraigRSawyer has been in this war for a long time.
37) @ICEgov @DHSgov created "The HERO Child-Rescue Corps Program is designed for wounded, injured and ill Special Operations Forces to receive assist federal agents in the fight against online child sexual exploitation.

44) Let’s go back to March 18, 2017, to the protest outside Comet Ping Pong.
45) “Neil Wolfe @TheLightReports is one of about a dozen people gathered along a block of small businesses in suburban Chevy Chase, DC, a town on the northwest border of Washington, DC.”

46) “‘You guys are nuts,’ says one passerby, Wolfe fired back through his megaphone: ‘You’re gonna find out the truth, sir, and then you’re going to feel ashamed for calling us nuts.’”
47) I almost went to that protest. But I was scared to.

48) @TheLightReports of course turned out to be right.
49) “You have to understand that these are the most powerful people in the world that are engaging in child trafficking and child pedophilia.” - Neil Wolfe, 3/18/17 @TheLightReports
50) “They’re scared right now, and they control the media, so they’re going to do everything to marginalize us.” - Neil Wolfe, 3/18/2017 @TheLightReports
51) All of that is true:

— Elites engaged in child sex trafficking and pedophilia themselves

— Using every tool at their disposal to marginalize anyone who threatens to expose them.
52) After attending the Pizzagate march that occurred the next weekend in Lafayette Square, and after calling out threats made against a Pizzagate researcher, someone tried to call my job and get me in trouble.
53) There is no question that even to breathe the word “Pizzagate” was to put yourself at great risk.
54) That is why, when I went to the Pizzagate march, which @TheLightReportsorganized and where David Seaman prayed, I carried a sign that said “stop human trafficking.” I knew the coverage would be vicious.

I handwrote this on posterboard from CVS.…
55) I remember that @PGHowie2 was there with some dogs.
56) @annamerlan was there covering the event as was @lifttheveil14.

I did not know any of these people but they remained important figures in studying this story.
57) Now let us be honest about something. It is good to be somewhat critical in your thinking and you should not just believe everything you hear.
58) Under any normal circumstance, if you came to me and said “oh, there’s a child trafficking conspiracy ring being run out of X place and by the way they use pizza as a code” — I would tell you to get psychological help ASAP.
59) The issue is not that people’s wild accusations should be believed.
60) The issue is that at least some of the wild accusations are actually true. And we were actively suppressed from learning that - a public safety danger.
61) Any perfunctory search of videos online will yield example after example of literal child snatchers.
62) I know a woman who decided to become an outreach volunteer against human trafficking after learning about Pizzagate. As a child, she was almost kidnapped walking to school in a predominantly poor Black neighborhood.
63) Way back in 2010, 2011 I was working on interagency outreach materials to warn potential victims about human trafficking as smugglers took them across.
64) Of course this was under Obama so the fliers were on this side of the border which is too late.
65) I remember what they did to David Seaman, who was targeted for writing in the Huffington Post about Hillary’s health, and then about Pizzagate.
66) His videos have since been wiped but the damage includes allegedly being poisoned, possibly his friend being killed, negative media coverage, and censorship.
67) Liz Crokin was personally targeted and her reputation destroyed.
68) Not to mention censored.
69) The person who posted to Twitter about the “Comet self destroying app” - the odd image that was called a fraud - I can’t find that image and the person said they were being chased the night they posted that.
70) Whoever you are, if you have supported the cause of saving children from the horrific fate that elites had planned for them, thank you.
71) Every little bit makes a difference.

God loves you.
Correction to #43. This protest was later in the day on 3/18/17 at the White House ellipse.

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