Saturday, August 3, 2019

Reaching Out To AOC (Unedited Thread 8/2/2019)

1) I really don't want to be talking about Israel and the Palestinians right now because it's beating a dead horse, but I actually kind of like AOC, I think she has a good heart, and she admits she's not an expert on the subject (neither am I) so let's research it together.
2) Interesting. As soon as I tweeted that, I was again disconnected from the Internet.
3) Newsflash
4) "People Are Pawns in Their Sick Game of Global Domination.
People Are Divided to Prevent a Rising of the People.
People Are Divided and Taught to Fight Themselves Instead of the Ruling Class."

- Q, March 7, 2019, msg. 2994
5) "Race Vs Race
Religion Vs Religion
Political Vs Political
Class Vs Class
Sex Vs Sex"
6) "When You Are Divided, You Are Weak.
When You Are Weak, You Have No Power.
When You Have No Power, You Have No Control."
7) "Stay Strong, Patriots.
Stay United, Not Divided.
You Are What Matters.
You, Awake, Is Their Greatest Fear.
8) Do you see how @POTUS is able to work with anybody?

It's because he can see through the act to the person inside - strengths, and weaknesses - that is how he is able to negotiate.
9) Let's sidetrack for a few minutes and then we will get back to this.
10) Should we start with the funny story or the sad story?

Maybe the funny because it's all so pathetic
11) It's all about the same thing - our souls are naturally connected to all other souls, but trauma and bad actors seek to dis-connect us.
12) Last week I had a very intense weekend, reading and reflecting Genendy's memoir "The Price of Truth" about being sex trafficked in a yeshiva as a little girl. As upsetting as her trauma, as usual, was the second victimization.…
13) Genendy was born in 1973, and it is 46 years later, and unbelievably I am having Facebook discussions about the same topic, different actors, and the ultra-Orthodox community has an unbelievable cognitive dissonance that goes beyond self-protection.
14) It's like a wall - like a brick wall - like they simply cannot see that they are just like everyone else.
15) Not only can't they see this (or should I say most can't); they don't want to see it; they want to live in a kind of OCD bubble. It's a very restrictive, restricted life of Torah/synagogue and raising the kids on the one hand; & work on the other; and bad actions r "anomaly"
16) So a friend of mine who lives very much within the insular Orthdox Jewish community, and who is a bit older (think mid-60s), calls me up with a question about branding.
17) "Dossy," (my familiar name, short for my Hebrew name Hadassah) "I have a business idea and I want your opinion on it."
18) "Okay, shoot."

This is like what we do for fun, make up business ideas we will never do.
19) "I am thinking of starting up a gun training place for women."

20) Ok sit down because it's this next part
21) "What do you think of the name 'Banging Bubbies?'"
22) I have to tell you, I started laughing so hard I thought the roof was going to cave in.
23) So I had to tell her...
24) ...and I think she sort of half-knew, because she isn't THAT insulated...
25) But my point is, there is a certain level of innocence there.
26) And while I think that is a good thing, from a sociological and psychological point of view it is also a very, very bad thing.
27) Because when people do not see reality, they cannot defend themselves against reality, because they have no language or concept for reality, and so when they are attacked they are defenseless.
28) We could make a connection here
29) People like my friend live in one kind of secluded corner of the world. People like AOC live in another. All of us, increasingly, have our own tiny tribes, and it is bad.
30) @AussieComitatus @AndreVanDelft @amycheapho @SaRaAshcraft @cronsellare very patient, articulate educators, each in their own way, showing us how our minds are constructed by actors crafting certain illusions
31) But they can't craft those illusions if we are one and whole with ourselves and each other. This is the essential thing.

And if you don't understand this, you are both predator and prey.
32) As Jews (speaking to my fellow Jews now) I think we have lost this essential teaching of the Torah, that we must smite the idolaters from our midst, not because God needs our worship, but because they are the fundamental cause of division, and in doing so they fracture all.
33) The story of Traci Moran and her husband is illustrative. Traci only wanted to be part of the Jewish community, and the ultra-Orthodox rabbi started sexting her, and then when she told the chaplain, he ganged up with the rabbi against her and hubby.

34) I am certain that Traci has no idea that ultra-Orthodox communities are notorious for this kind of behavior, when they are caught with their pants down.

And on Facebook, it is still "heroic" for an advocate to stand up for TRACI and TRACI ONLY…
35) How could such a thing happen? Because the ultra-Orthodox rabbi has been taught that there is a "good impulse" and a "bad impulse" and that if you have a "bad impulse" you should act it out under cover of darkness but not with a "good woman" (wife)
36) A man who sees a woman as a full and whole human being, just like him; of God, just like him, suffused with a soul, just like him; cannot by definition hurt her.
37) Someone like AOC, who is being used and/or paid by someone to "stay in he corner" and "repeat the talking points" even though "I'm no expert" but "I generally feel bad for people" -- cannot "wake up" from within that corner.

38) The Nazis (they've been around for a long time) want everything BUT some sort of reconciliation between the various factions they've set up to fight.
39) OK, now to the sad story and then we'll just run through some facts. I wanted to talk about Phoenix - please G-d, that will be a different thread.
40) ready?
41) So I've started to do some meditation work
42) Just because these past 3 years have taken their toll on me.
43) As I know they have taken their toll on so many of you.
44) This is hard.
45) In the meditation, we had to share something we'd observed, and reflect on something we'd read, and everyone else had positive examples, but all I could do was relate my observations back to the ways in which people hurt each other.
46) A woman said something at the Sabbath table the other week. She said, "I can understand having faith in God, but I can't understand how God allows people to do so much harm TO EACH OTHER."
47) For me, compounding this is the realization that bad actors do not want truth (which to me is a sacred thing) - they ACTIVELY seek to confuse and distort the conversation so as to enrich their bank accounts and expand their power and influence.
48) So I had to write down my feelings, and though I ripped up the paper and did not publish it (I am learning about boundaries and privacy, and this was a gift to myself) - there is something there to be shared with you.
49) I wrote: "I think I have made a kind of bargain with God."
50) This is hard.
51) Because I know exactly when I made the bargain, and why I made the bargain, and who I made the bargain to protect, almost as if it were "magical thinking," and I'm not going to tell you that information.
52) The person I wanted to protect, I could not save, because the bad thing had already happened to her, and everyone conspired to shut her up.
52) (That person is not me.)
53) The people around her conspired to "manufacture normalcy," even to the point where the person completely regressed and hid, and hid so well that the person appeared never to have been harmed, but the person was.
54) And I knew this, and I still know it, and I could not save her, and the fundamental injustice of what God did to her, it makes me enraged.
55) Because nothing happens without God's hand. How could that happen?
56) So I made this bargain with God, that I would take out my sword, which is my words, and I would fight for this person even if this person never knew it.
57) As long as there was suffering, I would suffer with the victims and for them.
58) And as I wrote this out, and I looked at it on the page, I realized that it sounded completely insane.
59) The exercise helped me to see that I was sort of acting like Robin Williams in that movie, "What Dreams May Come," where he dies and his wife commits suicide in grief, and then he tries to save her.

You don't have that power, to save everyone

60) Many of us remember Jenny, who was targeted but spent every waking minute trying to save the children

61) We remember how Jenny was found dead in August 2018

62) So yeah, I have to adopt a more balanced mindset, but no, I can't just go on.
63) I mean, look at this (the "E" in Biden and the design at the Epstein place) - this isn't just random.
64) OK so now let's talk about Israel, and the Palestinians, and help AOC out. (Because who goes on national television to make comments about a topic they don't know anything about, except someone pushed)

65) Remember that mind control comes in many forms. 1 is to take something you're already remembering, and transplant the memory onto another person (Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, per Q.) Another is to take someone's sympathy & exploit it.

66) This was what @POTUS was telling us with the "snake" poem.

The "tender-hearted woman" is the target - yes, that is AOC.

68) The rest of the interview is irrelevant.
69) Why? Because it's basic logic. The cabal (the people who have actual money and power, and whose identity and extent of influence is unknown) work through frontmen proxies, who are disposable.
70) They got her elected, and they will get her trashed, and they will get someone else to step up in her place.
71) They will use well-established tools and techniques from the realm of psychological operations. (Remember this Army manual is just what's public.)…
72) "In times of war, PSYOP strive to undermine the
enemy’s will to fight. This is, in fact, the chief mission of PSYOP during

(p. 8-32)
73) "PSYOP personnel will use various media, such as loudspeakers,
radio broadcasts, and leaflets, to instill fear of death, mutilation, or defeat in
the enemy"
74) "...and undermine the enemy’s confidence in their leadership,
decreasing the enemy’s morale and combat efficiency, and encouraging
surrender, defection, or desertion."
75) So that's what the enemy is using against us. But we're so insulated and ignorant, we have zero idea what's happening.

What is the appropriate defensive move against a psy-op?
76) "Countering hostile propaganda is an important function of PSYOP. In
the information era, battles can be won or lost due to perceptions and
attitudes toward the United States and its military forces." (p. 8-83)

What is Q?
77) The FBI knows what Q is - believe me.
78) "The United States’ adversaries will attempt to sway those perceptions and attitudes through the use of propaganda. It is PSYOP personnel’s role to analyze that propaganda and determine what response is necessary."

Are we currently in a state of war?
79) "While counterpropaganda is an ongoing mission in any environment, its importance increases dramatically during times of war."

Again, WHAT IS Q?
80) "Counterpropaganda is not considered its own phase in the PSYOP
development process because it is incorporated into all phases." (p. 6-29)

This is why we have no idea what's going on.

The war is a war of INFORMATION.
81) With regard to Israel.
82) From a theological point of view, there is no such thing as "Judaism" and a separate thing called "Zionism." There is only the fact that you are born a Jew or you converted, in which case you are considered as a born Jew.
83) From a Jewish religious perspective, we support the State of Israel as a state b/c Jews live there. I don't mean to sound ethnocentric, but that is the theology. It is not because the land is holy; we could have waited for Messiah to bring us there.…
84) There is a separate theological question as to whether it is a mitzvah (a positive commandment) to live in Israel b4 Messianic times.

This is a serious debate, but overcome by events - and the resulting need to save lives.……
85) Taking a moment to refocus...feeling a bit of "static interference" (i.e. I'm getting a little tired, and also sensing that this is important and need to say things properly)
86) Since this has been a long thread, and it's not realistic or useful to litigate the entire Israel situation here, let's just make a few key points.
87) If there is a division to be made in this world, it is between people who are God-fearing and people who are not.

It therefore follows that whatever is going on in any country, if it's happening in a cruel or corrupt way, it is wrong.
88) Sorry - I had to stop and check something.
89) OK. Let's go back into history and we will see how Godlessness is the problem here.
90) Godlessness leads people to take "shortcuts" to get what they want, and the hell with everybody and everything else.

That is how we get war, and strife, and people like AOC and the squad, whose every utterance is somehow divisive, even polarizing.
91) Godlessness leads to corruption, and it exists everywhere, so we are not going to have a corruption contest between Jews and Arabs, or Israelis and Palestinians, because that's another tactic.
92) I am going to close this sort of meandering thread now and start another, more linear one with research into the background of the formation of the state of Israel, and the formation of a thing called the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
93) Part I of this thread ends here.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.