Friday, August 23, 2019

Organ Trafficking? Blame The Jews.

1) The search for a perfect specimen. …

2) Background on eugenics. …

3) Background on the Cossack (Khmelnytsky) Uprising 1600s. …

4) I finally understand how this works.

5) Extremely powerful bad actors hold the money and the power.

They hide.

They use the Jews as tools (many willingly, I am sure.)

6) When people wake up to what's going on, they readily blame the Jews.

The bad guys, instead of folding up their tents, simply change course. Change out the frontmen.

But business never stops.

7) In this game, the ultimate prize is total control over the people.

Let me explain how it works.

8) In the 1600s, the nobles owned the land and charged the peasants a fee for living there.

The Jews collected the money.

When the peasants rebelled, they went after the Jews.

9) What do you think that Epstein has been doing?

Do you think this whole scandal is about a single pedophile and his perverted ways?


10) Epstein was majorly funding all kinds of research.

He wanted to seed women with his sperm.

Epstein was helping the eugenicists.

11) Epstein was not an entrepreneur.

Epstein was bankrolled by X. Mossad?

X was bankrolled and backed, in turn, by Y and Z. CIA-FBI?

12) Epstein's blackmail tapes kept Congress in control.

While everybody runs to blame Israel and the Mossad, ask yourself who has most to gain from holding all the votes.

While you're at it, ask yourself how Israel could possibly ignore the demands of the USA (think $/support).

13) We know that Ilhan and Rashida's trip was supported by a group called Miftah. Which wrote about: …

14) "the Israeli army killing Palestinian youth in order to harvest their organs... Israelis stealing Ukrainian children....reports from Haiti that organs are being stolen by Israelis without international justice intervening to put an end to such criminal practices."

15) Hanan Ashrawi (Palestinian terror apologist) runs Miftah.

Now this gets interesting. …

16) Again, knocked completely off the Internet...right on cue or right over the target, as they say.


17) Recently we learned that Ilhan Omar may actually be a secret agent of Qatar. …

18) So everybody's using everybody to act as a front man (or woman), but what is the truth?

19) Let's add another layer to this.

20) This is the tombstone of the Maharal.

21) The Maharal's regular name was Judah Loew ben Bezalel (early 1500s-1609). He is a revered figure among the Jewish people.

Using Kabbalah, the Maharal created a "Golem" to protect the Jews against the blood libels of the time. …

22) Blood libels were accusations that Jews baked the blood of Christian children into our food.

23) Obviously the Christians would be inflamed by this false accusation and attack the Jews. The sight of the Golem would stop them.

The Maharal was told to stop making the Golem for fear this would be misused (no citation right now).

24) The whole thing with the Jews is, it is very easy to make people hate us, and then use that hate to get away with a lot of other stuff.

25) Where organ trafficking is concerned, every time you hear about it in the media, it seems that you hear about Israel.

This is a modern blood libel; the vast majority of trafficking isn't happening there, at all.

26) Here is a New York Times reporter on the PBS News Hour blaming Israel for organ trafficking.

Again, not a lie, but a distortion that feeds into pre-existing beliefs and fears. …

27) Again, remember how important organ trafficking is to those who do illicit medical experiments.

They MUST have access to the organs.

(Just like they want the fetuses from Planned Parenthood.) …

28) Of course the New York Times bitterly rails against this form of human trafficking. …

29) In 2008, Israel passed a law in response to organ trafficking. …

30) "No person shall receive a reward for an organ removed from his body or from the body of another person, or designated to be so removed, regardless of whether the removal be performed during the lifetime of the person or after his death."

31) "No person shall give a reward for an organ transplanted into his or another’s body, or that is designated to be so transplanted."

32) A decade later, and it's better. There is room for improvement, but overall it is working. …

33) But what about the worldwide market for organs? Has that diminished after the implementation of Israel's law?

34) Again, it's six years after Israel passed its law, and the NY Times' Kevin Sack still blames Israel for this exploding market:

"time after time when there have been prosecutions of organ traffickers, Israel always seems to have some role" …

35) But when you look a bit more closely (Feb. 2019), the explosion of refugees in the Middle East is actually a cash crop for human traffickers, as desperate people are forced to give away their own organs - just to pay the smugglers. …

36) China is enormous, and it is an enormous organ trafficker, cutting into God knows how many of the bodies of the 1-3 million Muslims forced into its concentration camps. …

37) In 2015, reports came out that organ trafficking was up in the UK - should we study whether this is related to migrant refugee gangs showing up? …

38) You know what they do to the bodies of "mercy killing" patients in Canada?

They take the organs! …

39)"Despite Efforts, India Remains An Easy Market For Illegal Organ Trade" …

40) Desperate people in Pakistan,%2C%20middlemen%2C%20recipients%20and%20donors.&targetText=But%20low%20wages%20and%20poor,rising%20cases%20of%20organ%20trafficking ….

41) Again knocked off the Internet.

It isn't Twitter.

42) Who is using all these organs?

Is it only people looking to prolong their lives?

43) "In the 1950s, a group of Inuit children were taken from their families in Greenland to be re-educated as model Danish citizens. More than 60 years later, they want the Danish government to apologise for an experiment that did enormous damage." …

44) "The U.S. government used Americans as unwilling test subjects in their human experiments and got away with it for decades." …

45) So you want to engineer a genetically superior soldier, or a spy.

What else might you want to do?

How about live like a young person forever? …

46) They say that satanism is about belief in something.

I don't believe that's the truth.

I believe that some people simply want what they want: to get laid, to get high, to get beautiful.

47) What they can't get the right way, they will steal.

With lots of pomp and bluster. … …


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Opinions are the author's own. Public domain. You can follow @DrDannielle.