Saturday, August 3, 2019

My Current Understanding Of “The Plan” (Unedited Thread 8/3/2019)

1) This is a very short thread just to capture my growing understanding of "the plan," which most certainly involves the Rothschild family.
2) Since this is me thinking out loud, no links.
3) Operating assumption - events that occur on the world stage do not just randomly happen, most of the time, but are engineered by people with the power and money to put them forward.
4) As a small example, the poll showing that Michelle Obama is the world's most admired person, had a methodology where a company provided names to a panel FIRST, and then respondents were forced to choose from those names.
5) As another small example, a one-page "Law Enforcement Bulletin" from an FBI Field Office in a notoriously corrupt part of the country (Phoenix child trafficking corridor) could easily be ginned up by just about anyone with Internet access, and then Yahoo! and TV amplify.
6) AOC the bartender who became the Congresswoman, etc. -- had lots of help.
7) If we step away for a moment from trying to prove that INDIVIDUAL moments in our history are actually "false flags," meaning they are engineered for effect, we can see the bigger patterns.
8) My pattern of interest is the creation of the state of Israel.
9) Correction: My event of interest is the creation of the State of Israel.

I would like to know the engineered patterns involved in its creation.

Those patterns hold the key (are a keystone) 2 understanding the plan for another Holocaust, & simultaneously overthrowing America.
10) We know that Israel as a modern state was created only because Jews were slaughtered in Russia & in Europe (pogroms & the Holocaust). 

The mass murders were a galvanizing factor for Jews to want to settle Israel rather than wait for the Messiah.

And for the world to allow.
11) I don't believe that the Rothschilds caused the pogroms, but I do believe that they took advantage of the pogroms.
12) I don't believe that the Rothschilds caused the Holocaust (even if Hitler "was a Rothschild," this is too simplistic), but I do believe they were part of the money machine that INVESTED in the Holocaust for financial/ideological reasons.
13) To see a pattern is not to be a conspiracy theorist, by the way.

To be a conspiracy theorist is to see a pattern where there is no evidence.
14) It is the job of a sociologist to see patterns in group behavior.

Sociology only came about in this country as a reaction to the social abuses that caused widespread poverty here.

Sociology is by definition against the cabal.
15) I am not here to denigrate people who know how to make money. I am here to think out loud about how moneyed people are trying to destroy the rest of us for their own gain.
16) Obviously Israel could not have been established without foreign investment, and the investment of the Rothschilds in Israel is so substantial as to be overwhelming.

With investment comes influence.
17) Another observation: The criminal who operates on a global scale must do something seemingly opposite on a global scale in order to avoid getting caught. This is why we see criminals acting as philanthropists.
18) There is a social halo, a cognitive dissonance that takes place when someone has given away so much money. We tell ourselves that they are good, so they cannot be bad.

That is the plan.
19) Another operating principle that applies to the Rothschilds is that they are secretive, but do not work alone. Rather, there are alliances, and the alliances (or the network) enables one to cover for the other.
20) Similarly, they must invest in both sides, for two reasons. 

Number one, the gain they seek is only realized through manufactured conflict - so they have to own both sides. 

Number two, to mitigate the risk that their chosen horse loses.
21) Yet another principle is that they have no power before God, and thus must disconnect God-centric people from themselves and each other. 

Let me explain.
22) The power of bloodline families comes from getting people to be bad. But people are naturally good. So they provide incentives, and after the incentive rule by threats and blackmail.

The evil deeds multiply.

The bloodline feeds off the evil deeds.
23) Those are just some principles, and I think they explain what has happened so far, and what was planned to happen next.

Wait, one more.
24) They operate through mass mind control, and they display their obeisance through symbols including visual symbols and repeated words.

Thus, the more you hear "talking points" AGAINST someone repeated, the more you should question why that person is the chosen villain.
25) If you say the names "Trump" and "Netanyahu," the reaction is immediately, viscerally negative in the cabal-controlled world and so this tells me they are actually good actors (regardless of what I personally think; the pattern tells us this).
26) Oh - one other thing. We think of countries as acting separately, but we do not understand that cabal entities control countries, and that they do so in unison.

And so the "bad CIA" and "bad Mossad" actually are one thing (as was depicted in Homeland on Showtime)
27) We must also understand that all entities have their White Hats and their Black Hats, e.g. obviously we need the CIA very much, and I don't think we say so enough (if at all). They are spies. We would die without our spies.
28) With Epstein, I think the CIA and Mossad worked together, there is little question in my mind, and that is why the true story cannot be told. The international boundaries mattered little (Israel - US - UK).
29) The operating principle of the cabal is "government by blackmail," and their justification is that people ("the commoners") cannot be trusted to rule themselves. ("They are inferior.")
30) So the plan, with respect to Israel, was this:
31) Let me speak as the cabal, for the sake of simplicity and the economy of time as I have to go to synagogue.
32) "Those damn Jews sitting over their Talmuds are ruining it for us. We need to get rid of them." (The Talmud is holy)
33) "We're never going to get them to leave their shtetls"
34) "The pogroms were bad, let's use that to get the secular Jews to go first"
35) "Once the secular Jews are there, we will deal with the religious ones"
36) "Germany is turning anti-Semitic, how can we use that"
37) "Certainly we can do the eugenics work there"
38) "We need to get the Jews into Israel so we can kill them off all at once"
39) "We have already begun our work to get the Arabs radicalized" (British creation of Wahhabism through a covertly Jewish Muslim)
40) "We will build the state on the dead Jews"
41) "We will leave a disenfranchised minority group there and make the Jews act to oppress them; we will turn the Jews into their own tormentors; we will drive them insane and divide them"
42) "We will remove God from the discourse and replace it with a secular state; the rabbis who are in charge will be corrupted and used"
43) "We will fund an enemy called 'Iran' (the US took control of Iran in 1979) which constantly threaten them with nuclear war"
44) Had Hillary won, they would have launched the nuke.
45) They would have wiped out Israel, and the Jews and the holy places, and then "America" would have gone to respond to Russia, and then we would be living under totalitarian cabal rule.
46) Our totalitarian cabal rulers would have presented themselves as helping us get to safety, and "retaking our land"
47) Under the guise of a total police state, and eliminating (killing) all dissenters.

Must go - late!

Please forgive the oversimplifications.



* By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.