Thursday, August 15, 2019

Mueller the Decoy?

Does anybody else think Mueller might have been a decoy? 
Mueller was appointed by Rosenstein to be Special Counsel. 
Please hear out my logic, but there is also stuff from Q I will throw in at the end.
The Air Force was fighting the Obama coup since 2011 already. 
If the USAF was fighting the coup then the military was well aware before and had time to prepare after.
The military was going to retake the country by force in 2016 but chose the route of a figurehead President instead (President Trump).
Meaning: People keep saying that President Trump is an unpredictable dictator, but he is actually following what the military intelligence community says, what public officials and journalists say, and what the public says. CLOSELY.
This isn’t to say that he is absent or powerless: President Trump is a master dealmaker. One who knows you don’t “negotiate” unless you have already won.
As Barbara Corcoran has noted, he masterfully uses others’ weakness against them.
The weakness of the Democrats is...their racism.
The Democrats are racist against Candace Owens; Terrence Williams; Diamond and Silk. Anyone who rejects the “victim narrative.”
Racism comes from insecurity.
What if the plan was to use that insecurity against them.
Insecurity = compulsive need to prove superiority. To bully the weak.
Insecurity = actual fear of discovery.
The Democrats (party apparatus) and the establishment Republicans are not an especially impressive bunch. And they’re owned by foreign interests. Including Russia. And China.
In a shadowy way, the international Deep State alliance owns them. This is actually a stateless entity. Comprised of FVEY, Mossad etc.
President Trump and his military backers knew in advance that the Swamp would have to BOTH undermine AND contest the legitimacy of the election.
What if they skillfully laid the kind of trap that ensures evidence is collected that is admissible in court? 
To bring the swamp down.
What brings the swamp down is the public demonstration of treason - by Obama and Hillary. 
But people would say the evidence was faked.
So they needed an expensive, exhaustive witch hunt of a trial where the Democrats could basically “go crazy.”
Mueller is a Marine. 
U.S. Marines leave no man behind.
Mueller and Barr are friends. 
Guess who Rosenstein worked with?

Brett Kavanaugh. 

(Bottom right, top left) 
Bill Clinton’s impeachment.…
3President Trump and the generals let the Swamp spin itself out.
They look like idiots having spent $40 million on some stitched together news stories.
While Mueller himself acted like he had dementia.
3There’s many Q quotes that align with this line of thinking.
And there is more.
The feds knew the Swamp was powerful. But they also knew exactly what type of characters they were dealing with.

_Mueller was director of the FBI when Epstein got the “sweetheart deal.”
President Trump and the military intelligence community distracted the dopey Democrats with the witch hunt so they could focus on the real swamp draining. 
Opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.