Thursday, August 8, 2019

Message Of Encouragement From A Belgian Anon

For those who need a little perspective, imagine yourself in Trump's shoes right now and the immensely daunting task he faces.”
“Become prayer because now more than ever it is needed the most.”
“Pray for Trump and support him wherever you can so that people can see that support.”
“If he fails, then all is lost and evil, corruption, sickness and perversion will rule. This is our one and only shot we are ever going to get to stop it without resorting to their tactics.”
“Think of what he is up against, and has been up against since taking office (and before even) and the difficulty in finding and extracting all the corrupt and rotten people in places of power and systematically removing/disabling them.”
“Think of how pretty much all the media is against him. How they lie and lie and lie and twist the truth that the majority of people believe still because they haven't awoken from the carefully crafted and controlled media spell that is all pervasive.”
“They want you silent. They want you scared. They want you to feel helpless. They want you dead because that way you cannot challenge them.”
“If it's getting too much for you, step back and take a break for a while or go for a walk somewhere beautiful. Think about what you are here for and if you think it's worth fighting for. Think about what steps can be taken to help in that fight.”
“With luck, Q will return....Until then, we are Q. WE ARE Q! Become Q and spread that message everywhere and anywhere you can.”
“Look at the #walkaway movement. Started by ONE MAN who had enough and wasn't afraid to say how disgusted he was with where the Dems were heading.”
“Turned out he wasn't alone after all. He just stopped being afraid to say what he really thought because of what peers might think. STOP BEING AFRAID.”
“Say what you really think while you still can because freedom of speech needs to be fought for, not taken for granted.

Doing and saying nothing isn't an option anymore.”

All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.