Saturday, August 3, 2019

Matot-Maasei: Lots and Lots of "Cookies" (Unedited Thread 8/3/2019)

1) Prayer is your machine gun.

(Quick Bible discussion...just sharing some interesting insights adapted from talk in synagogue.)
3) One topic is the “cities of refuge” meaning -
4) During the time of the Holy Temple, if someone killed someone inadvertently, they had to relocate to one of these designated cities.
5) It was a punishment and also a shelter from the victim’s family - which would otherwise seek vengeance.
6) The only way out would be if the High Priest died.
7) The speaker in synagogue told us that the High Priest’s mother would visit the cities of refuge bearing 🍪 (cookies)
8) That was a head-scratcher!
9) The reason she brought cookies to the cities of the condemned, so to speak?
10) She sought to BLOCK THEIR PRAYERS against the life of the High Priest.
11) Now, naturally you ask: Why would God listen to the prayers of the condemned against the High Priest?
12) The answer is that prayer is so powerful, that when you pray unreservedly, you can force God’s hand, so to speak, and compel Him to do that which he would not otherwise do.
13) The cookies provided just enough pleasure to blunt the force of the prayer for the condition that would enable leaving.
14) Now think about this.
15) The cabal knows the power of prayer: Thus they seek to cut your connection to God.
16) Among the many ways they seek to do that:

Lots and lots of “cookies.”
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.