Saturday, August 10, 2019

Israel Must Keep A Sex Offender Registry

Fundamentally, antisemitism does not come from “white nationalism.” It is a punishment from God for disobedience to His word. Another cause of antisemitism is when a Jewish religious figure commits a grievous sin and people are furious about it.

Both of these are true in the case of religious pedophiles. They must be stopped in Israel, in particular, and the state is not acting to do so.

Israel has become a safe place for religious pedophiles to live. But this cannot be allowed to go on. In particular because it is the Holy Land, it cannot allow or enable pedophilia.”

To me this is obvious. It is obvious that they must act as a state. Israel has done so in the past, and it must do so to eradicate the scourge of hidden pedophilia among the ultra-Orthodox.

Here is just one example, a comment from Shana Aaronson, of Jewish Community Watch in Israel, by a pedophile who had previously served time for this offense:
“Numerous community members calling to share that he’s hanging out with kids, a lot, and they are very concerned. I encouraged them strongly to warn the parents. But, you know, it’s awkward. No one ever wants to be the killjoy calling up a neighbor to share the lashon hara [prohibited gossip] that the kindly young man who’s taken their kid under his wing is a convicted child molester. Then the next wave of phone calls started. He’s volunteering at local organizations, and using his status there to pick up kids.”
What is the institutional problem?
"The police, she explained to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, knew he was dangerous but were restrained from acting because nobody with firsthand knowledge of the abuse had been willing to come forward. Israel, unlike the United States, does not keep a registry of sex offenders."
Someone said to me: “I am done with organized religion. I am done with the men in the black hats.”

I said to them: “If you leave, there is no one left to fight back.”

The women are the missing figures in religion. It is the men who perpetrate child sex trafficking and then they cover for their buddies. We are told that religion is an all or nothing proposition. If we fail or fall short on one thing, all is lost because we are bad and irredeemable.

That is Satan talking.


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