Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Is “Madani” Sibel Edmonds?

mentions I think the character of Madani in “The Punisher” is based on you.

Check this out. 
2) Madani is a Persian Homeland Security agent who discovers the head of CIA covert ops is a murderous thug responsible for/hiding black ops in Kandahar. 

@sibeledmonds you are obviously a whistleblower re 9/11 & Deep State abuse generally.
3) I have been watching this Marvel show on Netflix and it is absolutely uncanny the way it mirrors all the things we have been talking about for years regarding the Deep State. Things you are an expert in Sibel.
4) Madani is much smarter than the people she works with and they resent her intelligence. 

Having read some of your work I am surprised I didn’t see it sooner.
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