Thursday, August 8, 2019

Hannity Panel 8/8/2019: Ohr 302s Reveal Russiagate Hoax

The below are my raw notes on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show tonight, 8/8/2019. The show focused on the breaking news that about 3 dozen pages of FBI notes from interviews with DOJ official Bruce Ohr, husband of Nellie Ohr, have just been released.


“did our top intel officials outsource spying for the purpose of hurting trump?”

@RudyGiuliani “there is plenty of evidence that it happened Sean” 8/8/19 9:22 pm on Fox News

“fbi and cia put their lives at risk and a few at the top corrupt them”

on @seanhannity now

99% of our intel and law enforcement is “premier” but there was “outsourcing” for corruption - spying

“why do you terminate relationship with Christopher Steele” and then direct people to keep meeting with him?

“Burst” of 302 after election, inauguration and then when SC named

“Don’t wort Lisa” insurance policy


John Solomon and @SaraCarterDC now

Solomon - Nellie Ohr created dirt dossier on Manafort - did they know? (Who is they?)

302s = “Backchannel between Steele and DOJ”

@StateDept a Major conspirator” - “acting like an extralegal @TheJusticeDept arm”


“this is the tip of the iceberg”

“Investigators wanted Clinton to win and Trump to lose” - “common theme here is bias”

“McCabe suit interesting”

“fair to say that Russian lies used as basis of FISA application? fair to say that it’s looking more likely every day that top officials abused their power? Outsourced? Spying on Americans? Mifsud? Spying on Trump Presidency?”


they didn’t want to charge Hillary because then she would lose

“The insurance policy is what we’re seeing here”

“just the tip of the iceberg”

“Will stun the audience when they hear about it”

“was looking into irregularities with the unmaskings of communications with Americans overseas” - “extraordinary”

“Flynn, Kisliak”

“Look at the May Judicial Watch 302 and how terrified Steele was”

“Russia hoax totally unravels with release of 302s” - Fox News

They’re in commercials now, everyone is there -

Graham, Jordan, Solomon, Carter

“What is a 302 in the fbi?
A FD-302 form is used by FBI agents to ‘report or summarize the interviews that they conduct’ and contains information from the notes taken during the interview by the non-primary agent.” 

“It consists of information taken from the subject, rather than details about the subject themselves.”

is back

“Weaponized against the trump campaign”

Rep. Jim Jordan - “The week we get the 302 is the week they sue for wrongful termination”

Hannity: “do you believe they purposely lied in the fisa to spy”

Graham “systematic corruption”

Hannity “you’re saying they tried to rig the election”

Graham “that’s what this is all about”

Graham “if the shoe were on the other foot you could not turn on your television”

Graham “to the guys on the other side please help me find out”

Hannity “premeditated fraud, denying the constitutional liberties of another sounds like the Horowitz report might be nothing compared to the Durham report”

Will they be held accountable? Jordan and Graham agree


Charges? Not sure

Brennan etc? “There are suggestions, not enough to say conclusively” that they “outsourced spying”

Will people be charged? @SaraCarterDC“they better be” 

Solomon “we gotta get the pressure”

Tom Fitton briefly appeared to say that they “never proved @POTUS did anything wrong”


they took limited information and were “flooding” it to make it seem like it was coming from everywhere

Clinton, Obama, DNC used intel agencies, foreign gov to “derail” campaign, spy, go after administration - “people have to go to jail”

- “you had credible media sources” saying Trump spying for the Russians, treasons, 25th amendment, impeachment “and for what?”

I can’t type fast enough

This @seanhannity show tonight is a complete bombshell

It’s like the dam is breaking and I can only barely understand this, but I understand

This was a no-holds-barres, stop-at-nothing, all-out-war to stop Trump AT ALL COSTS

This is, without question, the worst scandal in American political history.

Nobody in DC is sleeping tonight.

The extent to which the Federal Government was politicized and infiltrated is horrific - the State Department, the Department of Justice, the CIA. They were “all in.” ALL IN!

Hannity is ending the show. Adding thanks to Victoria Toensing, @JaySekulow - this is it.

The extent of this. They had all the media, the print and the broadcast media, nationwide. This can never happen again.

They had complete control of the Democratic Party - everybody had to fall into line

Censoring, deplatforming, doxing, closing bank accounts, boycotting, physical assault, unbelievable. Unbelievable.

I am speechless.

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