Thursday, August 1, 2019

Good Jews Refuse Wexner’s Dirty Money

1) This is a public Facebook post that gets at the important question of why the media is totally suppressing the Ghislaine Maxwell - Mossad - FBI - CIA - videotaped blackmail angle of the Epstein story.

2) It is a post by Ike Brooks Fishman.
3) “CW: Rape, pedophilia

(CW = Content Warning)

“I hate that I have to make this a public post, but I’ve been left with no choice to pursue the issue internally, and it’s too important to stay silent.”
4) “Just over a week ago, in a private listserve for Yeshivat Hadar faculty, students, and alumni, I made a post about the close relationship between rapist and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Les Wexner”
7) “imploring the Hadar community to disassociate from Wexner despite the influence of his Jewish philanthropy.”
8) This is where 
9) Fishman continues:
10) “Immediately after this, the Yeshivat Hadar listserve was shut down. An official post was sent to the listserve asking people to stop posting, ostensibly due to an unrelated thread the previous week in which impassioned discourse had gotten out of hand.”
11) My comment: So censorship happened because some taboo topic was triggered. 
12) “Simultaneously, the Rosh Yeshiva of Hadar, Rabbi Ethan Tucker, sent me an excoriating email. Among other things, he accused me of tarring Hadar faculty and students (friends have since told me that Wexner money is critical to Hadar’s funding)”
13) Got it?
14) “and he promised to make me a pariah in the Hadar community.”
15) Fast forward 
16) “A few days later, another post from faculty to the listserve reinforced the first post's message, announcing that the listserve would stay closed through Shabbat”
17) “for reasons that to anyone who did not receive Rabbi Tucker’s email would seem clearly to be about a different thread.”
18) “As far as I can tell, as of Monday night, the listserve is still shut down and posts do not go through. (Prior to this week this was a very active listserve, which often had multiple posts per day.)”
19) “It has been a week since my last email to Rabbi Tucker and over a week since the listserve was shutdown. I have heard nothing.”
20) “This long lapse of time has drained me of hope that conversation about Wexner can be had internally.”
21) “I don’t know why Rabbi Tucker would be trying to silence conversation about Wexner and Epstein, but that’s the only explanation I can think of to describe what's happening.”

“I simply cannot understand this sequence of events in any other way.”
22) “I hope Rabbi Tucker and other Hadar faculty can clear this up, but sunlight is the best disinfectant, and by this point the conversation needs to be public.”

“Much as I love Yeshivat Hadar and its mission, some things are more important.”
24) Just to say - look how this person stands up to the rabbi! 
25) “As a moral matter, a communal conversation about Werner is necessary.” 
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