Saturday, August 3, 2019

“FBI QAnon Bulletin” Debunked (Updated and Corrected)

The author would like to thank all of the anons who helped compile the information in this blog. All of it is public domain.

1) Thread on Phoenix. Starting in a few minutes.
3) Newsweek is attempting here to create a particular kind of news. (They don't report on radical Islamic terror sweeping the country.)

They are picking up on a Law Enforcement Sensitive bulletin from the FBI Phoenix, Arizona Field Office.

Let's see what it says.
6) The specific statement in the report that was picked up by the media is as follows: "The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve...occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts."
7) The impetus for potential terror, says the FBI, is

"the uncovering of real conspiracies or cover-ups involving illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading political figures.”
8) I saved the image from the Yahoo article and have uploaded it here. Let's turn it into OCR text so we can read the whole thing.
9) Oh my God it's a fake.
10) This entire document is a fake.
11) This thread isn't about Phoenix at all!
12) You remember this FBI bulletin. This is a real bulletin. So let's compare this document to the supposed #QAnon warning.

13) FYI, the FBI has not confirmed or denied that this doc is real.

"When asked about the Phoenix Division’s bulletin, an FBI spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that it is the agency’s standard practice to 'not comment on specific intelligence products.'"

13) Here is a graphic showing the two documents side by side. You can see already that the one on the left (the supposed QAnon warning) is fake just because the formatting is different, but let's go through this anyway.
14) I see that others are seeing the same thing so let's not duplicate efforts, I'll share from them and then continue.

15) Okay I can't see the tweets I wanted to quote...let's just go on.
16) Starting from the top.

The size of the two seals is different.

And if you're going to respond that this is irrelevant, please don't b/c gov stuff follows strict templates.
17) Lower right, it says "Template Effective 10-1-2018."

I have never seen this on a government document. It would make sense for a perpetrator of document fraud to keep a list of templates and their dates.
18) Is it a Federal crime to put out a false document claiming to be a law enforcement bulletin?
19) "Operation Innocent Images" is an actual FBI initiative, national; it would make sense to put out a law enforcement bulletin on a national level to b distributed to all field offices.

But I have never heard of a field office creating a national LES.

20) Obviously the formatting on the header is totally different between the first document and the second. FBI HQ could verify if the formatting has changed in 10-12 years; it is possible.
21) OK. Now compare the actual body of the "bulletin" - the pixilated sort of blurred font. Do you see how the writing on the authentic bulletin is clear in comparison?

This is the same sort of pixilating we got with the Blasey Ford fake.

22) Comparing the two, it is my opinion that the fake document has a fake redaction. The document on the right has no author.

I think this was done to create the appearance of authentic leaked-ness.
23) Also, compare the two different headlines.

The authentic one is merely descriptive: "Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences"

The fake one is intended to make a specific point about QAnon, even though the document covers a range of subjects.
24) Here is the headline on the fake document: "Anti-Government, Identity Based, and Fringe Political Conspiracy Theories Very Likely Motivate Some Domestic Extremists to Commit Criminal, Sometimes Violent Activity."

It's intended to persuade, and it's downright strange.
25) Another indicator of a fraud is the appropriation of FBI HQ by a field office. It doesn't say "The FBI Phoenix Field Office assesses," which would make sense if the document is coming from there.

It says "The FBI assesses."

The FBI won't own it!
26) Let's post all the pages from this thing.
This is pp. 1-4
27) pp. 5-8
28) pp. 9-12
29) pp. 13-15
30) This is a very heavily footnoted document that appears to be written by an academic. Does the FBI Phoenix Field Office employ these?

(from p. 7)
31) Quoting Wikipedia?
32) Quoting Snopes? And then endorsing Snopes as "the largest and oldest fact-checking site on the Internet?" Why would the FBI do that? They didn't endorse Wikipedia!
33) The document includes an "Intelligence Products Customer Service Satisfaction Survey" at the end. Only a NATIONAL level service would do this. But this is not authored as a national document.
34) One has to wonder whether the party who wrote this document worked in tandem with Yahoo!, Newsweek and others to release it. And why they thought they could get away with it under the cover of the FBI Phoenix Field Office.

Hopefully the @FBI OIG will investigate.

36) Anon @ZeroBolusZero alerted me to this. And other things.

37) ”kelli is the owner of the scribd account which hosts the only publicly available copy of this report.”

38) There is a Kelli Grant whose bio says she is “Photography Director - Yahoo News.”
39) @ZeroBolusZero found these three accounts. Daniel Klaidman’s bio states “Editor in Chief of Yahoo News, ex Newsweeker”
42) Thank God for @ZeroBolusZero
43) Sharon Weinberger is DC Bureau Chief at Yahoo News
44) She was a “Wilson Fellow”
45) Sorry, she still is - a “Global Fellow at the Wilson Center”
46)”The Wilson Center, chartered by Congress in 1968 as the official memorial to President Woodrow Wilson, is the nation’s key non-partisan policy forum for tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue to inform actionable ideas for the policy community.”
47) The Wilson Center is affiliated with George Washington University…
48) The supposed FBI document cites a George Washington University “working paper” from the “program on extreme patriot/militia movement” over and over again.
49) The hurried, rushed, fake FBI document doesn’t even cite this document properly. Here it is.

“Conspiracy Theories In The Patriot/Militia Movement” - From George Washington U., May 2017…
50) Of course this is a study NOT of Antifa but rather people who essentially support President Trump and oppose the coup. Duh
51) This document appears to be the basis of the FBI fake, which was conveniently published by Yahoo, whose DC editor in chief is affiliated with the Wilson Center, which is affiliated with GWU, which published this (with disclaimer it’s not necessarily their views). Sure.
52) The fundamental right and responsibility of the citizen to be watchful of federal government overreach (tyranny) - is portrayed in a distanced way as though inexplicable.
53) “False flags” are just one kind of conspiracy theory presented here; all the examples are of the same ideological bent, demonizing the resurgent Patriot movement.
54) “None of these theories are supported by direct evidence”!
55) MKUltra and COINTELPRO are admittedly “real government conspiracies.” — whoa, huge admission.
56) Here’s Pizzagate
57) The fake author cited Pizzagate and then sourced it to “FBI Case Information” that was “UNCLASSIFIED.” So is this a Phoenix FBI agent writing or the DC Yahoo Chief writing with input from a friend at the FBI?
58) The author of the working paper predicts violence from Patriots
59) Interestingly the GW working paper states that it will not cover anti Semitic conspiracy theory (“ZOG”) but the fake FBI document does. The Yahoo staff members Weinberger and Klaidman are obviously Jewish (as am I).
60)Whoever wrote this was given access to a lot of FBI case information (it seems)
63) @ZeroBolusZero points out some visual inconsistencies as well


65) “other publicly available documents show a clear seal”
66) “and follow a clear common format” - they follow standards.

67) This thread has been corrected. The Jill McCabe who is a public affairs specialist at the Phoenix Field Office of the FBI is not the same Jill McCabe who is the wife of Andrew McCabe. Mrs. McCabe is a doctor.