Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part III

1) We continue our study of "Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State." This is Part III. 

We're going to look into the philosophy of the Frankists a bit, and then see where else this goes.

Part I 

Part II 
2) Working hypothesis:
--excommunicated Jews
--become a group of fake Christians
--who in turn represented themselves as fake Jews
--as part of a Luciferian scheme to fully rebel against God
--from within organized religion.
3) Why is it so significant to spend time on this seemingly obscure cult?
4) Because normal people have no desire to control the world. 

But a few sick freaks do. 

And they have been messing everything up for the rest of us for a long time.
5) We've already talked about the fact that the Frankists were excommunicated from Judaism (so they are no longer Jews); that they converted to Catholicism; and that the Jesuits facilitated the conversion.
6) We should note that the Frankists, as the self-proclaimed inheritors of Sabbateanism, are also associated with fake Islam, meaning that Sabbatai Zevi was forced to convert.
7) The entire philosophy of the Frankists was to be as bad as possible so that God would be forced to redeem the world. (This was also previously covered.)
8) So here you have it: 
Fake Jews. 
Fake Muslims. 
And as we will see, Fake Christians.

With evil-to-good as the guiding idea.
9) Not only is there a connection from the Frankists to Islam, but there is a relatively direct link from Frankism

to the Donmeh (Turkish crypto-Jews)

to the founder of Wahhabism 

to the British spy service of the time.,_The_British_Spy_to_the_Middle_East 
10) The more you look at this puzzle, the more you see that there is no grand conspiracy among ordinary people at all.

Rather there is a loosely connected network of freaks, who know that they are freaks, whose families are freaks, and who hide their bloodline.
11) It doesn't matter to me if you call the freaks satanists or Luciferians or just plain bad. What matters is that they quite literally serve evil; their entire philosophy is that you SHOULD be bad, in order to bring good into the world.
12) The diagram of the exponentially horrible influence of Frankism should be written out, not just viewed graphically, because we deal with it today.
13) Please note also as you read this that we are dealing with the destructive forms of certain social movements and not with the organic right of all people to be treated equally and with respect. 

So for example, equal rights for all regardless of sexual ID/orientation.
14) Very directly: Sabbateanism - Frankism - Freud/Sexual Depravity - The Frankfurt School - The Holocaust - Left-Wing Jewry/Reform - Anti-White/Western Policies (Attack Judeo-Christian norms) using Immigration, Gay Rights, Etc. - Anti-Western Jihad (Fake Islam)
15) Read this clearly. This is not to suggest that good things didn't come out of Freud, for example, or that the Holocaust did not occur -- but rather that we will see how such events are partially an outgrowth of things that sick freaks did to create evil.
More later.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.