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Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part V

1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part V - the connection between the Frankists and the Rothschilds
3) Recall - orig.hypothesis:
--excommunicated Jews (Frankists)
--become a group of fake Christians (the bad Jesuits)
--who in turn represented themselves as fake Jews (atheist Rothschilds)
--as part of a Luciferian scheme to fully rebel against God
--from w/in organized religion.
4) We need to modify this a bit based on evidence.
5) Is it true that a bunch of excommunicated Jews from the 1700s (the Frankists) became fake Christians? 

✅ Yes
7) “But (Jacob) Frank also aroused the suspicion of the Church, whose protection he lost after the death of Dembowski, his patron. On February 6, 1760, he was arrested.”
8) “He was tried and convicted of heresy in a Catholic court, and imprisoned in the Czestochowa monastery. 

It was only after the first partition of Poland, in 1772, and the arrival of Russian troops in Czestochowa that he was freed.”
9) “Frank lived out the remainder of his life first in Brno, and then in Offenbach, Germany. There, calling himself “Baron Frank,” he continued instructing his followers, and there he died, on December 10, 1791.”
10) We have shown that the false messianic movement of the 1600s began with Sabbatai Zevi, whose followers became fake Muslims (the Donmeh).
11) Jacob Frank took up Sabbateanism and his followers became fake Christians.
12) All the while these cultists had their own secret society, secret bloodline, secret rituals involving sexual immorality and sacred objects.

They were master infiltrators. Masters of living a double life.
13) In 1989, on the Oprah Winfrey show, Vicki Polin spoke of being a member of a “Jewish” family that sounded a lot like Frankists.

An SRA victim, she was roundly excoriated...nobody could believe it and they thought Oprah antisemitic.
14) The next thing to examine is the connection between these people and the Rothschilds. 

After that we will circle back to the nexus with the Jesuits.
15) “There is evidence that Amschel Mayer, the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty may have been a Frankist, the symbol of the Frankists was a Red Shield.”

16) Again: The red shield (Rothschild) was a FRANKIST SYMBOL 
17) We see here where the Khazarian myth got folded into things...we are dealing with “the Red Jews.”
18) 2nd source verification on link between red shield & Frankism: 

“Shield is the same flag granted to the Prague Jews by Charles IV, and is in accordance with the Frankist doctrine of Edom or Esau, and the red banner of the Khazars, or Red Jews.” BUT
19) As I mentioned previously, the Khazarian Jews had died out. The antisemitic tales of the “Red Jews” mixed in with stories about Khazars.
20) This is the flag we are talking about. First Magen David on a Jewish flag. 1356. Prague.…
21) The Prague Jewish community was not into occult worship. Therefore the flag given to them by the king in 1356 did not have this connotation.
22) We know a great rabbi of Prague created a Golem (an artificial human brought to life by mystical incantation) to protect the Jews; stories about its end vary; 1 is that the king begged for protection against it. In exchange he gave the Jews security. 
23) However the flag was awarded 200 years before the Golem (artificial human) was created through Kabbalah.…
24) And the man who changed his name to “Red Shield” (Rothschild) lived in the mid-1700s in Germany — roughly the same place and time as Jacob Frank, who was banished and lived out his days in thar country.
25) Jacob Frank 
B.: 1726, Korolivka, Ukraine
D.: December 10, 1791, Offenbach, Germany 
26) Mayer Amschel Rothschild

B. 1744, Frankfurt, Holy Roman Empire

D. 1812, Frankfurt 

Founder, “Rothschild banking dynasty”…
27) Digging into this a little deeper, using, I see the first name from this family to contain something like “Rothschild” is Isaac Elchanan Bacharach, “zum Hahn, zum rot. Schild.”

B. ~ 1528, 200 years before Jacob Frank.

28) Looking this up. “zum Hahn, zum rot. Schild.”
29) Wait - there is Esther Rothschild. See screenshots.

B. ~ 1496-1556 (not sure)

D. 1609, Frankfurt am Main, Germany…
Esther’s father is Moses (last name unknown)…
31) Looking at a different source - Esther was born Bacharach 1609, married Isaac Rothschild.…
33) This is all very confusing.
34) Let’s look at the official Rothschild archive.…
35) They can go back to Uri Feibesh, 1450.…
37) THE ROTHSCHILDS THEMSELVES built the “house of the red shield” in Frankfurt, in the Jewish ghetto, in “Jews’ alley.”

39) We have an Esther Rothschild married to Isaac in the early to mid 1500s, and we have them building their own house with the red shield in 1530.

Married women take the husband’s name. Bacharach was the name, changed to Rothschild for the red shield they built. 
40) Why would the Rothschild’s ancestors build a house with a red shield in the Jewish ghetto?
41) Why would they do this knowing that the Germans had a widely circulated belief in “Red Jews?”
42) “The Red Jews (German: Rote Juden), a legendary Jewish nation, appear in vernacular sources in Germany during the medieval era, from the 13th to the 15th centuries.” (The 1200s-1400s)
43) “These texts portray the Red Jews as an epochal threat to Christendom, one which would invade Europe during the tribulations leading to the end of the world.”

Why would a Jewish family SEEK this kind of attention in the Jewish ghetto - by putting a RED SHIELD on the door?
44) Why in the official Rothschild family archive does the data contradict the Hebrew lettering written on the gravestone of ancestor Esther Rothschild? So that the name goes back an additional 100 years from when they claim it?
45) Why would they disconnect the act of building a home with a red shield, from the act of taking “Red Shield” as the family name?
46) Why does the common scholarship direct us to the year 1744 and Mayer Amschel Rothschild as the originator of the Rothschild name/banking dynasty (from Bauer) rather than going back 200 years prior?
47) “The Red Jews: Antisemitism in an Apocalyptic Age, 1200-1600” - Professor Andrew Colin Gow…
48) “This book is the history of an imaginary people -- the Red Jews -- in vernacular sources from medieval and early modern Germany....This a hostile designation of wickedness.”
49) The only way that a Jew would put up a red shield on his door in a climate like this is intentionally.
50) Like if wearing a MAGA hat is dangerous...because people are prejudiced against too would the red shield on the door.

UNLESS this was intentional.
51) In Judaism the color red is used to ward off the evil eye.
52) In Jewish history the hexagram (Magen David) was on the Seal of Solomon and it was considered protective.
53) Therefore to put up a “rot schild” on the door would be kind of like a warning, using kabbalistic symbols. 

Most Jews put a mezuzah on the door because that’s the Jewish law - we don’t rely on Kabbalah.
54) But Jewish occultists rely extensively on mysticism and ignore the Talmud. It seems like the Rothschilds were doing this, well before Sabbatai Zevi (1600s) or Jacob Frank (1700s) ever showed up.
55) If so, this would mean that the Rothschild ancestors were already practicing some form of secret occultism, and perhaps joined up forces with the Frankists later.
56) What makes all this especially confusing is the double meanings that symbols have.

Red can mean protection from evil eye or occult worship.

Hexagram can mean spiritual symbol or occult worship.
57) Also what makes it confusing is the secrecy associated with occultists and the way they try to throw you off the scent.
58) So we will abandon the quest for certainty now and simply focus on the mid-1700s, links between the Frankists and the Rothschilds, understanding that evil worshipers can converge from many different sources.
But first, another break. All this thinking 
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