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Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part IV

1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State, Part IV
2) I realize it’s hard to compete with an IG report 
4) The task now is to trace the connection between the Frankists and the Jesuits.
5) Working hypothesis:
--excommunicated Jews (Frankists)
--become a group of fake Christians (the bad Jesuits)
--who in turn represented themselves as fake Jews (atheist Rothschilds)
--as part of a Luciferian scheme to fully rebel against God
--from within organized religion.
6) I wanted to start getting actual names of families and religious groups in there so that we have something more concrete to work with.
8) “Frank and his all of his followers ended up converting en-mass to Catholicism, with the King of Poland serving as their sponsor.”
9) “During the course of events that culminated in, and proceeded from the conversion of the Frankists, Frank and his followers were under the guise of the Jesuits—“
10) “including Konstanty Awedyk, Frank's Jesuit biographer and handler, receiving Catholic theological arguments to use against Orthodox Jews.”
11) “According to Stanisław Załaski [Veritas__Aequitas: a Jesuit priest], Jezuici w Polsce , Krako´w 1908, 3:674, the Frankists were supplied with theological arguments against the Talmudists by Father Konstanty Awedyk and other Jesuits in Lwów.”
12) (Note: There are things here that need to be further checked to be understood and/or verified. I can’t do that right now.)
13) Source for above is apparently: “Christian Elements in Early Frankist Doctrine pg.14, footnote 3, by Pawel Maciejko, Senior Lecturer in Jewish Thought at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.”
14) “Offprint from GAL-ED: On the History and Culture of Polish Jewry, Volume 20, publisher: Tel Aviv University Press”
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16) “One of those theological arguments is explicitly identified by Maciejko in The Mixed Multitude: Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement, 1755-1816, as the Christian doctrine of the trinity.”
17) “The Mixed Multitude: Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement, 1755-1816, pg. 64 by Pawel Maciejko, publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press”
18) “Some scholars out-rightly argue that the influence in Frankist theses was completely foreign to Jewish thought, and entirely Catholic”
19) “Some scholars have claimed that the ostensibly Frankist theses advanced during the disputations were not Frankist at all but were composed entirely by Catholic theologians and rephrased only slightly so that they would resemble Jewish documents.”
20) “Major Bałaban, for example, assumed that the points for the debate had been formulated by Polish priests and then given to the Frankists, who filled in the gaps with quotations from Jewish sources.”
21) “Aleksander Kraushar went even further, claiming that Catholic theologians who knew Hebrew and could work with Talmudic sources orchestrated the entire debate in advance.

Christian Elements in Early Frankist Doctrine, pg 13”
22) So if you’re reading along you’re probably asking what we’re talking about. 

1. Which debate/disputation? 

2. Did the Frankists have their own ideology? 

3. Was Frankism really Catholicism in disguise?
23) This article explains how the Frankists encountered the Catholics. But the bottom line is, their crazy evil ways originated from a lunatic who got his hands on the Kabbalah.

The Catholics took advantage of an opportunity.
24) Link to article; let’s quote a bit.…
25) As we do this, remember.

Sabbatai Zevi converted to Islam on pain of death.

Jacob Frank/the Frankists accepted Jesus.

So you do have evidence of fake Jews (excommunicated or converted-out Jews) infiltrating Islam and Christianity.
26) Not just infiltrating — actually bringing a very dark and disturbed, perverted and untrue set of practices to these faiths.
27) Frank himself knew little of Talmud — core for Jewish knowledge/observance. Instead he leapt into the Zohar (foundational Kabbalah book). 

You’re not supposed to do this, but it impressed the religious Jews still under Sabbatai Zevi’s spell.…
28) There was a close connection between Frank and the Sabbateans who had stayed Muslim - Donmeh. They were outwardly Muslim and secretly Sabbatean - Jewish. 

They showed up at Frank’s wedding.…
29) The Donmeh believed for example that adultery should be approached with caution (is not forbidden) but that it is prohibited to marry a real Muslim (as opposed to a crypto-Jew).
30) You see how this creates and perpetuates inbreeding of the secret society down the line.

You see how the spiderweb goes from Jew to Muslim to Christian with none of them being real manifestations of the religion.
31) Mid 1680s - 200/300 Sabbatean Jews do a mass conversion to Islam. Without really taking on that faith. 

They continue to justify everything with bastardized Kabbalah.…
32) Meanwhile Jacob Frank “was a man of unbridled ambition, domineering to the point of despotism.” 

He wanted only greatness that he did not have to work for.…
33) The disaster wrought on the Jewish people by Sabbatai Zevi/Jacob Frank is specifically linked to their refusal to simply follow the law, their penchant for abusing mysticism. 

It is the underlying cause of certain sore spots among Orthodox Jews.
34) They don’t like to talk about mysticism much, or reincarnation, or even the Messiah. Basically anything that harkens back to these people is taboo.
35) In total contrast, Chabad Hasidism shares an interest in mysticism and hidden knowledge, but without changing the actual Jewish law.
36) Again just to remind folks of what the Frankists believed - the Jews should be so bad that God has to bring the Redemption. 
37) A parallel would be — instead of getting a job — maxing out 50 credit cards so that you have to declare bankruptcy and get bailed out by the gov.
38)As an aside, the name Frank came about because the man (born Jacob ben [the son of] Judah Leib) was suspected of being a “Frenk” meaning “Sephardic Jewish” by the somewhat elitist local Ashkenaz community. So the name “Frank” stuck.
39) To continue
40) There is a lot of weirdness in this story.
41) It might help if we drew an analogy.
41) Think of any ensemble TV show or movie where the characters are sort of on top of each other all the time, friends and then enemies, secret plots and intrigue, “trials” and so on...this was the way that Frank’s saga unfolded.
42) He was born a Jew, then became a Sabbatean sectarian, then converted to Islam, then to Christianity...all amid great drama and counter-drama (actually, much like we are seeing right now with the DS)
43) More than anything else, this repetitive aspect to the drama - “truther drama” - tells me that the culture of the DS originates in the culture of these secret societies.

That the modern DS is rooted in the Frankists and their dramas with other religions.
44) So Frank held an orgy, which was witnessed (he claims on purpose), evaded trial then went on rabbinic trial.
45) “The results of the inquiry were laid before a rabbinical assembly at Brody in June 1756, and confirmed at a session of the Council of the Four Lands held in Konstantynow in September.”…
46) “In Brody a ḥerem (‘excommunication’) was proclaimed against the members of the sect, which laid them open to persecution and also sought to restrict study of the Zohar and Kabbalah before a certain age (40 years in the case of Isaac *Luria's writings).”
47) In a sense, Frank was impeached as a Jewish leader, and as a Jew.
48) “When printed and dispatched throughout the communities, the ḥerem provoked a wave of persecution against the members of the sect, particularly in Podolia.”
49) For some reason the Polish rabbis of the time thought that the Catholics might help them, because the Frankists had invented a new faith that they argued was a mixture of other faiths, including theirs.

50) Instead, the Catholics gave the Frankists REFUGE.
51) “Frank's followers, who had been severely harassed, adopted the strategy of putting themselves under the protection of Bishop Dembowski of Kamieniec-Podolski, in whose diocese many of the Shabbatean communities were concentrated.”
52) Just like when converting to Islam, they took shelter in the clergy without changing their fundamental beliefs or behaviors in any way.
53) “If before they had acted in a two-faced manner with regard to Judaism, appearing to be outwardly Orthodox while being secretly heretical, they now decided, apparently on Frank's advice,”
54) “to emphasize and even to exaggerate what beliefs they held in common with the basic principles of Christianity,”
55) “in order to curry favor with the Catholic priesthood, although in fact their secret Shabbatean faith had not changed at all.”
56) You can read the rest of the article for more info - confirms that the Frankists kept their secret society alive while outwardly participating not just as Catholics but also as aristocracy, Patriots, and in the Haskalah (Jewish enlightenment).…
57) Core to the belief system of the Sabbateans, and then the Frankists, was that they could essentially do whatever they wanted (“do what thou whilst”), assign it a mishmash religious symbol, and hold secret orgies while pretending to be something else outside.
58) Thus, the outside observer would have no way of knowing the truth, unless someone in the family revealed the secret to them.
59) Like the 13 bloodline families we hear about from Springmeier, the Frankists married other Frankists.
60) The next thread will examine the possibility that the Rothschilds are Frankists.

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