Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State

1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State (thread)

This is experimental, not formed or finished, but I invite you to come along with me and explore.
2) We begin with Jacob Frank (1726-1791). A bad man.

"Jewish merchant who claimed to be the Jewish messiah. His followers broke away from Judaism and created a new religion known as the Frankists, which was a quasi-Jewish, quasi-Christian religion."

3) Bottom line up front, here is how Frank connects with the Jesuits.
5) Please note that I am actually learning along with you.
6) Also please note the rough operating hypothesis here:

-- a group of excommunicated Jews

--became a group of fake Christians

--who in turn represented themselves as fake Jews

--as part of a Luciferian scheme to fully rebel against God

--from within organized religion.
7) This whole thing is very deep, very confusing and very involved and there is no way it will be finished in the next few minutes, but this is a start.
8) Are you all with me?
11) Let's back up and remember that Zevi was not accepted by the rabbis - they actually considered excommunicating him.
13) "As a young man, Shabbetai steeped himself in the influential body of Jewish mystical writings known as the Kabbala. His extended periods of ecstasy and his strong personality combined to attract many disciples, and at the age of 22 he proclaimed himself the messiah."
16)" There he encountered an esteemed and forceful Jewish preacher and Kabbalist, Abraham ha-Yakini, who possessed a false prophetic document affirming that Shabbetai was the messiah."
17) "Shabbetai then traveled to Palestine and after that to Cairo, where he won over to his cause Raphael Halebi, the wealthy and powerful treasurer of the Turkish governor."
18) Keep in mind that world Jews were desperate to believe in *something* after the bloody, horrific massacres of the Khmelnytsky Uprising (1648-1657) which left 100,000-500,000 Jews dead.

19) To understand Frankism, you have to understand what came before.
20) "With a retinue of believers and assured of financial backing, Shabbetai triumphantly returned to Jerusalem.There, a 20-year-old student known as Nathan of Gaza assumed the role of a modern Elijah,in his traditional role of forerunner of the messiah." 
21) "Nathan ecstatically prophesied the imminent restoration of Israel and world salvation through the bloodless victory of Shabbetai, riding on a lion with a seven-headed dragon in his jaws. 

"In accordance with millenarian belief, he cited 1666 as the apocalyptic year."
22) The rabbis threw Zevi out of Jerusalem and he went back to Turkey in 1665, where the Jews went wild for him. "His movement spread to Venice, Amsterdam, Hamburg, London, and several other European and North African cities."
23) In 1666, the minute Zevi set foot in Constantinople, he was thrown in jail, threatened with torture, and he chose conversion. "All but his most faithful or self-seeking disciples were disillusioned by his apostasy."
24) "Eventually, Shabbetai fell out of favour and was banished, dying in Albania."
We haven't gotten to Jacob Frank yet. 

This part of the story (and the hypothesis) ends here.

More soon.