Thursday, August 1, 2019

#DemDebate Play By Play 7/31/19 - Part 2

1) #DemDebate part 2 - nasty fight between shiny Tulsi and Kamala
2) Tulsi is viciously attacking
3) Kamala you favor keeping cop killers alive you can rot
4) (I can do this a few more minutes)
5) Can they say “Presidents racist rhetoric” ten times fast
6) It’s funny I don’t see a “racial divide” at all...just people who can’t stop thinking about themselves.
7) Only Biden and shiny Tulsi seem even remotely sincere
8) Inslee wake up
9) Inslee would like you to Know he has never been a person of color, a woman or an LGBTQ (he is having trouble keeping this up)
10) Inslee couldn’t get his jacket pressed?
11) “antideluvinal”
12) Andrew Yang answers every question the same. Like if it’s about race, he talks about technology
13) Yang will pay you $1,000 to vote for him.
14) Lemon has to start every question with “After Trump’s racist...”
15) Castro seems extremely knowledgeable. The pandering is beneath him.
16) oh please don’t brag about HUD
17) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Castro just admitted Baltimore is a shithole
18) Gillibrand is no Hillary Clinton. I’m sorry. 

Oh Hillary why did you have to choose the dark side? Why?
19) Gillibrand “as a Caucasian woman of privilege...” but she is running on her privilege and elbowing out women of color.
20) It absolutely hurts me to think of the brilliant minds who could be standing here.
21) Dana Bash can’t hide her contempt
22) Biden has to speak quickly to compensate for the nothing he is saying now. Paris climate accord slush fund. Sit down.
23) Yang is the poor man’s @POTUS
24) Biden can’t figure out what Inslee is saying and neither can I
25) Biden bring out the cow farts
26) Nobody dares ask Biden about Ukraine
27) Kamala is not really angry about anything, it’s a bad strategy on her part to try to act that way
28) Kirsten is like the mean mom at the PTA
29) Hillary and her clones have got to be steaming
30) I respect Gabbard for her service
31) They all want to join the international bodies, guess why
32) “sublimated to the crisis which IS existential”
33) DiBlasio has so much confidence for a failure
34) Best suit, DiBlasio. Is that a communist suit
35) Castro “did what we could to help people get water filters”
36) I missed a bit.
37) Way to exploit your family Yang.
38) Every time they say “Trump” he wins. They can’t attack on any point of substance.
39) Gabbard looks and sounds good. What is her alternative
40) Booker “all out assault” - talks violent
41) Booker somehow said the Russians suppressed the African-American vote
42) Kamala is so bad tonight. She actually looks haggard.
43) Economy talk - Dana Bash just credited @POTUS
44) Castro just said people are hurting (bad economy) but that we should credit Obama for good economic stuff
45) Tulsi how will you fix China? 
46) This is like how I used to take English tests when I didn’t read the book
47) Shiny Tulsi won’t put tariffs on China because that would make an actual difference
48) Biden will train the prisoners to fight China and invite the environmentalists and the labor unionists and forget the “TTP”
49) Dana Bash has said “just to be clear” a few times. She can’t follow either methinks
50) The look on Biden’s face is priceless
51) DiBlasio is weird as all get out
52) Bennet has overdone it on the Vaseline. Hair Vaseline eyebrow Vaseline
53) How disgraceful they are standing under the EU flag! Wtf is this charade!
54) You know what they hate about @POTUS? They hate that he is a winner, and he wins for US.
55) Setup for a cat fight between Yang and Kamala. Should we fine companies that don’t pay men and women the same?
56) Roundabout answer but Yang seems to care about women - he will give us $1,000 a month! So cool!
57) Kamala will “force corporations to post on their website whether they’re paying women equally” while flinging the borders open to human traffickers
58) This is Gillibrand (sex slave company affiliated father) trying to go after Biden (public pedo and pizza bracelet giver) over nothing
59) Biden versus Gillibrand, it’s Biden. Stop leaning on your PTA bake sale KG
60) Whoooa
61) Kamala saying something about “rape and incest” to Biden now
62) Neither of these women strike me as having half the sympathy for women that Biden and Yang do. These are mean girls.
63) Know that if you hire these people you will have to listen to them bicker about identity politics day and night.
64) Oh this is torture
65) Foreign policy
66) Is it me or does Booker seem jealous of @POTUS - like man jealousy
67) Tulsi Gabbard - what will you do in Afghanistan? 

She seriously cares - this is real for her.

But you don’t say “bring home troops” because having an Army work upsets you.
68) Tapper to Yang on Iran
69) Yang would put us back in the Iran agreement folks
70) Yang would render our military useless obviously
71) The line they use is “bring them home” because war takes a toll on soldiers and because Iran will be mad and because it’s a choice between war and domestic policy
72) Biden is now backtracking on Iraq
73) Biden and Hillary, you both could have been great. What a goddamn shame.
74) Gabbard is upset that she was lied to
75) She doesn’t care that Iraqis died only Americans?
76) Mueller
77) Kamala what would you do?
78) Kamala would put @POTUS in jail
79) Kamala says nobody is above the law and thinks @POTUS obstructed justice
80) Booker wants to start impeachment because @POTUS is a dictator “authoritarian leader” (projection)
81) Castro wants to impeach
82) Kamala and Castro point out that the President doesn’t tell the AG what to do
83) DiBlasio says impeach, but Dems obsessed with impeachment and have forgotten to actually help “working people”
84) Bennet points out the Congress is going to recess and they have to make Trump a one term president
85) Castro “we can walk and chew gum at the same time” - impeach him and do stuff too
86) Castro just called McConnell “Moscow Mitch”
87) Please do not forget how these people acted like the Mueller Report was true - remember what they KNOWINGLY did here tonight, and how they seek EVERY unfair advantage claiming it’s for moral reasons
88) I am literally SALIVATING at the thought of DECLAS!
89) Okay. Enough of this now. You get the point...another dem debate disaster.

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