Thursday, August 1, 2019

#DemDebate 7/31/19 - Part 1

1) Who’s yelling? #DemDebate
2) Bennett’s out
3) Inslee’s out 

They are not sending their best.
4) This is hilarious tonight!
5) Gillibrand just talked about “organizing women in upstate New York”
6) chipmunk
7) Tulsi Gabbard is shiny #DemDebate
8) This is really bad but I feel obligated to watch.
9) I can’t help but like Andrew Yang.
10) Did Yang just say @POTUS doesn’t know math? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
11) Why are they yelling at Booker?
12) Booker just called @POTUS a racist.
13) Booker is scarily intense.
14) Kamala is playing cool jazz in her head
15) Did she just fake a Southern accent?
16) She just said she will prosecute four more years of Donald Trump
17) I think Booker is right. @POTUS has to be enjoying this
18) Biden is the most normal except he’s a pedo
19) Booker looks like a human snake
20) Who is slamming the podium
21) Kamala is going to be really pissed if she is not the nominee
22) Kamala needs to stop going after Biden she is making him look good
23) She is trying to do the same thing as last time, less well
24) It’s great when they cut them off
25) Castro is horrendous. The Democrats must have better candidates than this.
26) Kamala seems actually to be disoriented
27) Bennet. Oy oy oy
28) Is Kamala laughing the victory laugh
29) as Kamala stabbed the air with her pen
30) Tapper and Inslee look like twins
31) Gabbard reminds me of Gal Gadot
32) Andrew Yang showed up without a tie.
33) DeBlasio is writing the SNL skit right now
34) Biden is running an auction apparently
35) Let’s talk about math, baby
36) Kamala please don’t say “on the backs”
37) In jail! YES totally
38) I don’t think they will send Biden to jail though
39) Medical discussion was incomprehensible. Let’s do immigration
40) Now we are in another incomprehensible discussion
41) Castro just said he’s not for open borders but he is for open borders
42) Bennet flailing
43) Kamala has signaled she is about to cry
44) Here is the southern accent again
45) She just complained that boys and girls are separate in the detention centers
46) Gillibrand is saying that women who are shaken down and raped by gangs should come to the US, a journey that involves rape and trafficking
47) Don Lemon just admitted Obama deportee more people than @POTUS
48) More screaming from the audience. Deportation something
49) Biden just said the same thing as @POTUS about making decisions quickly about asylum
50) Biden just defended having a border - Mazel Tov
51) Castro is talking smack to Biden
52) Castro is in favor of keeping traffickers with their rent a kids
53) Biden can’t get an applause line without saying “defeat Donald Trump”
54) Someone tell shiny Tulsi to stop hitting the mic
55) Yang is one of those people that sounds vaguely smart but what are they saying really
56) Booker has crazy eyes
57) Biden and Booker appear to have some grasp of the concept of a border thankfully
58) Inslee is PISSED
59) Di Blasio is such a commie
60) The more they attack Biden, the better Biden looks.
61) The more they mention @POTUS the more i wish he were on the stage.
62) Gabbard, Gillibrand and Harris are not good candidates.
63) Biden is pleading for mercy, but they’re going after him.
64) Booker just said “shithole countries” on CNN they couldn’t bleep it in time
64) Booker should never get his hand on the nukes
66) (numbering) Booker doesn’t think we should bring in PhDs
67) Tapper has to be crying
68) Criminal justice.
69) Omg Biden doesn’t believe in jail
70) Biden thinks criminals can’t read and write.
71) “lift me up don’t lock me up”
72) “marijuana justice”
73) “the crack powder cocaine disparity”
74) Biden strikes me as extremely racist
75) Major diss from Booker to Biden!
76) Everyone just literally went WOOO
77) Booker seems like a very disrespectful man - propensity to violence - disrespectful to the elderly. Dangerous
78) Castro got into public life in what way
79) Castro would focus on reforming police (omfg)
80) Please Lord protect us from these freaks
Gotta go - end of ๐Ÿงต

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