Thursday, August 8, 2019

Communist Fist, Resistance Logos (With A Side Helping Of JDL Questions)

Interesting similarities:
✅ Communist Russia logo
✅ Anti-Trump Resistance logo
✅”Antifascist” imagery against white supremacy 
✅ Jewish Defense League logo using the communist fist (R’ M. Kahane, JDL founder, was assassinated by WTC bomber Nosair.)

“Rabbi Kahane was an FBI informant paid to infiltrate the anti communist John Birch Society.”

He later confounded the JDL which had a communist fist for a logo (h/t @amycheapho)…
In 1990, Rabbi Kahane was assassinated by Pakistan-trained El Sayid Nosair, one of the radical Islamic terrorists who went on to plot the 1993 WTC bombing that was a precursor to 9/11.…
But the CIA created bin Laden, or so some say.…
“Michael Moore's political documentary...argues that President George W. Bush and his inner circle used the media to further an agenda that exploited the 9/11 attacks.”…
“The close ties of the Saudis to the Bush family, the cynical profiteering of corporations and a political elite beholden to special interests are all cited as elements of a corrupt system.”
Remember, they want you DIVIDED.


P. S. Let me guess. Just like FBI COINTELPRO infiltrated the Black nationalist movement, so too did it infiltrate the Jewish self-defense movement, which led to violence and arrests.…

Why did the FBI watch the JDL from Day 1?

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.