Wednesday, August 21, 2019

An Unforgettable Confrontation With Evil - “The Punisher”

1) I can't sleep, specifically because we watched the Punisher almost to the end, and it very clearly alludes to John Brennan, I believe.…
2) The link is to Wikipedia, which has episode recaps, because I don't want you to think that I am giving away spoilers. 
3) We should be clear that I am only observing the plot similarity between a television show and an individual who is suspected/alleged to have engineered the takedown of the Trump presidency. 

This is the character (Rawlins) in the show as he is shown to be a sadistic torturer. 
4) I am not aware that John Brennan has ever been accused of being a sadistic torturer.
5) When I watch shows like this, I am looking for the truth that I can apply in real life, and clearly the truth of this show is that corruption starts at the very top of the food chain.
6) We know that in real life, the powers that be hide behind gated mansions, while they throw disposable people out to the wolves.

This is exactly what we see on this television show. 

And Rawlins says as much in his final speech.
7) Frank Castle (the Punisher, on the right) worked for Rawlins at one time. On the show he is the head of covert operations for the CIA, and he has been funding black ops (Afghan torture/assassination) with drug trafficking. 

8) Rawlins loves to kill. He looks respectable in his day job as a CIA bigshot. They gave him a big gold medal (a coin), then bragged about how even the coin was a secret. 
9) Rawlins made Frank kill. Frank took out Rawlins' eye. 
10) Rawlins took particular pleasure in torturing an Afghan national who was actually working for the U.S.

11) Rawlins loves to watch, and he loves to kill, and he loves to watch others kill at his command.

12) Watching this show only confirms what so many others have alluded to. 

We are taught to hate the people who are placed in front of us as the bad guys.

But we need to stop being blinded by that, and focus on the big fish instead.