Saturday, August 24, 2019

An Apology To The People Of South America

"Instagram model accused of running sex trafficking ring"

Does anyone really believe she is the mastermind? What happened to the Israelis involved?

Yes, per @ICEgov, Israelis were the masterminds.

“The Israelis had built a network of human trafficking, sex tourism, and child exploitation that plagued Colombia for over a decade.”

The story was originally shared by @ICEgov a year ago.

7/29/18: “18 arrested in largest anti-human trafficking operation in Colombian history”

250 victims
Some “branded” - just like #NXIVM

Notice a common method of operation here. A rat line from Israel to South America (examples).

* Human trafficking (Colombia, as above)

* Drug smuggling and drug money laundering (Brazil)

* Illegal organ trade (Costa Rica) 

“A FIELD GUIDE TO ISRAELI ORGANIZED CRIME” @tabletmag - Assaf Gur 2/5/2019

“Exploring an underworld of gambling, drug trafficking, arms dealing, extortion, assassination, and corruption”

“Alleged crime lord Assi Ben-Mosh” 5/23/19 arrest 

Cross-country child prostitution ring
You didn’t see it on CNN.

12/5/2017 it is reported that he was deported from Colombia. I am going to assume this is the same operation.

The Colombian equivalent of @ICEgov had to deport him as a national security risk to get rid of him.

Now ask yourself why the Democrats want to end @ICEgov?

“Colombian news agencies reporting on the deportation revealed details surrounding the expulsion of Moosh”

“exposed as being part of a group of ex-Israeli soldiers”

“turned a small fishing village in Taganga into a ‘sex and drug den’ from their base in a luxury resort that was known to locals as ‘little Israel.’”

“From their base in ‘little Israel’ Moosh is reported to have run similar clubs exploiting drugs and children in Cartagena, Bogotá, MedellĂ­n, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil.”


Israel, you have to answer for this.

I think President Trump has a hand in this arrest and deportation, by prioritizing transnational human rights abuses.

“CARTAGENA, Colombia – From July 26-29, 2018, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Bogota, the HSI Bogota Transnational Criminal Investigative Unit (TCIU), and the Colombian Attorney General’s office...”

“Local sources reported that Moosh was arrested when he arrived in the immigration office in Santa Marta accompanied by a group of armed men. It’s believed that he had been trying to obtain Colombian citizenship.” (People like Ilhan Omar help this type.)

Notice that the Israeli media reports it but radar silence in America.

Why, CIA?

Do you cover for your fellow criminals?

@timesofisrael: “Network allegedly marketed trips from Israel for tourists to have sex with minors who were forced into prostitution; 6 Israelis held, arrest warrants issued for other suspects.”

It appears that the child prostitution king was marketing trips specifically for Israeli adult males to rape local Colombian children.

If you were not Jewish, you were not wanted as a customer.

“The mystery for many locals, according to El Heraldo, was the Benjamin hotel. Residents of Taganga described the resort as a ‘bunker’ run by Moosh ‘exclusively for Jews’.”

“the feeling that it was an unwelcome place for non-Israelis has even been reported by visitors on TripAdvisor.”

“‘Not Israeli? Forget about it’ wrote one visitor who had given the hotel two stars in the review.” (I cannot find this review in the link provided. )

Sex tourism by Israelis, for Israelis victimizing helpless locals.

Sex tourism by Jews, for Jews, victimizing helpless locals.

From the alleged review:

“if you are not from Israel I wouldn’t go there my wife and I were made to feel very uncomfortable even had people come up to us and say ‘are you from Israel?’ I said ‘no’ to their reply ‘then why would you come here’.”

Nobody was empowered to stop these people.

“Reports of how ‘ex-soldiers turned a Colombia fishing town into a sex and drug den’ had been on the media’s radar for a while.”

Not really great PR, Prime Minister Netanyahu/IDF.

To make matters go from repulsive to much worse, THEY ACTUALLY WORRIED ABOUT KOSHER FOOD!

“In February Colombia Reports uncovered the tension within the popular tourist region caused by the Benjamin hotel.”

“The report found that (the) ‘Benjamin [hotel] employs and accommodates almost exclusively Israeli citizens, and was officially opened by 20 rabbis brought over especially from Israel.’”

For security, the Israelis apparently hired “a Willington Vasquez, who, according to the report is also known as ‘Manuel, a former member of a paramilitary death squad.’”

“the Israeli businessmen...pleaded innocence saying that ‘the community is wrong, everything is false.’”

“But the report proved otherwise.”

“The authorities complained that the Israelis took over social premises, violated rules on tax payments and permits and were involved in selling drugs and sexually exploiting children.”

“The ex-Israeli soldiers became known as ‘the untouchables.’”

May God save us from these monsters.

They do not represent our faith. They are bad men.

And they should be outed and punished.

I am sorry to the people of South America for what my people have done.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.