Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Why Jewish People Must Bring Jewish Predators To Justice

The problem is that Jewish people claim to be unique. 

Although we say that we are not “better,” but rather “have different responsibilities,” the reality in the Orthodox community particularly is a sense of collective superiority. 

And each subgroup asserts its “superior superiority,” if you will. 

If you have “yichus”; if you went to *that* yeshiva, or Harvard etc.; if you’re rich and a mega donor; if you served in the IDF, and in *that* particular battalion, etc. 

There is this intense competitiveness along with an equally intense denial that no, we aren’t really that way. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting victims individually and collectively, our ego (which comes from insecurity) has caused us to fail miserably. 

We cannot admit that we have a problem, and so we shush and shelter and shield the predators in an effort to “deal with it” without “looking bad.” 

The result is that the outside world, which has bought our own propaganda (“Jews don’t do stuff like that”) are DOUBLY disgusted at our hypocrisy when they learn that in fact, some people do. 

And the victims suffer and suffer and suffer.

Result: Any antisemitic tendency the outside world already has — based on not knowing us, because we are pretty insular - is exacerbated. 

Add to that the widespread ignorance that exists, really bad stuff. Too much to go into in one post. It’s complicated but can be dispelled with some basic information.

Add animus toward Israel and Israel’s influence here.

Add fury over historical incidents like the USSS Liberty.

Add fury over Jeffrey Epstein as a likely Mossad instrument. The headline that cannot be published anywhere.

All of these factors and more are a toxic stew, a recipe for total disaster. 

In response, the only thing we can do is be normal - like any other group. But for Jews, this is hard. We are so used to thinking that we must handle our own problems. But this only makes it worse.

We have to follow the law, follow best practices, question where funding is coming from, and completely stop covering for and enabling these momzers and monsters.

The excuses that “we didn’t know,” “he has a family,” “you’re exaggerating,” “victim is crazy,” - these cannot be tolerated one more minute. Aside from hurting victims it perpetuates child sex trafficking, domestic abuse and puts all of us in danger as Jews.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. Opinions are the author’s own. Public domain