Monday, July 15, 2019

Understanding The President’s Tweets

I would not stand with a racist, and these tweets are the furthest thing from racist; they are impartial and pertain to the law. They are understandable plainly. They must be taken in their totality to be understood fully. 

Horribly, the mainstream media — because it is openly collusive with challenging the government’s legitimacy with the aim of overthrowing it to install a chosen Democrat — is only too happy to cover for the President’s true statement with a false and incendiary narrative.

In reality, the President is calling out legislators who go beyond politics to advocate, together, for the overthrow of the US government and its laws, for example around immigration. They also seek a pretext to impeach the President as was announced by one of them the day she was sworn in.

People who cannot abide by the laws of this country cannot represent it. If that much is not obvious we really need to go back to the starting board.

*Opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.