Sunday, July 14, 2019

Criminological Motivators of Occult Trappings in Elite Child Sexual Exploitation (By @AussieComitatus)

Note: The below may be useful to law enforcement, journalists, researchers, educators, government officials, nonprofits, and the public at large. Reposted from anonymous Twitter user @AussieComitatus. Opinions are the author’s own. I agree with this author. Slightly copyedited for posting.


With the Epstein Island story - with its mysterious unexplained temple - prominent in the public eye, many are confronted with evidence of a phenomenon they previously used to be dismissive of Elite Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) (or ‘pizzagate’ in the broadest sense of the term).

Although I don't intend this to overstate the frequency with which this practice is conducted, this thread hopes to outline the multiple motives and utilities of this practice of children being used in Occult Rituals so that folks may understand it better, & not deny it

For example, to the best of my knowledge perhaps only 5% of CSE by Elites is done in occult ritual or trappings. The greater bulk of abuse is conducted for base gratification and for blackmail/loyalty programs. But the Occult part gets more attention because it is more sensational.

Firstly, even of actual participants in it, let’s take the literal belief in Occult / Satanic Gods and make it recede into the background. I believe that many who participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse have numerous other more prominent motivators, both sociological and pathological.

This means that to the extent that child abusers participate in Occultism, it is more commonly a performative practice, and that to the extent that they ‘believe’ in the supra-naturality of what they are ‘tapping into’ it is a set of ideas ‘entertained’ in their mind in the thrill of participation, rather than a literal deep-held belief (in, say, Minerva as an actual God).

Other common motivators are (and I’ll detail each of these below) : Elitist Vanity, Bonding, Complicity for Loyalty, Absolution of Conscience, and Co-Intel deflection. 

I’ve listed those in what I imagine to be an aggregate order of prominence for participants

1) Elitist Vanity: People driven by power desire the trappings of power, and one of the most piquant signifiers of that is ‘exclusivity’. Occult secrecy provides that. So does getting away with crimes that lesser plebs would get locked away for, so the combination of child abuse / sacrifice in an occult setting is a double-whammy Vanity hit. It is its own Adrenochrome.

2) Bonding/Complicity: Just as with victims of UK Grooming Gangs where victims relate that their enforced prostitution, as kaffir schoolgirls, is a ‘reward’ for male Muslims sharing in their exploitation as a bonding ritual, so too does Occult CSE serve this purpose.

3) This Bonding dovetails into Complicity: Complicity of the Implicated is the glue that binds all models of Mafia in loyalty to each other. And the more dire the crime, the greater the consequence for discovery / disloyalty. Ergo the strongest Mafia in the world eventually is the one that practices the most depraved crime imaginable - even worse than ‘vanilla’ murder. This is why Pizzagate is not just a ‘thing’ - its the dynamic that made Pizzagate INEVITABLE. It's the dynamic that culminated in a Pedophile Mafia ruling much of the world.

4) Absolution of Conscience: the Occult trappings of CSE provide avenues for deeper burial of any niggling conscience. Their acts of depravity can be deflected from base selfishness & projected onto a ‘higher purpose’, whereupon they can go hog-wild in pathological justifications.

5) Co-Intel Deflection: As a side benefit, the indulgence of the Occult in the activities of a Pedo-Mafia enable participants to claim ‘absurdism’ and ‘tin foil hat’ of anyone who suspect, detect or try to act as a whistleblower.

Those facets above outline the Criminological reasons why people might participate in Occult abuse of children. In regards to drilling into the motivators that shape the specific rituals, there is an array of power dynamics intersecting with archetypal thematics regarding sacrifice, and the ‘ultimate’ sacrifice, that give shape to such sickness that it is preferable, as God is my witness, to remain innocent of, and I shall not propagate them.