Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The First Voter Poll On Q


This is an important poll because here we have a leftist organization polling voters about Q, and general political issues.


  • "This report contains the results of a Civiqs survey of 1543 registered voters in the United States from July 13-15, 2019."
  • "The survey was conducted online, among selected members of the Civiqs research panel....results are weighted by age, race, gender, education, party identification, and region to be representative of the population of registered voters in the United States."
  • "The general design effect due to weighting is 1.17. The survey has a margin of error of ±2.7% at the 95% confidence level, accounting for the design effect. All survey results in this report are reported as percentages."


39% enthusiastically voting Trump in 2020
5% are onboard but not happily
44% in a leftist poll.

Majority wants to keep private health insurance and opposes socialized medicine.

Despite all the fake news, solidly 40% support the Administration's handling of migrants (including children) brought to the country illegally.

Overwhelming majority wants people treated with basic human decency.

Slightly less than half approve of how @POTUS is handling North Korea and a majority agree with the nuclear talks.

And now we get to #QAnon.

463 out of 1543 respondents, or 30%, believe that Q is very or somewhat true.

This number is remarkable, because 540 DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT Q IS!

What news media are they watching? They're not Fox News freaks, and they're not about MSNBC, either.

"Do you believe that the QAnon theory about a conspiracy among deep state elites is true?"

Well, the Democrats are all reading Q!

45% insist it must be false.

Interestingly, though predictably Republicans are most likely to support Q, 42% don't even know what Q is.

There is no correlation between your gender and your likelihood of believing that Q is real.

Much older people are significantly more likely to believe that Q is very true.

Could it be because they have life experience?

(18-34 year olds are most likely by far to *not know* what you're talking about.)

White people are twice as likely as Black people to believe that Q is very true, but otherwise there's not much difference here based on race or culture. (When there's a difference of 10 percentage points, it's very significant.)

 Now this is interesting. Before we saw that the less college you have, the more you support POTUS.

Q support appears to be an independent phenomenon. Among those likely to believe strongly, there is no correlation to educational level - it's 30% of Ph.D.s & non Ph.D.s alike.
Where you live is irrelevant.

Fox viewers - they're on both sides of the spectrum, most likely to believe Q is very true, but also most likely never to have heard of Q. Which suggests that there are different types of Fox viewers and customer segmentation is needed.

MSNBC viewers - especially vehement about Q not being true. 

Now the hosts don't talk about Q. (Also MSNBC is incredibly boring.)

So to me this means, this is the Deep State itself, and they are in a panic. 

Again, the results of the survey are available here:

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.