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Reflections On Elite Families and Their Symbols - Visiting The Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens in DC

2) The place we went to is called Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens in DC.

"The Mansion That Became A Museum"

Owner: Marjorie Merriweather Post.
She owned: General Foods.
She built: Mar A Lago.……
3) Let me back up and say that I do actually try to have a life outside research. I spent all day yesterday on the computer and tried to take a break today.
5) It's actually become a kind of joke in the family, like "let me guess, Mom, you think that symbol is occult."

Half the time the symbol (on the T-shirt or whatever) totally is.

Exhibit A, trip to CVS.

6) Relaxing today, it occurred to me to clean out my music collection and just play songs I love to relax. I do have the feeling that there is more to music than meets the eye. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations.

7) Before going out we had a very strange and upsetting interaction with a woman wearing a very religious outfit in the kosher butcher store. She was insanely rude. 

It's crazy, but being on here on Twitter listening to deranged Leftists helped me to talk to her calmly!
8) Somewhere in all of this I was in the coffee shop & there was important stuff to discuss: The NYC blackout, military tribunals, and more. But they blared the pop music too loud.

I truly believe this is intentional as they never bombard u with Beethoven.
9) We pick up some Chinese food (kosher Chinese food quite delicious!) and then decide to go to Hillwood, which we were supposed to do the other week but didn't. 

If you look at the site/brochure it is so totally "vanilla"...I thought we were going to see rich people home design
10) So we get there and as I mentioned the family already knows I'm like a canine for occult signals, but it seems so ordinary, I kind of let my guard down.
11) Look how normal this looks.
12) Before we go any further, let me preface this by saying - I am not telling you that everything is "bad" or that we should retroactively judge all of society to be "bad" because many things make us go "hmm."
13) Rather I am suggesting that we decide to look at our world through completely new eyes so that we at least understand what we're seeing. 

So today I took about 600 pictures, very curious as to what it all meant.
14) Beauty? Absolutely.
15) Symbols of the occult? I could easily pick them out.
16) But here's the interesting thing. When I missed a clue, others pointed it out to me right away.
17) Let's pause for a minute.

We passed Comet Ping Pong on the way there. It's less than 2 miles away.

This also was pointed out to me.

Just the mention of this establishment makes me shudder.
18) I put that out of my mind until people noticed that there were several embassies between Comet Ping Pong and Hillwood, including the Embassy of Pakistan and the Embassy of Kuwait.

I didn't want to have my mind think the next thought. Which you can probably guess.
19) So this is the thing, after you get involved in research. You have to take extra measures to discern fact from fiction. Just because an embassy happens to be located near a certain establishment, doesn't prove anything.

But you can document things you see, and ask questions.
20) I think we talked about this the other day. The sick society splits people into two selves, the good and the bad, the daytime and the nighttime, the victim and the one who adapts to put on a good face at work.

The healthy society does not shield you from asking: WTF this?
21) Inside the mansion, there was a lot of double-headed eagle stuff. To me this screamed "First Reich."
22) I took close-ups of the designs everywhere it was possible, figuring that the community would know the significance (or non-significance) even if it wasn't immediately clear to me.
23) Another motif that popped up a lot.
24) Triangle motif with "eye" inside
25) Double-headed eagle, another example
26) Don't know what this is. Egyptian?
27) Floor
28) Don't know if this means anything
29) Ceramics of people of all different cultures. The Jewish one is blatantly antisemitic. I am not in favor of tossing out history because it offends us. However it was funny to hear my husband say loudly, "interesting how these rich people HATED THE JEWS" like 3x; OMG 🤣🤣🤣
30) On a serious note I had the sinking feeling that whoever owned this place felt entitled to "collect people." I think this was the owner's portrait - it was in a bedroom. 

Consider that she owned the company that literally fed America.
31) View from the bedroom. Tell me this sculpted shrubbery doesn't creep you out.
32) Man- or woman-beast sculptures were everywhere.
33) Major-league friends, obviously.
I am not sure who all these people are.
34) At one point the owner was married to the U.S. Ambassador to Russia and she had a large and beautiful collection of Russian sacred art. 

It was the only stuff in the mansion that didn't feel occult.
35) The owner commissioned this for her dining room in Mar A Lago, which was her winter home in Palm Beach. I don't know what the design means.
36) But you can see that the tableware looks a little creepy, right? Even if the room is very fancy.
37) Someone asked me why does anyone need to display such ostentation and I said I think they have to show their tribute to the devil.
38) By the way here's one of the safes in the home.
39) I know the woman's name was Marjorie, but there is something about the letter "M" & the font. It seems like more than just her name. 

The second photo shows the logo of the Metropolitan Club in midtown DC, a social club just blocks from the WH.
40) Going outside you immediately see the hounds of hell, and also the sun-design-motif of the window.
41) Astonishingly beautiful gardens. Astonishing.
42) And...a woman statue with a tied kerchief and she has beast feet.
43) Outdoor cafe has an entire wall covered with butterflies, is decorated with butterfly plates, and there's a butterfly garden outside. 

Again this could just be normal, but the totality of it is not just creepy, but scary.
44) The mansion absolutely felt haunted.
Like bad things had happened there.

At one point, someone jumped; they had felt a tap on the shoulder.

I said - you're probably just freaking out - but who knows.
45) Two rabbits, facing each other.
46) A lot of doubles. These 2 for example were the centerpiece of the outside design.
47) This again
48) A separate "pet cemetery" with maybe 6-10 headstones and some statues
49) A globe depicting enslaved children bound to one another and it
50) And a Japanese garden exhibit. But also lots of woods.
51) Creepy clearings
52) And then, on the way out - seems she supported the Red Cross and the Boy Scouts.

Hm...good or bad? How responsible for abuses? How does one know?
53) She gave us the foods we ate every single day.
P.S. Why does this matter? Because occultism draws people in under the pretense of innocence. Maybe the owner of the mansion did not realize what type of art she was collecting. I don't know. But it was clear, and creepy, and it was mixed with stuff that was just fine.
Okay the album is ready. Here are about 450 photos from Hillwood Museum DC. All are Creative Commons, so take what you want.

I'm spending a bit of time (just a bit) doing additional research on the owner and will share anything interesting.

Permit me
Why are the contents of Hillwood Museum so important?
Maybe it's just a collection of nice things by a tasteful wealthy lady.…
Why does the CIA have articles about Marjorie Merriweather Post, the owner of Hillwood, once the richest woman in America, in its FOIA reading room?

"So did a representative of the ancient Gnostics...who said no compromise can be reached until bloodline rule is ended."


Bloodline rule is how some people have power and money, and others do not.

It's why we need to understand what's in Hillwood Mansion. has "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" by Fritz Springmeier. But you can't get to it by searching their website.…
As long as we, the people, do not understand who is running the show, we do not have a democracy in America.
Do you know how many times I've been knocked off of the Internet tonight? 

Not Twitter - THE INTERNET.

Since sharing that thread.
The CIA already has all the stuff we talk about.…
Bloodline is how Marjorie Merriwether Post's daughter Dina Merrill became a Hollywood star.
Here's something interesting about Trump the Racist: He isn't one!

<<“Utter bullshit!” he told Marie Brenner in this magazine in 1990. “They kiss my ass in Palm Beach. Those phonies!....I wouldn’t join that club, because they don’t take blacks and Jews.”>>
"In Palm Beach the private club to which you belong is not only your playground: it’s your platform, signaling who you are socially, economically, and culturally."
"Membership at the Bath and Tennis Club announces your arrival, and survival of an onerous vetting process, including backgrounds and BLOODLINES."
“'The B&T is frequented by heirs of old-line American industrial families with household names,' says book publisher Adrian Zackheim, whose former father-in-law was a member."
"Likewise, if you’re a member of the Everglades Club, you’re part of a heritage that has included such names as Vanderbilt, Whitney, Du Pont, Kennedy, Cabot, Pillsbury, Scripps, and Hilton."
"So tight were the Everglades restrictions that 'the old rule, to my understanding, was no member should bring a guest who would not be approved for membership themselves,' says the publicist and former Palm Beach resident Paul Wilmot."
"They weren’t kidding. Famed socialite C. Z. Guest and her husband...were suspended after they hosted a 25th-anniversary party that included cosmetics queen Estée Lauder and Nancy Reagan confidant Jerry Zipkin (not coincidentally, both were Jewish)."
Again the Internet.
It’s like a dumb game.
Jews spend a lot of time doing bloodline stuff because we want to know who is from the Davidic Line - from whose family may the Messiah come.
It's actually been driving me crazy how to describe the "cabal" accurately, and I think it is accurate to say that we are dealing with "bloodline".
When dealing with bloodline, the operative principle is that everything stays in the family.
"Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton...share a common ancestor from England 18 generations ago.... John of Gaunt, the duke of Lancaster, and third wife Katherine Swynford at the end of the 14th century."
"One of their children was Joan Beaufort, whose descendants include Mrs. Clinton. Her brother John Beaufort is an ancestor of Mr. Trump. Their descendants included several kings of England and centuries of Scottish kings."
The problem with Trump and Hillary is that both are bloodline. 

This circumscribes how they deal with each other.
The artifacts they carry, the way they walk, talk and dress, the way they decorate their homes, who they interact with, all of it is going to be circumscribed by the rules of an interior group the rest of us are shut out from.
Now I got it. 

The Patriots are at war to dethrone not just 1 bloodline, but ALL the bloodlines from power.
That wraps it up for this thread.

Thanks everyone.
Marjorie either chose or approved of everything in the house. She was a “perfectionist.”…
Missing some Tweet in this thread?
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.