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Orthodox Rabbis, By Failing To Condemn Pedophilia, Condone It

There is an epidemic of child rape among the Orthodox community, inside and outside of Israel. The below article (auto-translated) shows why. All quoted.


Pedophilia "If the child is under nine, it is not a crime"

There is no need to go as far as New York in order to encounter a forgiving and unacceptable attitude toward pedophilia. Senior and influential rabbis speak in lectures and lessons in Jewish law about pedophilia as a legitimate act, without any reservation or opposition. Boys are treated separately - and to a separate kashrut ● A rabbi from Tzohar: "Judaism opposes pedophilia"

By Tani Goldstein
July 21, 2019

The storm surrounding the suspicion of rape of a 7-year-old girl in the Binyamin region, and the suspicion of gang rape of an 11-year-old girl, reminded Israeli society of a difficult fact to catch and live with. Sexual abuse and rape of children and girls occur frequently and in many cases the criminal is not punished and the victims are not properly treated.

But it turns out that there are also people in Israel that give pedophilia legitimacy, openly, in public lectures to a virtual physical audience. Not just people, but people with spiritual authority, who according to them a whole public attributes deep wisdom and even holiness: rabbis.

This is said in Talmudic, Talmudic, rabbinical, and rabbinical studies by rabbis and not as a personal opinion. But the texts on which the shiurim are based are halachic discussions dealing with prohibitions and permits in practical life, and are thus presented.

Some of these rabbis do not make do with quotations and explain the apparent permission to rape children with their own words, accompanied by detailed and chilling descriptions.

They do not bother to point out that according to the criminal law, this is a rape and a serious offense, and they do not warn their listeners and their flock about the act they are discussing.

These rabbis and their associates tried to explain to us that these were "theoretical" statements that were not connected to practical halacha and to pedophilia offenses in reality. But “intercourse with children" was a subject that had been the subject of controversy among rabbis.

Meanwhile, pedophilia is an issue that is stirring up the ultra-Orthodox public, one of whose leaders, Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, is suspected of assisting sex offenders and pedophiles .

"An adult that comes to a 3 year old? It’s nothing, a finger in the eye"

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau - former Chief Rabbi of Israel and currently chairman of the "Yad Vashem", the father of the chief rabbi present, David Lau, and winner of the Israel Prize - delivered a few years ago a sermon in the synagogue "Hall of Moses" Tel-Aviv in which he spoke in technical terms about pedophilia with a 3-year-old girl without any reservations about the act.

The lecture, which was recently filmed and published by the Daat Emet organization, states: "A rabbi can answer this way, so it is possible to understand the mishna:

"Therefore, an adult who approaches a 3 year old for sex, it is considered nothing," Rabbi Lau noted, "and less than 3, as a finger in my bloody eye. You give a finger in the eye - a tear is flowing, but after that the eye brightens and another tear replaces it. Same with virginity of less than 3 years old. "
Lau's lecture was recently published in the "Hatinuch" program, but he did not say to the program in response: "The Gemara says," I do not have to be the Gemara's advocate. 

When asked why he does not mention that the act is forbidden today, he said: "It's obvious that you choose the pinic, and people who come to my lectures want to hear a Gemara and do not look for the picnic."

Rabbi Lau refused to respond to our request, and a source close to him told us that “On television they distorted his reaction. These publications are intended to get dirty and make headlines. The Rabbi was teaching Gemara, and those who do not learn Gemara cannot understand what he is talking about. Come to study and maybe you will understand."

Here is the full ugliness of religion! According to Jewish law, it is possible to sanctify a newborn baby because it is newborn. But to sanctify a child for sex, it has to be three years and a day, because before the age of three, it is like pushing a finger in the eye. 1.2 billion shekels from the State of Israel's budget and yeshivas, so that they can learn the Babylonian Talmud and halakha. The funding for yeshivot and kollel must be stopped! (Rambam, Hilchot Ishot, Chapter 3, Halacha 15)

Rabbi Lau's son, current Chief Rabbi David Lau, became famous several years ago when he publicly called on ultra-Orthodox rabbis to "stop sweeping sexual offenses under the rug" and was praised by secular and religious public figures.

But the Chief Rabbinate itself ostensibly legitimizes pedophilia in a public publication: A typical example of a rabbinic ordination certificate appears on the Rabbinate site , and there is a relaxed and detailed question on halachic-technical issues arising from the rape of an 11-year-old girl.
Examinees in the rabbinic ordination exam are asked:

"A man married a bride of only 11 years (she has never seen blood before), what is the law and why is she afraid in the following situations? A. It came from a mitzvah, and she didn’t see blood. B. After the wedding she began to see stains all over her body and clothes C. After half a year, she began to see blood for the first time and this was extended proof that it lasted several days. "

So far, the response of the Chief Rabbinate has not been received.

To condemn pedophilia? "I do not deal with it"

Another rabbi who spoke in a lecture on pedophilia as legitimate was Haim Sabato, head of the Birkat Moshe hesder yeshiva in Ma'aleh Adumim, a writer and winner of the Sapir Prize. This was stated in his lecture on Maimonides' wisdom, which was published on the Rambam Daily website.
In his lecture, his grandmother quoted the Rambam (Mishneh Torah, Sefer Nashim, Hilchot Ishut), which details the different ways of marriage in Judaism: When the woman is bought with money, when the groom says, "You are sanctified to me" According to the Rambam, why a "betah" (ie rape) of a child of less than three years is not considered marriage.

"If she was three years old and one day at the time of the betrothal, she would be consecrated," says his grandmother in his lecture, according to the Rambam, "less than here (from the age of three). It is possible to sanctify it in kiddushin or in the purchase of money even from the day of its birth, but it is not sacred. However, the gemara says that a daughter of less than three years of age is a finger in the eye and is not considered a lioness, and therefore it is not possible to sanctify her daughter for less than three years."

His grandmother explained to "Israel Time" in response: "I am a researcher, I teach theoretical research on the Talmud, the Mishnah and the Rambam. I read the Mishnah and Maimonides, not speaking of myself, just as someone else teaches ancient Greek philosophy."

Professors of Greek philosophy do not treat it as a sacred text and a basis for binding religious law. 

The Talmud is not holy? The words of Maimonides are not the basis for Halakha?

"I am a teacher, I do not teach about public issues, I teach theory. There are issues in the Torah about 'seduction' that you learn. It's like studying theorems theoretically. Anyone with brains at his head understands this. "

And who has no brains at the top? Can not he understand your words as a permit to rape childhood?
"I do not believe anyone will understand this differently than I did."

What is your position regarding the rape of a three-year-old girl, moral, moral, halakhic? 

"My position is no different from someone else's, why should it interest anyone, I'm not talking about public issues?"

You lecture about a cruel and terrible act that constitutes a criminal offense and a serious moral injustice and discusses its halakhic implications to an audience that views you as a spiritual authority. 
As a citizen, as a teacher, as an educator, as a spiritual leader, are not you willing to express an opinion on this? Every citizen is allowed to express his position on public issues, certainly subjects he deals with in one way or another in his work. Do not you have any opinion on that? 

"I'm not willing to answer questions on public issues, it does not matter what my position is."

Rabbi Eliyahu Orenstein, one of the heads of the Bratslav Hasidic Yeshiva in Beitar Illit, also discussed halachically speaking the rape of a three-year-old girl without a single word of condemnation or revulsion at the act, and his words do not sound particularly "theoretical."

In a lecture published in the Daf Yomi of the Dirsch site , Rabbi Orenstein explained:

"Rabbi Eliezer says in tractate Niddah:" Three years old and one day we already know that on this day you are in a state where you are in a state of being pregnant. "(In other words, her rape is considered a marriage.

"If her father wants to sanctify her (to declare her as married, without rape, TG), it is possible for a kiddushin to take place, and if her husband bought it - if he bought it, he could rape her. She can not be deported, only a divorce, and she must be treated as a wife, and whoever comes after her, whose father has sanctified her, is considered a wife of a man.

To date, no responses have been received from Yeshivat Be'er Simcha and the Dirshu site.

"A dispute between Rabbis: Until what age is exempt from male marriage?"

Another halakhic issue that causes Rabbis to discuss the issue of children is the question of the minimum age for the prohibition on male sex.

The ultra-Orthodox rabbi Yosef Nachum Shtrom offers virtual Torah lessons that were published on the Kol Haloshon website and on the "Daf Yomi" platform of Behadrei Haredim. In one of the lectures , Strum explained that the rabbis disagreed about the minimum age at which a child's sex is not considered a "male bed" and therefore, as Strom puts it, "is not an offense."

"There is a dispute between rabbis, which appears in tractate Sanhedrin, chapter 7, page 53: Our Rabbis taught - it is not like the laying of a male to the beasts of a beast," Rabbi Strom said in a lecture. "A person who lies with an animal does not change the age of the animal - . But in a male bed there is division at age (differences of opinion regarding the minimum age at which this is a crime).
"There are rabbis (among Chazal, in the dispute Shtrom quotes, PG) who say that if the person lying (the raped child) is less than nine years old, the person who is lying is exempt. As he lies, in order to be 'lying', it takes nine years and one day. Why? Because Bea is called Bea, a mother who lies down a male from the age of nine years."

"But there are rabbis who say that even if the bed is less than nine years, the person who is lying is obligated, but if the person lying is less than three years, the Torah forbids the male to lie in a woman's bed, ), At the age of three years, and one day it is called Bea, then also the infirmity (rape of a child) if it is less than three years, the offense is not called offense and the deceased is exempt, but it is for a person. The age of the beast, who is lying must (guilty)."

Rabbi Strum could not be reached for comment. The Kol Haloshon website says, "Turn to Hadrei Haredim."

"Without taking into account the content of the shiur, we have no connection to the lesson that appears on the video, it was published on the Kol Haloshon Torah lessons platform, and automatically taken away as a regular Daf Yomi shiur. Every video that comes up in it, so the logo also appears in the current video.

"On the advice of the rabbis, the site led, leads and leads the painful issue of sexual abuse, and it was the Nachshon that brought the issue to the agenda of the ultra-Orthodox public."

"The rabbis sanctify the Talmud and there is no such thing as 'pedophilia'

The Daat Emet organization, which defines itself as a movement for freedom from religion, promotes enlightenment and enlightenment, and works to raise questions about yeshiva funding and funding, and publishes on the Facebook page and its pamphlets the lectures of rabbis on pedophilia in order to explain to the secular and religious public what it perceives as the dangers of religion.

The chairman of the association, Yaron Yadan, who once headed the ultra-Orthodox Kollel Tiferet Tiberias, says to Israel: "The moral laws change from period to period. For the Romans, for example, it was permissible and legitimate to murder babies, and among the Jews and other peoples there was no such concept as pedophilia. In the Talmud there is no prohibition on what is now considered rape of children. It was permissible to marry a one-year-old baby and to steal her. "

"The problem is that the rabbis read the Talmud as sacred text and believe in its content as a binding Torah and quote it enthusiastically," says Yadan. "They do not dare come and say, 'Today it's called pedophilia, and it's just a terrible thing.' Give them legitimacy. "

"Israel does not have a constitution, but it has laws based on modern morality, which of course prohibits pedophilia, the problem is that the Jewish religion also has a book of laws, and this is the Talmud.

How do you solve this problem, in your opinion? 

"Religion must be completely separated from the state so that the laws of the state will have full priority and religious laws will have no validity."

"Judaism and halakha prohibit pedophilia, period"

Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein, one of the heads of the Tzohar rabbinate, disagrees with Yadan's interpretation of the rabbis' statements and the Jewish position on pedophilia. "There is a severe prohibition on pedophilia," says Feuerstein, "it is already from the Gemara more than 1,500 years ago, and the Gemara says explicitly: 'A little seduction is rape.' Which modern law defines. "

Is not this defined as a subject that is controversial in halakha, at least in the past? The Mishnah permitted, the Gemara forbade, Maimonides permitted?

"No. Judaism and halakhah prohibit pedophilia, period. There is no halakhic controversy, it is simply forbidden."

So how do you explain the existence of rabbis, some of whom are recognized and respected, including a former chief rabbi, who speak of the problem of children in technical terms as a legitimate act, while others use the words 'permitted', 'exempt' and 'capable'? 

"I have not heard such lectures, but I do not believe that any of them said it was permissible and possible, there is a big difference between halachic lessons and theory classes and there are lectures in Judaism that deal with theory in hypothetical cases ... They do not say that the cause of children is permitted, But rather talk about physiology, the technical aspects."

They do not talk about physiology, they are not doctors, and their lectures have no medical knowledge. They discuss, for example, whether the rape of a three-year-old girl constitutes a valid marriage, and whether the prohibition of male sex applies to a person who raped an eight-year-old child. These are not halachic lessons? 

"If a rabbi determines that the minimum age is 3, he defines a technical line above which it is valid, and it does not stipulate, heaven forbid, that a girl age three is legitimate."

They do not express reservations about the actions themselves. Rabbi Sabbato refused to express such a reservation even when asked explicitly. 

"There are a lot of movies about murder, and none of them has a slide or a subtitle at the moment of the murder or at the end of the film that says, 'You will not murder.'"

How do you explain the fact that the Chief Rabbinate examines rabbinic ordination students for the correct halakhic treatment of an 11-year-old girl? 

"This is also a theoretical question, not a practical one: Halakha is a complex system of rules from different periods, and there are rules that no one is referring to today, yet they have hypothetical implications for theoretical halakhah. And an 11-year-old girl was considered a woman in every way, including marriage, and in Yemen we gave birth to girls of that age until the 20th century. "

Would you recommend to your rabbinical colleagues, when they talk about these issues that you think are theoretical, to say some word of reservation against the deeds themselves? 

"I do not object to this, but it is superfluous ... A theoretical lesson is not a religious ruling, and if a rabbi comes and takes a halakhic ruling that it is permissible to rape boys or girls, oy vavoy (the horror), you have to put him in jail.”

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.