Sunday, July 28, 2019

Nadia Murad Meeting POTUS - More Than Meets The Eye

1) Could this have been a Hillary special?

July 18, 2019 - meeting with refugees - widely reported "offensive" comments by the @POTUS to survivor Nadia Murad. 
2) George Clooney with Barack Obama and little girl
7) State Department resistance account portrays President as Hitler 
8) Murad a featured speaker at religious freedom symposium 
10) The President gave Murad space to talk about what she wanted. But it was not clear what she wanted, because the moment was not scripted. My guess is that State Department resistance set up the photo op and inserted her with Hillary/Amal's help. 
12) The political point to be made was that the President should be crippled in his attempts to protect us from invasion by refugee, which Politico reported on that very day (7/18) - there had been a Federal meeting re zeroing out the influx next year 
13) Another character assassination attempt thwarted

14) Thank you to @ClockworkAnon for sharing some critical additional information, which I am going to add to this thread right now.

The information adds substance to the theory that @POTUS was set up by a @WhiteHouse staffer or @StateDept employee for an embarrassing encounter.
15) Clearly there are still bad actors with enough power to cause havoc and clearly these people are so disgusting they will use a human trafficking survivor to achieve their ends.
16) Recall that Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State from 2009-2013. Without getting into all the stuff about the Clinton Foundation and her conflicts of interest (!) she no doubt has supporters there still. 
17) Nadia Murad's ordeal is not the issue here. She is an amazing human being. The issue is how disgusting people will use anyone and everyone if it suits them. 
18) Remember, what Hillary Clinton was after was an impossible situation (Trump confronting a refugee during a photo opportunity; we don't make foreign policy there) and a headline (Trump is a hypocrite)
19) As @ClockworkAnon points out, one odd thing is that Murad didn't want to talk about ISIS, even though ISIS is the party responsible for enslaving her, and is gone from her home. 
Bible study postponed for a few hours because I am researching the President's seemingly "off" remarks to Nadia Murad, the brave survivor of ISIS who won the Nobel Prize.
I've developed previous suspicions of the Nobel Peace Prize (Norweigan/Swedish agenda) along with UN Goodwill Ambassador program.

Also consider that Murad advocates against the Iraq & Kurdish Govt. rather than ISIS.
See Aristocrates ⏳🌎⚖️'s other Tweets
20) This is the part where Murad says, "This is not about ISIS."
21) I want to rewind this. 
22) The @POTUS says "yes, please" and he gestures to Murad. Remember she was a featured speaker at the State Department religious freedom event happening that week, which @SecPompeo headlined.
23) Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback (he is the lead on this photo op) says, "This is Nadia, she's a Nobel Peace Prize winner."

Let's analyze this moment. 
24) (Tell me if that guy isn't Brownback)
25) The President has to deal with some very awkward camera angles here. He has to face the camera, and yet turn left and right. (He knows every move will be dissected and disrespected no matter what.)
26) Why is Brownback making him look like an idiot here by implying he doesn't know who she is?

Is it to help @POTUS ?

Is it because he wasn't properly briefed?

Why is the President having a photo op if he wasn't properly briefed?
27) Now, the President chose Murad to ask a question. I have trouble believing he didn't know who he was talking to - again she was a primary speaker. It seems to me he doesn't want to embarrass Brownback. Maybe he thought Brownback was just trying to do his job.
28) Murad doesn't say "thank you Mr. President" or anything she just launches right into it.
29) "I'm from Iraq and I cannot say my family's, they are in the church because when ISIS attack us, no one protect us."

The President is watching Murad intently, and nodding.
30) Murad continues: "After 2003 we start to disappear from our area, from our homeland, then when ISIS attack us in 2014 they killed 6 of my brother, they killed my mom, they took me to captivity"

This is :30. The President is listening to her solemnly and he shakes his head.
31) "with my 11 sister in law with all my sister and my nieces. Until today we have 3000 Yazidi women and children in captivity."

We are at :37 and the President's head is angled downward because he is listening intently.
32) We are at :40. At the mention of the words "in captivity," the President's head jerks up.

It feels like there is nobody else in the room.
33) "Although they said ISIS is defeated but where is those 3000 Yazidi?" 

(Note: I am not correcting her speech here so that the quotes preserve the element of raw accuracy; it is not meant to be disrespectful.)
34) (she breathes) "and our home is destroyed; we come to here, we go to Europe, we go to our country that ISIS did this, everyone saw that, and we appreciate - "
35) Now we are at 1:02.

She has just said - "and we appreciate" and before that "they took me to captivity"

But after her saying this, the President says - "and you were captured? You were captured?"

"Yes," she says.

Given that the President knows this, why would he ask?
36) "Yes," she says, kind of glossing over what seems to be either an ignorant or an insensitive question from the President.

"Vice President (Pence), he" -- so here she is ignoring what the President said and focusing on the fact that she has the camera. She keeps going.
37) "he help us a lot, but now, today, you can solve our problem, now, there's no ISIS but we can not go back because Kurdish government, and the Iraqi government, they are fighting each other who will control my area."
38) Now, I know enough to know that in a staged photo opportunity you are not supposed to ask the President to change foreign policy.
39) I remember one time - can I tell you a story?
40) I was Associate Director for Communications at the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and I had to make a presentation at the White House, and at the last minute I decided to add a little movie clip.
41) The clip was a scene from the movie "Wall Street," and maybe it was a good idea or maybe it wasn't, but let's just say nobody expected me to call a room full of manufacturing stakeholders "greedy" 
42) And the President wasn't even there.
43) Another time, and this is kind of hilarious when I think back on it, I dialed into a conference call that involved all the senior people from the White House, and I'm like, HELLO? HELLO?
44) The point is, NOTHING like that scene would EVER have happened under Obama, because Obama would NEVER have had a photo op that wasn't carefully managed from start to finish.

And if ANYONE dared to mess with the photo op, THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN FINISHED.
45) I remember this other time, there was a guy, let's call him Chip. (This is in another agency.)
46) Chip was in charge of the morning news clips.
47) Well, one day Chip had a visit to the dentist
48) And he came back to work a little woozy the next morning
49) And he did the news clips at like 4 a.m. or something, every day, so he sent them out when really tired and recovering.
50) The top featured item he sent out, the top headline, was...well let's just say it wasn't the most flattering article about someone very important, and it was not good for him.

I never saw him again.
51) So this whole entire scene should not have been happening. A photo op means you take the picture, and any private requests happen outside the earshot of reporters and without the TV cameras on. And no leaks.
52) Now Murad definitely knows she has gone out of bounds, and she is pushing it.
53) At this point, if the @POTUS actually had someone competent on staff, it would be time to cut the microphone. Not that Murad should not be heard, but that it wasn't the time and place and we don't make policy this way.
54) Not to mention that the @POTUS should never be embarrassed!
55) Murad, 1:22 "And we cannot go back, if we cannot protect our dignity, our family, what, we get a lot of support from President Macron, he push, he put a lot of pressure on Iraqi and Kurdistan government to help minorities, Yazidi to stay in their home, but we still continue "
56) "to emigrate, to find a safe place to live. I hope you can call, or anything to Iraqi and Kurdistan governent, to - "

@POTUS - "but ISIS is gone."
57) So what is Murad asking for?

It seems like she is asking for the President to intervene on behalf of the Yazidis because their governments have abandoned them.

This is a reasonable request, but it's not for the photo op.
58) The media, knowing the impossible situation this young woman faces and the impossible burden she has taken on for her family and community, only used her for a headline ("Trump doesn't care about refugees"), because that is what they do.
59) Nobody would have dared to say that the United States (DIA) made ISIS and then we had to pay $3.5 billion to take it down. Where does that fit in? 
60) @POTUS: "ISIS is gone. And now it's Kurdish and who?"

Murad: "Iraqi."
61) "If I cannot go to my home and live in a safe place, and get my dignity back, this, it's not about ISIS, it's about I'm in people cannot go back. We are not million of people, we are only half million people."
62) "And after 2014, about 95,000 Yazidi they emigrate to Germany through a very dangerous way, not because we want to be refugees, but because we cannot find a safe place to live."

The unspoken truth is that Hillary/Obama caused this.
63) Watching this, I keep asking myself, who's running the show here?

Murad goes on.
64) I say to myself, the President could be at any kind of event, where someone is telling him about their desperate circumstances. But there is a protocol for handling that.
65) Murad: "All this happened to me, they kept my mom, my six brothers, left behind them then" 

@POTUS - "Where are they now?"

Murad: "They killed them. They're in the mass graves in Sinjar."

Now what is @POTUS supposed to do?
66) Keep in mind that all these journalists and senators and Facebook bigmouths acting outraged regularly get their coffees in the morning and step over the bodies of homeless people on the way to work.
67) Murad: "And I'm still fighting just to live in safe. Please do something."

Again, she isn't wrong, but as the President points out, his job is to be President of the United States, and the United States is a disaster in many places - poor, run-down, suffering!
68) Murad: "It's not about one family or - "

@POTUS: "I know the area very well you're talking about." (He says this in a very quiet, soothing way. Not at all cold.)
69) Murad: "It's about half million. It's about a community."

@POTUS: "It's tough, yeah." (Nodding.) "OK. We're going to look into it very strongly. Thank you."

This is at 2:55. It seems here like the President is ending it. Everyone else seems to think so too.
70) She is stepping back, and then he suddenly turns and goes: "And you had the Nobel Prize." (It's a question, but also a statement; one of those. Perhaps one would call it "rhetorical.")
71) Murad: "Yeah." (Here she smiles, a genuine smile." 

@POTUS: "That's incredible." (He says this in the most sincere way - like - the fact that you survived and achieved this is incredible.)
72) Look at the bittersweet expression on her face. She has managed to make some meaning out of hell. 

This is not a woman who is being mistreated.
73) Rapidly the smile turns to tears. Look again. 

And here, the President is BUILDING HER UP. He says: "They gave it to you for what reason, maybe you can explain."

This is her moment, this is her time.

He points to the camera. He is giving her the stage.
74) The @POTUS, here, is in effect saying to her - I have done what I can; I can't promise you anymore; I respect your achievement (am familiar enough with it to point it out) --

he pointed out her incredible survival twice (to have been captured and survived, and Nobel)
75) The point of doing that was to empower her, not to turn her into a victim or to be cold. The President is telling her: "Look at all you have survived. You will survive the rest too!"
76) In fact, the President turns a setup (putting him into an awkward moment) into a beautiful moment. And the media coverage completely distorts what actually happened there. 

Where is the State Department staff to refute their inaccuracy?
77) @POTUS: "You can explain."
78) Murad: "For - that after all this happened to me, I didn't give up. I make it clear to everyone that ISIS raped thousands of Yazidi women [remind us again whose fault that was?] this one was first time the women from Iraq she get out and spoke about what happened."
79) @POTUS: "Really, is that right? It's the first time. So you escaped."

Murad: "I escaped but I don't have my freedom yet, because - "

@POTUS: "I understand."

What is he really saying here?
80) I have to go, but the clip ends with Murad going on to say that members of her family are still missing, and POTUS saying: "We're gonna look."

He ends by shaking her hand warmly - he treats her like a lady, with respect.
81) Look at the difference in body language here.

82) Everyone, for Hillary, was a trophy.

Even a victim of human trafficking.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.