Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Letter to Someone Who Thinks We Run Concentration Camps At The Border

I am one of the few in my family who survived the Holocaust. I am especially sensitive to the way that government propaganda can be used to play on the emotions of sympathetic people like you. This propaganda is a national security problem for the United States. It causes us to turn on each other, and to be weak and susceptible to invasion.

To describe our detention centers as “concentration camps” is propaganda. The purpose of doing this is to make citizens hate the government. The conditions may be terrible, but terrible conditions are not even in the same universe as concentration camps. This is where fact-based messaging and transparency from the government would stop bad actors from making comparisons that don’t fit.

Regardless of what you have read, it is a fact that “concentration camp” has historically only been used in the context of the Holocaust. It has a very specific meaning. It refers to Nazi-controlled mass-murder centers, where Jews and other “undesirables” were forcibly kidnapped and transported. There, were stripped, brutally beaten, starved, gassed, raped, tormented, medically experimented upon, and shot in mass graves.

Nazi victims were citizens of their respective countries until the regime selected them for torture and execution.

On the other hand, undocumented migrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families have voluntarily crushed the border at rates that are rising exponentially each year. This is in addition to the known terrorists, drug traffickers, human traffickers, gun runners, and so on. 

Common sense dictates that individuals not truly needing asylum should be deported immediately. The remaining individuals need to be cared for properly while their claims are assessed. For this, funding is needed urgently.

All of the above should be clarified by the Federal government and they should open the border detention facilities with 24/7 cameras so that the public can see exactly what is going on. 

I know DHS/CBP/USBP extraordinarily well. There is no culture of criminals, there is no radicalization, there is no interest in harming people. The “cages” were implemented under President Obama because of a law that was passed under President Bush. 

At no time that I can recall have the facts been so twisted to create such hate.

My grandmother, who was in Auschwitz, who was a victim of Mengele, who was told that as a “stinking Jew, you will never have children” – because he opened up women’s bellies and sewed cats into them - would be shocked. Truly, terribly shocked.

Very respectfully,

Dannielle Blumenthal


All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain. This letter has been edited/condensed for posting.