Monday, July 22, 2019

Jewish Values & The Cry of the Child

To hear the cry of the child is the highest Jewish value. If you do not pick the baby up and soothe him or her, any Torah you learn is TRAFE. Worse than garbage.

What does it mean “to hear the cry of the child”? It is NOT ONLY LITERAL. It means to hear the silent cry of the ADULT TRYING TO COPE when THEIR INSIDES ARE ON FIRE.

Smile. Extend your hand. Say “I hear you.” Say “how is your day?” Don’t be a judgmental b— to a complete stranger. Don’t cut somebody off on the road. Don’t scream and yell at someone you love. Put the phone down. It will wait.

These are the 3 weeks. Think about pain. Think about God’s anger to us. He is angry about the way we treat each other. He doesn’t need fake prayers and fake mitzvot — these are all FALSE SACRIFICES if you cannot be a decent human being.

And no, this post is not “aimed” at anyone in particular, or even any religion in particular (guess what Jews, we are only one particular faith, and God loves everyone equally, even if they don’t believe in Him.) It is just a general observation about God and spirituality..

“And so you shall do with every lost thing of your brother - you may not remain oblivious (Deut. 22:1-3).”

Dedicated to my husband Andy, who hears that cry.