Thursday, July 18, 2019

Is Ilhan Omar Part Of A Sleeper Cell?

In the show “Sleeper Cell,” the head of the radical Islamic terrorist cell embeds himself in a synagogue. He is willing to martyr himself and anyone else to achieve Ummah. 

Ilhan Omar shows every sign of being a member of a sleeper cell who will stop at nothing for the cause.
Even after everything else she has done, instead of hearing the outcry, she strides ahead to introduce a terrorist resolution for terrorist goals. 

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck - it’s a duck.
To fail to recognize this and take appropriate legal action is a national act of suicide.

Death of a nation because everyone is scared of being called a racist.
Ilhan Omar sides with terrorists.
She will not say anything against them.
She jokes about 9/11.
She is proud of Al Qaeda but not America.
She hates national security agencies and wants them eliminated.
She can’t stop calling us murderous.
Ilhan Omar is biased against Jews and hates Israel. Not normal accountability critique. Hate. 

Most Americans are unaware of the level of military and defense partnership between America and Israel which prevents outbreaks of terror here.
Ilhan Omar gets away with fraud because of reverse racism. Why is it only a passing item of discussion that she married her brother? Campaign finance issues? Hello?
Ilhan Omar presides over the terror recruitment capital of the country - per the FBI. She never talks about it as a problem. Why not?
Ilhan Omar should be removed from office and deported. She can go anywhere she wants. Let her live her life in peace in a country she does feel affiliated with.
But as long as she is here, Ilhan Omar is an active threat to our Nation, and the fact that Congress and media plays along with this means that all the incitement and damage Omar is causing should also be blamed on them.
I am asking people to please express their views legally.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.