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Architectural Research Into Jeffrey Epstein's "Temple"


Child sex trafficking is not part of a religion, but it does make sense that people who worship the occult would engage in it. See research thread on the links between Epstein Island and child sacrifice to Moloch here.

Separately, child worship to Moloch, to the extent that it exists, is a ritual that likely comprises a very small fraction of the totality of child sex trafficking crimes. See this analysis which places the bizarre ritual abuse claims we are reading about in context. (See also this 1992 publication, "Investigator's Guide To Allegations Of 'Ritual' Child Abuse" from the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime.)

In any case, we are only beginning to understand Jeffrey Epstein -- a monster who for many years was fawned about as a kind of mysterious billionaire genius with a "thing" for young girls. 

In fact, he was a well-known, high-society pedophile, with Mossad/FBI/CIA links (he was an FBI informant), conducting surveillance on clients, who were blackmailed. 

Among Epstein's things is an expired Saudi passport with a fake name, and cash. Where was he planning to run to?

Oddly, also, Epstein is Jewish, but the "temple" structure on Little St. James has Islamic architectural details. There is no suggestion here that Epstein was a Muslim. Rather, there are only questions as to the significance of this "temple," and what the occult symbols on the island mean, was there a structure underneath it, and what does the Instagram photo posted by "Ray Chandler" with the videocameras and possibly children actually show?

What follows are the contents of my thread posted 7/16/19 specifically to find other examples of the "temple" architecture. No disrespect is intended to the Muslim faith.


1) #JeffreyEpstein strange temple design - where else have we seen this. Let's add links.

2) Look at the similar design in this photo of the Great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo, Syria. (Please note that I know nothing about design or architecture, so maybe this design is common. Just linking what's been found. And will look broadly.)…
4) Blue and gold stripe.

5) Another view of the Great Umayyad mosque, but the flooring has a different design.…
7) At this point I just want to stop and note that any manifestations of religion attached to a child-sex-trafficking ring are FAKE.
9) Interesting point here about inverting religion. The Sabbatean cult of the 1600s was a false messiah cult based on the idea of being "so bad God has to send Messiah." 

The leader, Sabbatai Zevi, underwent forced conversion to Islam. A possible link.

10) "It is Satanic going back to the times of the pyramids." - I don't understand this yet.

11) Is it coincidental that the Epstein motif is on a set design column for the Ellen show when certain people are on? And when they're not?

12) The problem with the mosque theory is that mosques display many different designs.
13) Not finding anything else visually similar. Will just add a couple of things found along the way.
19) It is turkey. "We drove through the center of the famous resort town of Alanya. A small village with beautiful hotels and shops."
20) Turkey - Katya Hotel - "We drove about 3 hours to the hotel" from Antalya Airport, Turkey……
21) So far, possible matches for the look of the building has been identified in Florida, Cleveland OH, Aleppo, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the roof is similar in design to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Now looking for similar designs to floor pattern.
24) Mouna Halabi
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Exterior design of private house. 3DSMax Ver. 9.
Category: Private Houses Type: Exterior Views: 6651 Date: 19/10/2007…
25) Turkey = closest overall design

Syria = the only place that flooring is replicated
27) "Look at the arches. This is inside the Medina mosque. There are 3 holy places in Islam: Medina, Mecca (w/the cube / kaaba - Epstein's temple was cube shaped), and the Dome of the Rock on the temple mount in Jerusalem."

Gonna end this one here. 

Have some interesting other stuff - Epstein miscellany.
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