Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Analysis: POTUS vs. the Squad

This is a mini-analysis of the situation with President Trump and the four Congresswomen. I think he has to be very careful.
At this point he has lashed out very strongly against them.
If their actions do not receive a response through the legal system, they will function as “victims in place” and will lash out against him even more, provoking further responses.
The President needs to make a decision. He cannot be seen as bullying them. Just the opposite — he must protect them, rather than stirring up anger with no legal outlet.

Otherwise he is using them as a foil for the 2020 election, A VERY DANGEROUS GAME!
The vast majority of Americans are not Republicans at heart. They are working-class populists who lean toward moderate Democrats.
What the President has to do now is pivot completely away from them and from the whole non-issue of racism.
He can follow one of two paths.
The first path is to throw the corrupt elites in jail. Something he has shown he is not inclined to do. At least not openly.
The second path is to reclaim that moderate, working-class, populist space while occupying the Republican Party.
I think the first path is the course to pursue right now. He has to show the American people that he is the good guy. The lone man fighting a coup.
If he can get that done and not spend too much time on it (let’s say 6 months) it will give him time to pivot back and reclaim the moderate ground he is comfortable in.
The task is not to make his enemies love him, but rather to convince them that the next 4 years will be about stability and peace — rather than constant churn, constant drama.
In the meantime, President Trump probably should reach out to the radical leftists and request a private meeting, so that all of them can save face and move on. He is not going to arrest them.
Meanwhile, law enforcement operations must ramp up in a very public way. The public is at risk, and they need to understand the very real threats, instead of laughing them off.
In my view, what most people really want is for the fighting to stop. Whatever has to happen, fine. But no one truly wants anyone else to get hurt.
By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author's own. Public domain.