Friday, July 26, 2019

An Otherwise Frum Pedophile’s Worst Nightmare

This week in Parshas Pinchas, we read about the massive plague that HaShem placed on the many sexually immoral Jews who sinned, individually and together, against Him and each other, through intercourse with foreign, idol-worshiping women. They sinned to the point of having sex in public in the holiest of places of worship—until one man put a stop to it in the most public way, through administering capital punishment.

These women were from nations who sent them deliberately to corrupt the Jewish people. The nations, seeking worldly power, were known to “pass children through the fire,” meaning to kill them in ritual sacrifice. Unfortunately this was done throughout ancient history, on a massive scale, because such witchcraft was a source of energy from the Other Side.

In modern times, perhaps the last 30 years or so, we are learning about the scale of a similar, yet somewhat different sin happening today among the religious community. 

We are learning definitively of many sexually immoral Jews who sinned, individually and together, through intercourse with their own young children and the children of those closest to them. 

This intercourse, and related sexual crimes of the most severe and horrific nature, are not justified in Halacha. But the evil perpetrators of these sins found ways to make Halacha serve them, through unscientific discussions among Talmudic sages who would never have sanctioned their behavior, but rather who would have condemned, punished, and ostracized them from the community as sinners.

In the Parsha we learn that HaShem kills off tens of thousands of such sinners so that the remaining Jews, who do not participate in or support such crimes, can enter the Holy Land of Israel.

In modern times, the equivalent of such sinners are the pedophiles among us who wear a rabbi’s clothes. They seem in every respect to be religious, and they pull the flock toward them with their seeming erudition and holy ways. But underneath this facade, they are criminals. And they use the holy institutions of family, shul and Jewish school to gain access to their victims.

A religious pedophile’s worst nightmare is that his or her victims, and the advocates for same, will STAY WITHIN THE FOLD. Every time someone goes “off the derech,” it is one less aware and awake adult who will hold these people accountable for their crimes.

Long way of saying, even if you are completely turned off by these animals, please stick around in any way you can. HaShem loves and treasures the innocent, the well-meaning, the truly learned, the fighters for justice on this Earth.

What we do influences the angels above. That is why they did not get the Torah, and we did.

Shabbat Shalom.

By Dr. Dannielle (Hadassah Miriam Rochel, aka “Dossy”) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.